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University Police Officer 2, University PoliceServices

Nevada State University appreciates your interest in employment. Toensure your application process runs smoothly, we ask that you keepin mind the following when completing your application:

  • The required documents are listed below on the posting. Yourapplication may not be considered if you do not attach the requireddocuments.
  • Draft applications are saved automatically and can be accessedthrough your candidate home account. Completed applications must besubmitted prior to the close of the recruitment. Once a recruitmenthas closed, applications will no longer be accepted.
  • Please note, recruitment will close without notice when ahiring decision has been made.

If you need assistance or have questions regarding the applicationprocess, please contact the Human Resources department at (702)992-2320 or

Job Description

University Police Services,Southern Command invites applications for University PoliceOfficer II (PO2), [R0139798] (multiple positions open). Weappreciate your interest in employment at our growingdivision.


University Police Services is conducting a continuousrecruitment for current and future openings for University PoliceOfficer 2. The following law enforcement credentials arecategorized as a UniversityPolice Officer 2:

  • Passed a certified police academy and obtained a Category 1P.O.S.T. certification, passed field training, and has obtainedpermanent status as a Police Officer 1 and 2.

Positions may be assigned to any campus to include the Collegeof Southern Nevada, Desert Research Institute, Nevada StateCollege, and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

The University Police Officer 2 will work under generalsupervision, performing journey level law enforcement duties toinclude protecting university employees, students, and the generalpublic; patrolling and safeguarding the university systemproperties and surrounding areas; conducting trafficinvestigations; conducting criminal and non-criminalinvestigations; preparing for security and law enforcementactivities surrounding special events; preparing for appearances incourt; performing maintenance on assigned equipment; performingspecial assignments related to law enforcement and peace officerfunctions; and maintaining law and order, among otherduties.


The department is a full-service police department comprised ofpatrol operations, administration, police dispatch and a detectivedivision. Services include a canine program, walking and bicyclepatrols, and a pro-active, selective traffic enforcement programand takes a leadership role in preparing the University to respondto large-scale crises and events. The department consists of 80employees (42 full-time sworn officers, 10 sworn part-time, 8non-sworn part-time, 24 students, and 20 full & part-timecivilian support staff). The patrol area for Police Servicesencompasses all Nevada System of Higher Education facilities in theLas Vegas Metropolitan area. For more information, please visit:


Note to Applicant: Please be advised that a comprehensivebackground check will be carried out for the candidate(s) chosenfor employment. Additionally, all applicants who are required tosuccessfully complete the RECIPROCITY POST HIRE PHYSICAL FITNESSTEST, must do so within 6 weeks post hire.

This recruitment is ONLY for peace officers that currently meetwith PO2 credentials identified above or will meet Nevada'sreciprocity requirements.

Do You Qualify for Reciprocity?

  • Click here for a list of ReciprocityStates/Training.
  • Click hereto read the Minimum Standards of Appointment (NAC 289.110) for apeace officer in Nevada.
  • Click hereto read the NRS 289.460 Category I and NRS 289.470 Category IIpeace officer definitions.


The Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) was established in1865 and is currently comprised of two doctoral-grantinguniversities, a state college, four comprehensive communitycolleges and one environmental research institute. The publicsystem of higher education in Nevada is governed by the Board ofRegents serving over 100,000 students and 15,000employees.

University Police Services, Southern Command, is a full servicecategory I law enforcement agency that serves the University ofNevada, Las Vegas, the College of Southern Nevada, the DesertResearch Institute and Nevada State College. The departmentconsists of 163 employees and has responsibility for the publicsafety needs of 80,000 students, faculty and staff over an 800square mile service area. Law enforcement operations consists of 80full and part time sworn peace officers, a full service 9-1-1Center, K-9 operations; emergency management operations with afully functional EOC and oversight of major special events hostingmore than a million visitors a year to various events.

Here at UNLV, we have come together and created one of the mostaffirmative and dynamic academic environments in the country. UNLVsits in the top spot in U.S. News & World Report's annuallisting of the nation's most diverse universities forundergraduates. The university has ranked in the top ten since therankings debuted more than a decade ago. We continue to show ourcommitment to serving our wonderfully diverse population andbuilding the future for Las Vegas and Nevada.

For more information, visit us on line at:


The successful candidate will demonstrate support for diversity,equity and inclusiveness as well as participate in maintaining arespectful, positive work environment.


Graduation from high school or equivalent education and one yearof law enforcement experience; OR Associate of Arts degree orequivalent coursework in criminal justice, police science,psychology, or closely related field and six months of lawenforcement experience; OR one year of experience as a UniversityPolice Officer I in Nevada State service. (See Special Requirementsand Informational Note)

* Pursuant to NRS 284.4066, positions in this series have beenidentified as affecting public safety. Persons offered employmentin these positions must submit to a pre-employment screening forcontrolled substances.

* A valid driver's license is required at the time ofappointment and as a condition of continuing employment.

* Applicants may be subjected to psychological testing which mayinclude polygraph testing

* Applicants must meet minimum standards for appointment as apeace officer as established in the Nevada Revised Statutes andNevada Administrative Code.


