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Slayer Ruby & Chelsea full version - Slayerseriesdragons (1)

"The Ocean is a mysterious world, one that mortals can only imagine" a voice that's female "Of course, you think you know what lies beneath the surface".

Shows the ocean as jellyfish swim.

"Even the ones you have imagined, you've imagined them wrong".

Shows the darkness and a ship.

"Like the giant Kraken Bloodthirsty monster, sinker of ships, where are they even getting this from?"

Then cuts to dark waters, then something swims.

"They not the only ones mortals get wrong, otherwordly brings called demons".

As the brings only the tail and fins are seen.

"Beings of evil, Harbingers of the apocalypse".

Then changes to a forest at night, and there are many shapes and red eyes.

"There is one demon, that mortals get wrong and make things that are so not true".

Then red eyes, scales and hair.

"Saying things like using their voices to lure in men to their deaths".

Then shows many clear demons, they are not beings of nature.

"Even they are nothing compared to one".

Shows in the past a large demon even the mightiest warriors fear, large wings, long body, four legs, long neck, pair of horns, ear fins and thick teeth.

Then black.


Then a massive roar with red eyes.

"Most tales are about the Slayer and the Dragon but there is a tale long side the tale of the Slayer and the Dragon".

Then cuts

A head goes up, and a blue girl answers the phone to turn the alarm off.

She gets out of bed naked, then grabs her clothes even knowing she does not need but these are good reasons why she is not a human so to look like one she has to "But I'm going to ask her now, right now, this second."

In not long, she looks in the mirror.

Slayer Ruby & Chelsea full version - Slayerseriesdragons (2)

At the same time in a cave sand and darkness, teal scales appear moving then light orange canal fins. Hands that look like a humanoid, then a bit of red hair, then it stops then a red eye not of any mortal creature of this realm, then the scales move then hand on the wall, then the red hair of a girl it dives into the water vanish through the darkness.

Then cuts to Ruby trying to get her mom to let her go to prom.

"Please" she tries the puppy eyes.

Slayer Ruby & Chelsea full version - Slayerseriesdragons (3)

"I like the energy, ruby," she said as she turned away "but it's still no, honey."

"But, Mom" she places the tablet down as she moves from the top of the sofa to land her feet on the ground "Evidence, science, Internet." Ruby tries to reason as she sits on her char "This is my only chance to fit in, it is next week”.

"Trust me, Ruby, I know what's best for you." she said as she grabbed her cup "And what's best, is to always stay on land, That's why we moved here" Then pulls her cup closer "It's much safer for us" then drinks.

"Sorry, Tadpole, Mom's right," her dad said a large Cecaelia wearing sailor clothing and a red Bernie, as he ate.

Ruby felt down this was her only chance to fit in she only has three friends the rest treat her as a freak it's not fair.

"What do you think?" Agatha said then got out a board with her and the Gillman word on it "I had these printed for my big party in three weeks."

"I think I'm in love." her mate said as he gave her a kiss and smile.

Ruby looked from her phone "Do you still need me to be there?" she asked not a fan of this kind of thing.

"Yes, This is a make-or-break moment, I'm selling" she replies "an entire development".

"But, Mom, you're..." then shows a video of her mom.

"Agatha Gillman and I slay the competition," she said on the film next to her are her buyers then titles, said not actors! no for real not ACTORS!!.

"She got us our dream home, and I'm not asking how." the lady said with her husband.

"Well, I just want to show potential buyers," she said as she got her bag ready for the day "What a happy Oceanside family, looks like" as she drank her coffee "It's two weeks away".

"I'll be closing my shop for the day so I can man the grill," he said having his arms look like a chief!

"Ooh, Arthur," she moves to him "You should think about hiring someone to help you," she says at him "Business has been booming, since you started Bottled Up" She smiles.

Arthur smiles back at his wife who feels proud of himself.

Then cuts to a video live-stream of him with bottles on the table with a boat.

"Hey there" his hands on the bottles "Welcome back to Bottled Up, Now, let's hoist those sails." then pops a lid off as comments appear let's go, he doing it again, hey baby! and more keep coming.

Then changes to a boat in a bottle by using an arcane skill.

"Magic," he said as he moved his hands.

As comments say, no one has that much power, so cool, WHAT!!!!, wow, nice job mate😊, keep going👍!,🙂🙂 .

"Wow, you two are quite the power couple," Ruby tells them as she places her book in her bag.

"You guys are all crushing it."

"Oh Ruby," Agatha said as she came to Ruby "Don't sell yourself short" She moved to the left "You're amazing at math the top of the top" Dhe to cheer her up.

"I am the reason" then cuddles her bag "Connor's passing algebra" about her crush at school!

Agatha smiles at this and then sees on Ruby's phone.

"You still looking about about them?" Agatha asked.

"You said before we are hiding from monsters of the sea but what about demons?" Ruby looked worried.

"There being sitings of demons lastly as a chimera attacked family campers" then shows a video of a chimera a three-headed demon mix of lion, goat and snake the lion head roars "Then last night an ogre attacks a couple in the woods" The video shows an ogre.

Agatha sees this and her husband, and then Ruby turns off her phone.

"What about the dragon that came 15 years ago and they attacked towns and cities" Ruby said she knows the tale very well.

"The dragon is dead and there have been no great dragons in 15 years now, the demon numbers are not as high and the elves slay many of them near the town that day demons stay away from towns and cities".

"But what if a demon appeared?".

"Honey you don't need to worry there the worse monsters than them like those in the sea who want to hurt Cecaelias like us," Agatha said, "this is where we belong, Oceanside is our home we are safe from demons".

"Then help me fit in" Ruby said "by letting me go to prom." hoping her mom would listen.

"Ruby, the answer is no." she replies still not happening ruby is disappointed and Agatha can tell then tries to change the subject to "time to go" and grabs Ruby by the arm.

