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Last year was marked by continued bitter partisan divisions in US politics resulting in a backlash against the Big Box media as conservatives continue to search for reliable and trustworthy news. With so many news sites available, sorting the good from the bad and the downright ugly gets tricky. But fear not. We want to welcome you to the most popular Top 20 on the web: Liberty Nation’sTop 20 Conservative News Sites to read in 2023.

For the last four years,LNhas generated the most wildly successful list of news sites conservative folks are actually reading. Our scoreboard remains the number one DuckDuckGo search result for Top Conservative News Sites – the search engine of choice for many on the right.

Top Conservative News Sites to Read in 2023 - Liberty Nation (1) This Top 20 is not based on Alexa rankings, nor is it just a list favored byLiberty Nation News. Ourmethodology involves polling conservative readers, coupled with input fromLiberty Nationauthors. As well, the algorithm factors in last year’s results to ensure balance and to reflect changes over time.

Unlike many lists out in the Wild West of the web,Liberty Nation’s survey considers more than just the number of hits a site receives. Without sounding too imperious, we like to say “clickbait factories” need not apply. Instead, our Top 20 represents sites with a combination of talent, style, readability, analysis, and provocative thought. One or two outlets listed here may come as a surprise because they are not openly conservative. However, they were chosen by our polling community because it’s what they often find themselves reading – thus, their popularity.

Below, each site is listed along with a brief synopsis because we believe conservative readers are an intelligent group – where spin is unnecessary. Without further ado, we proudly present our countdown of Liberty Nation’sTop 20 Conservative News Sites to Read in 2023!


Top Conservative News Sites to Read in 2023 - Liberty Nation (2)# 1 The Federalist –

For the third year running, The Federalist lands the top spot. A powerhouse of conservative thought with superb writers, this site is a bastion of depth, breadth, and analysis. If you’re looking for rational and logical refutations of the leftist worldview, this is an excellent place to start.

# 2 Just the News –

Jumping another five slots from last year, award-winning investigative journalist John Solomon’s Just the News continues to make gains. Still a relative newcomer, this site has excellent reporting, superb coverage, and a fast-growing media presence – all in a tidy format that is up-to-date and easy to navigate. Our reviewers particularly like JTN’s “dig in” tab where they list their sources.

# 3 The Washington Examiner –

Hard-hitting news and commentary with a distinctly conservative slant, The Washington Examiner makes its second appearance on the Liberty Nation scoreboard and shows no signs of slowing down. An easy-to-navigate site, it offers print and digital editions that have become a staple for conservative readers.

# 4 Liberty Nation –

Liberty Nationpresents a full multi-media site, expanding its offerings beyond articles to an extensive array of high-quality videos, podcasts, and a nationally syndicated radio show.Liberty Nationoffers original conservative content not found elsewhere by employing a bodacious, entertaining, and informative writing style.

# 5 New York Post –

A new entry in the top 20, the New York Post has spent the last two years breaking stories and taking names. With superb coverage, excellent sources, and a quality writing team, the Post has become a go-to destination for those who want journalism with a little pizzazz not to mention its headlines which are more than a bit entertaining.

# 6 The Washington Times –

A tried-and-true lifeline for the die-hard conservative living in and around Washington, DC, the Times has rightly been recognized as a stalwart of contrarian opinion coupled with solid journalism. Its slogan says it all: “Reliable reporting, the right opinion.” The Times always manages to deliver.

# 7 Breitbart –

Breitbart is one of the major portals for all things political and cultural. It has built a well-earned reputation for its bold style and out-of-the-box conservative/libertarian thought and is the flagship of in-your-face conservative commentary. Breitbart pulls few punches, earning it the eternal contempt of the left – which its writers and editors consider a badge of honor, no doubt.

# 8 The Epoch Times –

This is the third time Epoch has made the list. Although there is some justifiable criticism that it occasionally treads a bit too close to the “clickbait” line for some, the site continues to offer the whole package: breaking news, analysis, opinion, and some exclusive shows. It comes with considerable original reporting on US politics, China, and business.

# 9 American Thinker –

With no-holds-barred deep dives into interactive topics of national security, diplomacy, economic policy, and more, American Thinker has become a staple for those who want more than just surface-level coverage of stories important to conservatives.

# 10 The American Spectator –

A long-time leader in conservative thought, The American Spectator offers content that is at once strikingly original, thought-provoking, plain-spoken, and often satirical. Conservative readers continue to applaud the Spectator for its readability and high-quality content.

# 11 RealClearPolitics –

Providing the very best and up-to-date information on national and local polling, coupled with a selection of keen analytical articles, Real Clear Politics remains an absolute must for those wanting to stay ahead of the political curve.

# 12 The Gateway Pundit –

Gateway Pundit has a well-earned reputation for offering fresh angles on old news and unveiling stories hard, if not impossible, to find elsewhere. It’s a go-to site that has maintained its loyal readership.

# 13 Judicial Watch –

Judicial Watch is perhaps best known for its aggressive pursuit of official wrongdoers. It offers a superb example of a site that does not necessarily attract the most viewers but provides exceptional content that our writers and readers value and therefore rate highly.

# 14 Townhall –

Townhall carries a wide variety of content from notable free-market figures and is considered a must for conservative news junkies seeking reliable coverage of the big issues. Most notable are its exclusive columns by some of the most well-known thinkers in the political field today.

# 15 Reason –

Reason magazine started publishing news about and for “free minds and free markets” over 50 years ago and is still at it. Many enthusiastic readers rate it as perhaps the best place for pro-liberty long-form journalism. Unabashedly libertarian, Reason is for the hard-core libertarian.

# 16 Zerohedge –

Offering a mix of finance, economics, and politics, ZeroHedge is one of the leaders in the conservative and libertarian markets. With spicy takes, solid data on investing and more than a little humor, this site is a popular resource with a growing conservative audience.

# 17 Newsbusters (MRC) –

Newsbusters helps separate the genuine from the push-polled in our time of media manipulation and Astro-turfing the news. A project of the Media Research Center, Newsbusters approaches the big box media with skepticism and irreverence backed up by stellar research.

# 18 American Greatness –

A brash and bold outlet, American Greatness covers politics, media, and culture in a hard-hitting style and is not afraid to venture where other outlets fear to tread. With a wide range of articles and podcasts, this certainly seems a site to watch in the future.

# 19 The Hill –

While clearly not being conservatarian in nature, The Hill is one of the few on our list that tries to walk a fine line between left and right. Agree with it or not, this publication is read by those who may swing more to the right, and readers appear to be willing to put up with its occasional progressive screed.

# 20 Wall Street Journal –

Covering everything from politics and culture to literature and real estate, the Wall Street Journal offers a full suite of content in an accessible digital format. In recent years, the Journal has built upon its already sterling reputation to become a leader beyond the borders of the financial sector.

* The Washington Times, TownHall, and The American Spectator have a limit to the number of free articles you can read before requiring a subscription.

LibertyNation.comauthors participating in this survey: Tim Donner, Mark Angelides, Scott D. Cosenza, Jeff Charles, and Graham J. Noble.

Top Conservative News Sites to Read in 2023 - Liberty Nation (2024)
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