  • This position requires that a criminal background check beconducted on the candidate(s) selected for hire.
  • As part of the hiring process, applicants for positions inthe Nevada System of Higher Education may be required todemonstrate the ability to perform job-relatedtasks.
  • Schedules are subject to change based on organizationalneeds.


Grade 40 Step 1, salary $72,766.80. "Step" means the numberassigned by the Division of Human Resource Management to identify aspecific rate of pay within a grade. Per Nevada Administrative Code(NAC 284.170), salaries for initial appointments for classifiedpositions typically begin at Step 1.


  • Generous compensation packages, separate paid time off forannual and sick leave, and holidays
  • Excellent health insurance including medical, dental, andvision
  • No state income tax
  • Comprehensive retirement plans and voluntary benefitsprograms
  • Tuition discounts at Nevada System of Higher Education(NSHE) schools
  • Tuition discounts for spouses, domestic partners, anddependents




Submit a letter of interest (cover letter) and a detailed resumelisting qualifications and experience. If you are a veteran, pleaseattach your DD-214 or other applicable official documentation toyour application as evidence of Veterans or Disabled Veteran'sstatus.

Attach ALL documents in the CV/Resume attachment section whenapplying.

Applicants should fully describe their qualifications andexperience, with specific reference to each of the minimum andpreferred qualifications because this is the information on whichthe initial review of materials will be based. The resume must havea detailed description of the major duties that you performed as apart of each job; applicants must demonstrate that they qualify forthis position. Education (including High School) and experiencemust be clearly documented. Your application will NOT be movedforward if your application is incomplete.

This recruitment will remain open until filled. Materials shouldbe addressed to Assistant Director, Arnold Vasquez and must besubmitted through Workday, as we do not accept emailed materials.For assistance with the application process, contact Sr. HRBusiness Partner, Kelly Scherado at (702) 895-4889 or


UNLV employees or employees within the Nevada System of HigherEducation (NSHE) MUST use the “Find Jobs” process within Workday tofind and apply for jobs at UNLV and other NSHE Institutions. Onceyou log into Workday, type "Find Jobs" in the search box which willnavigate to the internal job posting site. Locate this specific jobposting by typing the job requisition number, inthe search box.

If you complete an application outside of the internalapplication process, your application will be returned and you willhave to reapply as an internal applicant which may delay yourapplication.


The University of Nevada - Las Vegas (UNLV) is committed toproviding a place of work and learning free of discrimination onthe basis of a person's age (40 or older), disability, whetheractual or perceived by others (including service-connecteddisabilities), gender (including pregnancy related conditions),military status or military obligations, sexual orientation, genderidentity or expression, genetic information, national origin, race(including hair texture and protected hairstyles such as naturalhairstyles, afros, bantu knots, curls, braids, locks and twists),color, or religion (protected classes). Discrimination on the basisof a protected class, including unlawful harassment, which is aform of discrimination, is illegal under federal and state law.Where unlawful discrimination is found to have occurred, UNLV willact to stop the unlawful discrimination, to prevent its recurrence,to remedy its effects, and to discipline thoseresponsible.


The University of Nevada, Las Vegas, does not discriminate onthe basis of sex in any education program or activity that itoperates. Non-discrimination on the basis of sex is mandated byTitle IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 (20 U.S.C. §§ 1681 etseq.) and the corresponding implementation regulations (34 C.F.R.Part 106). The University's commitment to nondiscrimination in itseducation programs and activities extends to applicants foradmission and employment. Inquiries concerning the application ofthese provisions may be referred to: Michelle Sposito, J.D., TitleIX Coordinator, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, 4505 S. MarylandParkway, Box 451062, Las Vegas, NV 89154-1062, Frank and EstellaBeam Hall (BEH) Room 553, Telephone: (702) 895-4055;,or to The Assistant Secretary of the United States Department ofEducation, U.S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights,400 Maryland Avenue, SW, Washington, D.C. 20202-1100; Telephone:1-800-421-3481 FAX: 202-453-6012; TDD: 1-800-877-8339;; or to both.

Information pertaining to the University's grievance proceduresand grievance process, including how to report or file a complaintof sex discrimination, how to report or file a formal complaint ofsexual harassment, and how the University will respond can be foundonline at the Office of Equal Employment& Title IX webpage.


UNLV is committed to assisting all members of the UNLV communityin providing for their own safety and security. The Annual Security Reportand Annual Fire Safety Report compliance document isavailable online.




Full-Time Equivalent

Required Attachment(s)

Posting Close Date

Note to Applicant

Applicants should fully describe their qualifications andexperience with specific reference to each of the minimum andpreferred qualifications in their cover letter. The searchcommittee will use this information during the initial review ofapplication materials.

References will be contacted at the appropriate phase of therecruitment process.

This position may require a criminal background check to beconducted on the candidate(s) selected for hire.

As part of the hiring process, applicants for positions in theNevada System of Higher Education may be required to demonstratethe ability to perform job-related tasks.

Nevada State University does not currently sponsor Visas, allapplicants must be eligible to work in the United States withoutsponsorship.

Nevada State University

To apply, visit


University Police Officer 2, University Police Services - Nevada, United States job with Nevada State University | 37667345 (2024)
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