Ruby groans "Mom" as she grabs her bag.

"Limb up, everyone" All three stand up with Ruby at the right, Agatha in the middle and Arthur at the left.

"Let all have a good day," Arthur said.

"Does this not bother you, about demons sudding showing up?" Ruby asked worried.

"They mostly stay away from towns and cities you don't need to worry as long as you're not out of town" Agatha said.

Arthur nodes.

Next all three went to do their thing, her dad went down to his shop below the house.

Ruby headed to school, feeling down, then froze right in front of a wood crave mermaid and creepy.

There is a man inside the bus that looks like a boat

"Apologies for the unplanned interruption, folks" There was a man with white-beared, dark blue clothes a crab on his thick shoulders and a hat a sailor "Well, look what the tide dragged in, Davey," he said his hands covered the speaker talking to his pet crab.

"Ahoy, Mr.--:" Ruby panics then moves out of the way "Captain Gordon Lighthouse, sir."

She tries to leave then.

"Gillman girl," Gordon said.

Ruby stops "Yes".

"Cecaelias," one said, "As in those that fought demons in the dogma of dragons".

"Ah yes" Ruby replies she was told to be calm "My parents fought demons in this town".

"I got my eye on you Gillman girl" he looks away then back "And my other eye too", he got the microphone.

As Ruby tries to stay calm.

"Our tour begins, where 15 years ago when the Dragon came to this world in the dogma of dragons, I swear I saw the monstrous giant kraken, plus a mermaid, And to your right, Oceanside's best saltwater taffy. Ask for the Gordon Lighthouse discount".

Ruby waves nervously that guy scares her, she has seen him throw harpoons a the sea, but to be fair he is on good terms with her family, he respects them and their role in the dragon's dogma.

She then heads to school.

She meets up with three kids are her classmates but not friends.

"I guess a few" Ruby said.

"What? All of them the beach events, the surf, festival, beach parties any birthday parties," she said showing things from her phone and all the events Ruby missed.

Ruby poor girl she is not even allowed to go that's fun.

"But this isn't just any party," she said "This is prom".

Both nodded they agreed.

Ruby thought then decided it best that her friends have a good time, "I get it, You guys should go" Ruby said sadly "It's one thing for my mom to ruin my life" She looked left and then back to them "She doesn't have to ruin yours." she reasons.

"Uh," Trevin starts "What if you don't tell her?" then looks back at his game.

"He is right, Gasp of exclamation!" Margot said "Your mom doesn't have to know." with her hand to her cheek.

"Deception" Bills said looking around and then back to Ruby "I'm on board."

"Come on Ruby do it," Trevin said looking back.

Margot has her arms up like come on, I know you want to!

"Do it" Bliss said moving her head forward.

"I want to but if mom finds out that -" Ruby knows what would happen her mom will go nuts as in very angry,

"Oh, life is not a dress rehearsal" then grabs Ruby It's time for you to go big" then shakes her" And go to prom!!!!" Margot said then let's go.

"Okay, I'll do it," Ruby said then smiled "I'll go to prom".

"Yes," Margot said the other two looked yes.

"And I'm gonna ask Connor," Ruby tells them.

Then they froze what? "Connor?" then shakes her head -" and how are you going to do it?".

"Maybe I can ask him with something epic, like an advanced quadratic equation." getting out her phone "And when I solve it" then shows it "the answer is..." word appears in colours "Prom" She has her mouth open in a smile great guys?.

They froze as Margot nearly fell, but was stopped by the other two "Ruby, you cannot ask Connor to prom with homework?!" her brow is up like really it's stupid.

"But look how it graphs" Ruby said looking then looked back "It's cool " then looked like a nervous wreck.

"Not cool," she said "A good prom-posal is art," then she went with the other two leave with her leaving Ruby alone.

Ruby looked back at her phone sad and then walked into the school sadly, she felt so alone, she tried a few times to be friends with them, but they were not.

She really wants a friend she can talk to and be buddy with, be herself.

Then at the beach, a hand appears then scales then a white shoe lands on the ground and jeans then a blue eye from the shadows near a wall.

Inside Ruby is at her locker trying to think of how in the blue sea, sky and earth, can she ask the boy she has had a crush on for two months now, right is two weeks away from prom night and everyone is finding partners early for prom, then she sees with wilded eyes and gasps, then a boy appears riding his skateboard, relax with puffy purple hair which is dyed oh ya, "Connor" as the music plays in the background, her dancing with Connor happy then cuddles.

Then snap back to reality oh dear.

"Ruby" she cuddled a guy's bag!. "hi".

"Connor's here," she said dreamily.

"Uh, yeah. Connor's here," he replies.

Then ran her froze then realised she holding someone's bag then let go "Oh! Oh. Hi. Hi, hi, hi." like a reck.

"We're still on for our tutoring sesh later, right?" he asked.

"Oh," Ruby laughs, "Oh, yeah, Connor, We are on like polygons".

"All right. Team math" Connor said coolly "I'll see you later." then stop and said "Oh I like it" then leaves

Ruby could not believe it and decided to ask him then next she outside like reck nervous out of her mind, as she saw Connor on a set, she moved closer hoping to ask Prom her mind and said what the heck am I doing?, "Hey, Connor" she walks up to the body she has a crush with.

"Hey, Ruby." he said looking away from his skateboard "What's up?".

"Um, hey." Ruby tried to say the words "So, I was wondering, did you see, like," looking back and "forward then back to him all those prom-proposals around school this morning?".

"It could be fun to go with the right person, though," he said getting up and they stood just three feet from each other "It starts two weeks away".

"Connor... Oh, you go".

"No, you go," both said at once.

Both saying the same thing.

"Yeah, no, you go. I go".

"Wait. Okay, no. But seriously" Connor said, "What-what did you want to say?".

"Um, Connor, I..." Ruby feels she finally going to tell him.

Then a hiss sound.

Both turn around then a black serpent tail slams down send then a blast sends Connor flying into the sea.

"CONNOR!!" Ruby screams looking over at the sea, she panics then she turns for a second and sees red eyes then it slams her sending her flying into the sea.

The water is rough she tries to reach her hand to him then she does then something happens, her body starts to blow then a blast of purple.

Next Connor was placed on land.

Then he woke up coughing then a girl appeared over him, he looked up then saw red hair, she reached and picked him up with both hands and took him away, he looked and saw the eyes and hair.

At the same time, Ruby Crews falls on her back to a rock what was that then she grasps "Connor", she gets up then leaves in panic.

As she leaves, just then a black and white snakeskin moves around then a pair of red eyes and an angry hiss, as it narrows its red eyes.

Ruby runs as fast as she as panic runs through her mind strongly she can't remember how she ended up in the sea.

Then crowds of people all humans gather around the fountain of the school.

"The new girl saved Connor," one girl said.

"She's a hero." the second girl said.

"Connor" Ruby calls out in panic as she moves past people.

Then Ruby sees Connor in a towel "Connor" Ruby calls gets to him, and then stops "Connor, Are you okay?" asked worried.

Connor is coughing "Yeah, It was crazy" he coughing "Something slams, then the next thing I was saved by..the new girl".

"The new girl?" Ruby asked then heard a crowd cheer she turned and saw there was something new.

Then red hair, and people cheering she turns her head "The new girl".

Slayer Ruby & Chelsea full version - Slayerseriesdragons (4)

Ruby look what!.

"Thank you, thank you," she said Kindly.

"New girl" one boy calls.

"She's going to say something." one girl said with a board saying APPLAUSE then flipped to SILENCE in gold.

This new girl looking around with pride, not scared not one bit! "Picture this," she said to the crowd, bending her back more back and her front more forward, hand to her chest and her right hand forward "Me new and reasonable".

She leaps off then lands like a boss "Heading to my first class," she said moving her hips, hands to her chest "Just fought it was going to be a normal day like any other".

What? Ruby thought she had never seen anything like her before like ever.

She slid on the edge of the fountain then "When suddenly" (gasps) looking at Connor "I spot little mister skater boy" She turned her head to the crowd not scared not one bit "who nearly drowned" She then looks at Ruby "But he was saved by-" about to point her finger.

"You saved me?!" he asked then.

The new girl froze and then turned "Oh" she said then placed a finger at his nose "Shush, shush, Ooh." then she moved right" My story." She said to his ear then turned "You see there times" She looked at Ruby then got to the right of the fountain then was in the middle " I remembered what my mother always told me" she said holding both hands with no fear "You are gorgeous." she does a pose like it nothing then stops stands Strat "Also" then her one finger up "even at darkness times never let anyone bring you down" then place her foot on the edge "even at the face of death, it's best to go big", narrow her eyes like a predator hunting its prey as she foes up "And what can be is face your darkness!!" she calls out with her hand up like queen of the world no fear stands on top of the fountain.

"Yes, queen, get it." then many throw roses at her, as the crowd cheers.

Ruby watched with disbelief as a rose fell on her head its like a dream why could I not have that? years she tried to fit in and already this one got in like nothing!!.

"I love you so much" a girl calls out then shows a board saying in gold MARY ME!!!!.

"Thank you" the new girl said grabbing a rose "Kid" she said pointing a finger.

"She pointed at me," a boy said.

The girl looked at him really, she pointed to me not you!

Ruby had never seen anyone so brave, so bold, so confident, with no fear, then she felt dread "What is happening?" something was happening She turned to leave but then "Ah, Excuse me" Ruby tried to leave but then.

"Wait" she drops but two boys catch her she smiles at Ruby.

She freezes then slowly turns.

" We haven't met."

Ruby is like oh please no as she turns slowly.

"I'm Chelsea," she said placing her hand on her chest then her hand up and her right leg up "Chelsea Van Der Zee." as some girls help her " -It's Dutch" she lands, "Kusjes!" kiss with her hand, then turns to Ruby, Chelsea is taller than her.

Ruby is freaking out.

"And you are?" Chelsea asked.

"-I'm, um...I'm Ruby Gillman, eh" Ruby freaks out "A Cecaelia known as a Gillman".

"Okay, maybe it's the whole "don't look at me" vibe," Chelsea lends her upper body down more "But there's something different about you" Chelsea see something in the girl, this Cecaelia.

"I-I really gotta go now" Ruby tries to leave as red eyes appear in her mind.

"What's wrong with her?" a girl said.

Ruby is about to run then slams into a boy then he pushes her to the ground.

"That little freak," a boy said.

Chelsea's eyes widen at this and shocked by this.

"What's your deal?" one girl asked rudely.

Ruby tries to get up then gets hit and falls "You have no place here Cecaelia".

"She's a coward, she's a shame to her family of Cecaelias," a girl said rudely "They are not cowards".

Then all stopped.

Chelsea looked worried "Are you okay?" Chelsea tries to ask her "You look like you've been through something like you were attacked" then reaches her hand to her" Here let me help" She wants to help, this Cecaelia.

Ruby looks at the hand then Chelsea's eyes she tries to move away.

Chelsea keeps reaching her hand she wants to help.

Then Ruby saw something in the shadows, black scales a head and half of its neck white with red eyes, Ruby froze in horror then the head rose, Chelsea noticed something wrong a hiss roared, turned and Ruby looked as she got up.

Then the head and neck move then three more heads serpentine with red eyes.

Slayer Ruby & Chelsea full version - Slayerseriesdragons (5)

"A demon?!" One girl said with shock and horror.

"What is it doing here" A boy calls in fear.

"How something like that! here?" Another girl said in a panic.

"Did it come from the sea?!" Another boy yells.

The serpent demon, the four heads tower over them all as it moves from the shadows with narrow red eyes and hissing.

Ruby looked with pure horror "Hydra" she said with fear as the demon moved forward hiss roaring angrily with narrow red eyes then ruby realised the tail and the red eyes were from that demon "How is it here!" this had a be a nightmare but its real and her fear became true.

Then it charges as people run for their lives as the hydra tail slams down hard as the kids run for their lives, the hydra moves then stops the main head turns and sees Ruby.

Ruby can see the hydra is looking at her.

The hydra's main head looks closer and then narrows its eyes with rage like it knows that Ruby is then it charges hissing roar, as all the people run for their lives then the hydra stops looking surprised at Chelsea.

Ruby then notes a glow in her hands then without thinking runs for it.

The hydra sees her run as all four heads look with narrow eyes.

Chelsea turns to where Ruby ran, she looks worried.

Ruby runs into the library passes through the party decorations keeps running then hides at the end of it behind walls of books holding her legs "Why is this happening why I'm glowing? Why is there a demon!" she is scared then notes she was growing and glowing bigger "No no no no" her cloths magically vanished, as she gets bigger, her colour changes.

Gordon at sea hears all this and sees the giant Kraken.

"Giant Kraken" He calls out "Giant kraken ahoy!!"

"She back," he said in a panic "She's coming for me!!" he called like a madman.

Then Ruby bursts out of the library roaring the hydra stops and looks surprised but not fearful as this Ruby stands 43 feet tall, purple in colour screaming, panicking trying to get out of the destroyed.

Slayer Ruby & Chelsea full version - Slayerseriesdragons (6)

Chelsea was looking for her then turned around then to her shock, she saw Ruby and knew it was her right away.

Then the siren was on and loud.

Ruby hides in the trees and sees balloons in words prom going up Ruby sees this and feels could this not get any worse, then looks down and sees.

Chelsea looks up not out of fear, Ruby's eyes widen then she sees the hydra nearby, all its red eyes of all four heads narrow at Ruby.

The hydra hissed roaring then it stopped and turned there a teenager but not a human, an elf with pixie-cut hair.

She had daggers turned into fire magic, the Hydra charged snapping its four jaws at her she rolled and then cast a fire burst at it as its tail swept she jumped.

Ruby is shocked to see this, then hears the sound of police as cars come moving fast.

"Monster" Ruby sees some kids.

Ruby is shocked then to her horror it's Connor with them and her classmates as they all look with fear.

"Prom monster," Connor said.

Ruby looked hurt from it.

Ruby feels at once to get way as fast as her new form can take her.

At the same time, Agatha sees this too and her clients hide then the new house as they take the keys.

Agatha gets in her car and drives hoping to get to Ruby first before the police or the army finds her, as she drives.

Meanwhile Ruby is a few miles from town and it has been a while now since she tried to be seen lucky she is in the wild areas, She sees in the sky that look like birds, but they are no birds, they are demons, part woman, part bird called harpies.

Ruby tries to keep low as she keeps going though the forest.

At the same time, Agatha sees this too and her clients hide then the new house as they take the keys.

Agatha gets in her car and drives hoping to get to Ruby first before the police or the army finds her, as she drives.

Meanwhile Ruby is a few miles from town and it has been a while now since she tried to be seen lucky she is in the wild areas, She sees in the sky that look like birds, but they are no birds, they are demons, part woman, part bird called harpies.

Ruby tries to keep low as she keeps going though the forest.

Meanwhile, Agatha keeps going she panics hoping they do not find her daughter then out of nowhere blocking her path is a demon-looking humanoid a bit larger than a Cecaelia, "Ogre" she said as it leapt, then its arm slammed she gets out an arcane blade and she as no choice but to fight it, as the ogre roars as wolf looking demons called Wargs jump out bearing their teeth.

A while later Ruby hides at an abandoned lighthouse near the sea that 15 years ago was attacked by The Dragon the fog helps her hide and hopes can hide not only from people but from demons as well.

Then the sounds of a car stop.

Ruby turns her head side knows who it is the looks away "Oh no" as she holds her legs.

Agatha gets out of the car and rushes to get to Ruby "Ruby" she calls "There you are my daughter, I need to get you out of here right now" Agatha is scared the demons will find her and kill her.

Ruby then looks then looked away "But I'm a..a monster" her voice with scared.

Agatha froze her daughter, scared she looked sad and worried for her only child "Oh honey you're not a monster not even close".

Ruby turns her head side.

"I don't want to yell, the demons will hear, can we talk?" no replies "Please" Agatha's voice is full of sorrow seeing her only child like this "Just talk to me", she knows Ruby is scared out of her mind.

There's still silence.

Agatha gets to her and there is Ruby.

"Hay there my girl," Agatha said trying to help.

"I know what you're going to say, you jump into the ocean or go to prom behind your back" Ruby panics "They wanted me to do that I try to ask Connor then- then-"

"Clam down Ruby, it's going to be ok," Agatha said "Hon I'm not mad at you".

"It threw me and Connor" Ruby trying to calm down as fear grew deep down.

"Who? Was it your friends or was it that hydra?" Agatha asked.

"It was the hydra, wait a second how do you know?" with one brow up.

"I heard the siren and saw on my phone a hydra at the school".

Ruby looks away as her body is shaking with fear "But why is this happening?" she starts to cry.

"I need to keep you safe honey" Agatha gets closer "and need to get you home before demons see you".

"Mom" Ruby said "Look at me" as tears started going down "I'm the prom monster" as tears fell down.

Agatha gets closer to calm her only child down "No you are not, you will get small again it takes time" as she places her and on her cheek moves back "Hey, hey Shh," Agatha says trying to help "I'm here, I'll wait with you" then sits down" I'm not going anywhere, I will not leave you to the demons, I will not let any of the demons hurt you" then shows her blade showing she will protect her.

"I'm really glad you're here Mom," Ruby asked scared "But how have they seen me, the demons".

"Think something nice like when you help a stuck duckbill, or when you help redwolf pups, or a hurt ox, or-"

"I can think nothing but demons like the chimera attack in the woods as a little kid or the griffin attack at the farm" She sounded scared.

But you got help when that griffin attacked and that was brave, because of that an elf force arrived in time and slew the griffin" Agatha said, "you saved a family and their children from the griffin".

"True" Ruby replies then starts to smile as she shrinks

"That's it, girl, it's working" Agatha said as Ruby placed her down.

Ruby was back to her normal form she looked at herself "I normal" Ruby says after noticing her original size “Well, almost normal, Thank you…” she said to her mother.

"Trust me, it’s gonna be okay,” Agatha says soothingly holding her daughter.

But then burst from the fog a minotaur a species of demon.

Ruby looks at her mother with fear "Mom what is happening?".

As the minotaur roars with rage.

Agatha starts the car and drives off through the woods driving the road fast.

"Hang on Ruby," Agatha said. As she drives fast then ahead a Chimera on the road as the lion head roars, she moves right as the goat casts a thunderbolt it nearly hits the car and slams, the snake spewing poison and hitting the ground.

To their horror are so many demons in the woods, in shapes and sizes all around.

It was what Agatha had feared.

Agatha keeps driving then dodges as blobs of poison fire she sees bask of Abas, she dodges then drives fast as there are demons here on the road as Undead, Skeletons, Banshees and a Wight.

Then a Griffin dives down then roars.

A cyclops burst from the trees sweeping its club around.

Then in front is a Catoblepas, and a few Harpies.

Then as Agatha keeps driving there a Medusa comes out then its gaze attacks.

Then a Sphinx lands as two Dullahans attack, a Minotaur charges and two Witches cast fireballs.

Going fast trying to get out of here before-

Then two demons burst from the trees, both dragon-looking demons, but they are their own species part of the dragonkin, a Drake and a Lindwurm.

Agatha moves out as the Drake breathes fire, as the Lindwurm snaps its jaws a few times and then both roar with rage.

The two escaped and then went through the tunnel, unknown to them teal scales, red hair and red eyes in the shadows were watching, and then the red eyes moved away.

Arthur's workshop below the house, when the door opens, Arthur is having a cup of tea and then sees Ruby walking in "Hey, Tadpole. What's up?" he asked in a kind voice.

Ruby is upset and feels betrayed "How would I know?" she replies then looks down as she walks past with Agatha behind her "No one tells me anything."

Agatha tries to speak, but it's hard as she is behind Ruby then says to her mate "Ruby was thrown into the ocean by a demon, a hydra and turned giant Arthur".

His eyes widen then ends by throwing his cup in panic "OH NO!!" has his hands to the sides of his head.

Ruby runs to her room and shuts the door hard, her mind keeps going prom monster, prom monster, prom monster Connor's voice.

A few hours later.

Then a knock on the door, "Ruby can I come in?".

"Yes," Ruby replies.

Agatha comes in and shuts the door behind, her as she heads to her daughter.

"Ah, Ruby are you ok?" she asked.

Ruby looked hurt at her mother, "Ok" as they sat on two chairs.

"You see when you were in seawater it triggered, first time... Uh, it released th-"

"The what?" asked worriedly.

"What I mean is you turned into a giant Kraken" Agatha said, Ruby looked at her hand "I know this is a lot to process, Ruby" Then she held her daughter's hand "But you're not alone" She looked down then back to ruby "I turn into a giant Kraken, too".

"What' what'" Ruby falls out of the chair and moves back on the ground then gets back up "You knew?!".

Agatha looked with guilt.

"So I'm this" Then out her a phone and showed a photo of a ship with tentacles attacking “The horrible stereotype of giant krakens you said humans made up” her anger boiled “What else Mom?, do I sink ships now? Do I terrorize sailors? Do I…kill people a demon!?".

"No," Agatha said trying her best "no" she replies "No, Not at all honey" trying to help her.

"All this time, you told me we were hiding from monsters, and it turns out" her voice is angry and hurt " I'm the monster, You lied to me!." with anger.

"No," Agatha said trying to calm her down "there are two with the same name one is a demon and one is not" a bit like a duck one for an animal and one to go down "You are not the demon one, you are a giant Kraken, the ones that are demons are called krakens they look like octopuses while we Cecaelias those that can turn are called giant krakens so not the same creature".

"I was already a little weird," Ruby said panicking "but this?-I can't hide this!".

"Yes, you can" her mom tries to help her "You can do it like it did for all those years".

"You don't get it, Mom, Every single day I try to fit in it's really hard" Ruby felt sorrow "is bad enough everyone treats me like and even says I'm a freak, a monster, a girl that should never being born".

Agatha could not believe this she hoped all these years were not true now here it broke her heart "No you everything we wanted don't let anyone tell you that", her family friends did warn her about it.

"What about that hydra!" Ruby said with anger "You told me demons never go in a town or city senses the dragon was slain" She then gets out her phone and shows the hydra "Did you lie?!, do you lie what else would any of the demons, saw like a minotaur!, chimera!, what next griffin from the sky comes done and rips my friends to bites" as she moves, Agatha trying to calm her only child, her daughter, "You said I did not need to worry about demons and yet one appears at my school who turns out to be a freaking hydra a massive serpent demon with four heads it could have killed Connor, it could have killed me!!!!" she rants "What next a mass of them appear in the town at once like my nightmare!!!".

"No I don't know how that hydra got in" Agatha tries to calm Ruby down "I'm not sure why demons are showing up".

Then her phone dinged Ruby answered it then messages came in.

"Ruby, listen" Agatha is saying to help her "The ocean triggers the transformation, but if you stay on dry land, you'll stay small and on two legs."

"Cool." She said then saw her phone "Everyone at school is talking about the monster that destroyed the library and the demons like the hydra".

There is a video of the hydra attack and Ruby has a giant kraken.

"As long as no one finds out we are safe" Agatha said.

Ruby panics "The prom monster".

"You are not a monster, it's done now, we just need to keep it low and things will turn back to normal" Agatha turns to the door as she hears her husband, then leaves and shuts the door leaving Ruby behind.

Ruby gets angry screams at the Pouf then holds herself, about to cry this is a nightmare, first the hydra, then her turning massive, then other demons, she felt betrayed then hears.

In the shop work Agatha is with another Cecaelia, she is shocked to see him after all this time.

"What are you doing here?" Agatha asked "Brill".

"We felt the pulse" he replies excitedly.

Agatha looks with horror "So mom knows" hoping its not true.

"Well yes and she send me to pick up Ruby" he replies.

Ruby opens the door, then she sneaks out then hides to watch, another Cecaelia.

"Well, why can't we just talk about it?" Brill asked.

"Because it doesn't matter. Keep it down, Brill".

"Sis, if I could find you, then it's only a matter of time before the rest of the ocean can, too" Brill reasons "And the demons know too, they felt it, mom believes is only a matter of time before another dragon appears".

"I can handle this on my own" Agatha crossed her arms "And she is safe from the demons".

"Just come home and talk to her" Brill reasons "She wants to help Ruby".

"Forget it I will not let her have Ruby" Agatha snapped "She never just helps, though, does she?".

Brill looked sad "At least tell Ruby the whole truth," Brill said, "about your days as the warriors and as the Mer-".

"No!" she snapped with anger in her voice.

"Does Ruby not want to see mom?" Brill asked, "And come to the kingdom? Come home?".

Ruby watches and then thinks 'I have a grandmother! there's a kingdom? other Cecaelias? A city of my kind?'.

"Ruby's life is on here now, Brill" Agatha said "I know you mean well, but you need to stop" She pushes him "Go home and let me take care of my daughter" Then shuts the door.

"Aggie..." Then Brill leaves.

Agatha looks down and then leaves.

Ruby's body boils with pure rage "Can't believe mom is still hiding things from me", then looks down her mother lied to her all these years then "No more".

Next, she sneaked out the door.

She runs fast no more she though her anger for her mother she keeps lying.

She had no idea she had been watched from the shadows as red hair appeared and vanished.

Ruby keeps going and then hides as Gordon's bus boat drives up.

"Lock your doors the giant Kraken has returned, the demon numbers are rising on the isles, the hydra is not the only demon to appear more are coming".

She waited until he was gone then kept running as the fog moved though the town was getting dark so the sun would be gone, sooner than normal, she kept going as it got darker and darker until the sun was gone, and then she arrived to the tip of the pier then looks over the dark waters it feels like from deep nightmares the abyss.

"I need to take control, of my own life" She closed her eyes and then opened her fists " And if I want answers, then there's only one person My grandmother" Then dives into the dark waters, not far from a hand is placed on the bar then a lock of red hair.

She sinks deep into the bottom of the kelp forest then darkness then a blowout comes ruby in giant form glowing in the dark waters she backflips amazed by this then her mind guides her.

Then tries to swim she leads after moving her body up and then down moves fast.

Unknown to her, as she passed the bus boat the lighthouse saw the glow then vanished he chucks "Got you now" with narrow eyes.

Ruby moves fast and spins around as she passes fish, jellyfish, and ammonites, then sees the seabed trilobites. She swims more letting her mind guide her then passes whales then passes temnodontosaurus hunting food with their massive eyes, then as she went more past two Tylosaurus, she finally gets to see sea creatures in the flesh, then pass a group of Xiphactinus, then pass Dolichorhynchops, Hesperornis, elasmosaurus and Protostega swimming through the sea.

As she swims she runs into a pod of whales and then sees one.

"Clarence? Clarence J. Whifferton" Ruby rubs under the whale who is happy to see her " I'm so glad you made it. You look great".

The whale makes sounds happy like saying hello.

She feels so happy then sees underwater tunnels and canyons below then follows it her mind is guided by this then she sees what looks like a place.

"That's where grandmother lives, she must have the answers".

She swims forward then stops in front of a door then it glows light purple then opens.

She slowly goes in and then arrives at to place of the golden mark of giant Kraken warriors "Wow" it's so massive bigger than her town like a dream something out of a fantasy book "Does that mean she-".

"A queen!" a loud voice she looked up and saw "warrior queen" another giant Kraken this one was yellow and light green "Ultimate Lordess, Ruler of the Seven Seas" She now closer to ruby "et cetera, et cetera, give me a hug" she hugs ruby tight now really tight, holds Ruby up and spins her around "After 15 years, you finally back" then let's go.

Then Brill shows up like aww like me have some!

"Not now Brill" Emerald snaps at him, "You said you be okay with it right?" with one brow up like a threat

"Of course, Mamah. I'm not that needy, so..." he said annoyed at the end then left.

"I can't believe you're my grandmother" Ruby said happily.

"Please, call me Grandmamah," The queen said, "Everyone else is Emerald".

Ruby smiles at this.

"You seem surprised by the level of general majesty and royal splendour," Emerald said.

"I definitely wasn't expecting the whole queen thing" Ruby replies.

"Your mother never told you you were royalty?"

"I guess it was another of those things," Ruby said.

"Those things?!" Emerald gets mad then "AGATHA!!" she roars.

Enough to cause a blast of green light to blast all around the kingdom.

"Don't worry, I go to therapy now" Emerald said as she swam on her back "I see a wise hammerhead shark on Wednesdays and Fridays, and I've let my rage go. Away, rage".

Then a plate of-.

"Ah, cookies. Help yourself, Ruby" She has them closer to her grandduaghter

Ruby grabs one and then starts eating "Mmm. They're really..." They're really good. A little mushy" As she eats three more they are so good.

"I made someone make them myself" Emerald said then they swam "Ow, talk to your grandmama, Tell me everything. Was it horrible living among the hairy crust dwellers?".

"You mean the humans?"

"Well yes" the Queen replies "And I sure elves and other races too like dwarves".

"I asked a boy to prom" Ruby said then looked sad "But, you know, it... it did not go great.

"Well, deary, you can put all that behind you" Emerald said kind of rude "You're made for bigger things. Come with me".

Then enter the throne room and this time there are other members of her species they come in many colours.

They all note as they move around, that Ruby knows the normal species of her race are called Cecaelias most known as Gillmans while the giant ones are called krakens or most call giant kraken to make sure there is no confusion with demons like the krakens that look like octopuses from hell.

"I see her. It's Ruby"

"Whoa. It's Ruby"

-It's her"

"Look, it's the princess"

"Is this actually her?"

Then one buy gave Ruby some sea flowers.

"Aww thank you," Ruby said taking them in her right hand.

Ruby could not believe it, she saw her own kind.

"Hi Ruby" a girl said, ruby smiles she never seen so many others of her kind.

"Fellow Cecaelias and giant Krakens," the queen said with pride "Here at last 15 years my granddaughter has finally returned".

"Home to be my successor".

Ruby froze as she was on the throne what?

"Wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait" Ruby panics "I'm gonna be a, a what now?".

"Ruby, you're a princess," Emerald said then got her arm on her "Address the crowd".

Brill can tell Ruby is going into panic mode, he does not like what his mother is doing.

"I think..." Ruby tries to remain calm but "I am having a panic attack!" Ruby panics.

"Panic attack!" A male calls as the crowd cheers.

The queen looked at Ruby annoyed.

Ruby looks at her "What?".

The Queen rolls her eyes "Teenagers" then looks back still annoyed.

At home Agatha was in bed looking in sorrow, her world she's being trying to make is falling apart.

Meanwhile at the kingdom, two gillmans try to have a crown on Ruby's head, but she ducks and moves out of the way and she turns to her grandmother.

"Uh, Grandma…" Ruby tries to speak.

"Grandma'mah', It goes up on the second ‘mah.’” the kraken queen said with pride.

"Oh, sorry. Um, Grandmamah" Ruby said "Um, you have the wrong person." she moved closer shyly "I’m just Ruby Gillman, a normal teenager."

" According to who?" Emerald sounds insulted.

"Well me," Ruby said nervously she wondered if she made the right choice to come here.

"The women in our family have been gifted the mighty power to turn into giant kraken" Emerald said as they were about to go up a tunnel "You are only one of three giant krakens of the family left Ruby" as they went up its gets darker "We must protect the ocean and its creatures"

As they swim up.

"But many monsters have coveted our position and have tried to seize the throne for themselves".

They are in a Hall full of statues the size of the giant krakens.

"Krag alert, they never succeeded," Emerald said with pride, as she pointed to each statue "The Leviathan".

The statue looks of a serpent whale.


A humanoid demon looks like from a horror movie.


Hlaf goat half fish with massive horns.

"Xiagliue" serpent with nine heads.

Ruby looked sacred it reminds her of the hydra attack,


A demon with the upper body of a messed up seal and flippers, a demonic head with antlers, and octopus tentacles.

"Bahamut". fish-like Crustacean with an exoskeleton of reddish-orange gemstone armour from hell.

Then those something else looking half fish half girl.

"And the most power-hungry and dangerous of them all...".

"The mermaid?" Ruby asked what.

"Yes, the mermaid!" Emerald bellows,

"But humans love mermaids" Ruby has her hands up what?.

"Of course they do, humans are stupid," Emerald said.

Thye swim up to a tunnle.

"Mermaids are selfish, vain, narcissists with mediocre hair," said with pride.

As they go up.

"Their Queen Nerissa the worst of them all" Emerald said "She wanted to control the ocean and force its creatures to serve her and her alone".

"But mermaids are-".

"Much too puny--" Emerald said at her face.

Ruby sees metal statues of mermaids.

"They are the reason your mother left," she said with anger "Pathetic!, Parasites!, teenagers! waste! freaks!".

"She did say we are hiding from monsters" Ruby replies.

"She did not lie about that," Emerald said then looked at the statues of demons.

on orbs like from chimera, cyclops, griffin, lamia, sphinx, medusa, hydra and more.

"They are easy to fathom, the lot of them!!" she said with rage then both turned to mermaid statues "But not mermaids they have more going than the others making them more dealer than them nearly to dragonkin like the dragon".

"Like the one Arisen 15 years ago?" Ruby asked "The dragon some said beast of destruction to even a god".

"Yes that one, when that beast can to this world," Emerald said "Even giant krakens are not much for them".

"The Dragon's Dogma" Ruby said looking at the dragon statue.

Then moves to the mermaid statues above them is a mermaid not like any other has a trident in hand, has red long hair, reminds her of the new girl and the tail is teal, red eyes of rage, a green crown on her head, she stands out of the mermaids.

"That is Nerissa, she's not like any mermaid that comes before".

Ruby looked at it, it was something of a nightmare.

"Mermaids while strong most of the time easy to take out these pathetic teenagers" Emerald said "But their queen found an ancient weapon of the dragon, the trident of Dragon's dogma".

Ruby sees the mermaid queen finding the trident that is black and red, not showing other mermaids, then shows a statue of the mermaid queen charging to something more kin to a great dragon, dark red tail, white hair, red smoke, lower arms the scales are dragon-like, glowing chest of bright purple.

"We formed the front lines against her and for that".

Shows the giant krakens and mermaids in battle.

Show three giant Krakens being killed like nothing by the trident and mass of red and purple demonic smoke.

"We paid a terrible price".

Ruby is horrified and then sees a scar on the queen's left shoulder that is dark purple it is clear she was hit by demonic power.

"As if Nerissa is the next dragon" Emerald said "She took Arisen's place after its death".

Then shows her using its power to empower the other mermaids and the demons like Leviathan, umi-bozu making them deadlier as if she is the dragon then casts ice spikes, thunderbolts, and dark bursts to a massive firewall to holy blast then she even breathes fire like a dragon killing two giant krakens like its nothing and killing their army, as she cast a dark red ring sat once killed 10 of them, as the mermaid breaths fire all around.

"Frankly, I suppose we'd all be kelp toast Emerald said "if it wasn't for your mother".

It shows Agatha shows up.

"No way. That's my mom?" Ruby is speechless "I knew she could slay demons as she was part of the dragon's dogma 15 years ago".

"She was our greatest warrior. I mean, of course she was, I taught her everything I know".

Then shows Agatha and Nerissa.

"She engaged in a great battle with the tyrant mermaid and took the trident".

Then shows Agatha with the trident.

"I called it her "queen-making moment." It was glorious".

Shows Agatha holds the trident up.

"Nerissa died in disgrace".

Shows Nerissa back as normal slain, then fades away.

"We had a chance to crush the mermaids forever".

Shows the other mermaids.

"It was in our hands" Emerald said "But your mother did the unfathomable. She hid the Trident away".

Shows the Agatha taken trident away.

"I've had my scouts searching for it for years," Emerald said to Ruby "No one can find it, No one has ever found the trident, and I never saw you again".

"Until now," Ruby said "But why would she do that?".

"She lost the nerve!" Emerald rants "She left her kingdom, left her kind, her family all to play HUMAN!, ELF!" her anger boils.

One the wall shows Emerald calling out as Agatha leaves with baby Ruby in her arms and Arthur on her shoulder.

"She was meant to rule, he could have rid the mermaids forever but no she does not LITSEN!!, She betrayed the kingdom!!" then her eyes glowed "Never listen to her own mother, NOOO" Then she shot laser beams that hit the art ban ban ban then ban.

Ruby ducks then turn surprised "Whoa" then turns "You have laser eyes?" like WOW as she turns to her grandmother.

"Well, it's electrically charged bioluminescence" Emerald replies "But, yeah, they do pack a wallop. You have the powers, too, you know".

"Besides growing big at super awkward moments?" Ruby felt sad "Now the town calls me the prom monster and the demons know now.".

"You're special, Ruby" She has her hand on Ruby then moves away " You feel it in the core of your being" She gets her finger on her hair and has it behind her ear "Let me teach you, you don't have to worry about the evil creatures you can kill them".

"But my mom told me that if I stay out of the ocean, I won't turn into a..."

"A giant kraken? You are not a human who turns into a giant Kraken" Emerald said "a Cecaelia with the gift" with one brow up "Once you know what you're capable of, you'll want to be the next giant Kraken queen, It's your birthright" then stops to think "Maybe this time when this dogma of dragons happens, the mermaids will rise once another dragon comes, And fight as you might, fight as you will, you can never outswim your destiny".

"I don't know Grandmaha," Ruby said nervously "I like math, my friends and Connor, You know, teen stuff".

For a few seconds, there's silence "Very well. I loved spending this time with you, Ruby" Emerald said "but if you need help to fight those monsters I can teach you, just come back and I will".

"Me too," Ruby said "Thank you for telling me the truth".

"Until we meet again".

Ruby heads down.

Then Brill appears looking confused about this "Wait" then looks back at his mother "You're just gonna let her go?".

"She'll be back a Giant Kraken always answers the call," she said turning away and looking at the mermaids and their queen Nerissa" The demons will drive her back" then slammed her fist at them and sent a green wave but did not break them, "And with her, we will flush the cowards out and crush them" then smiles "forever".

Then she was gone leaving Brill alone looking down sad.

"That's what you said about Agatha," He said sadly.

Ruby leaves going as fast as she can all she wants to do is go home fast, she passes many wildlife.

Then the the pod of whales, as Ruby has her hand on one.

"Bye, Clarence" Ruby said sadly.

The whale makes sounds like saying goodbye.

As Ruby makes her way to the kelp forest but then, she stops and looks back at the metal rob trapped in her tentacle leg.

Then at the surface, the bell ran Gordon set up a trap, lighthouse turned surprise gaps "Giant Kraken ahoy!" he yelled, pointing his finger.

In the water, Ruby panics as she tries to get it off then her right arm is trapped.

"Davey, hard to port. Full power!" as the crab drives the wheel.

The boat moves around full lights in the dark waters as more bells ring, The lighthouse gets his box out and gets out arrows and harpoons ready to attack, he had waited for 15 years for this.

In the water Ruby panics and gets more trapped as more robs appear tangling all around her body reacts strangely as if another unknown power is rising, reacting to this.

"Fly, Fly, my beauties." then fires two arrows.

Ruby moves her side out then one hits her hard, a reaction happens then purple smoke? coming out.

"Let's get a closer look at ya." She flashes the light at Ruby as she tries to pull away.

"Laser eyes go!" nothing "Laser eyes go!" panic that death is coming for her "Laser eyes?".

"Hold her steady, Davey" Gordon calls.

In the water, Ruby looks up in horror.

Gordon kisses his harpoon puts it then fires it into the sea.

As the harpoon is about to hit, then gets grabbed by a hand and then snaps turning to nothing like it's nothing this being then like nothing cuts the metal rob at the leg moving fast then the right arm.

Ruby tries to see who's doing this then the last metal rod is cut like nothing. ruby gasps who is doing this?

At the bus boat lighthouse gets more excited "Bit of a spicy tuna, aren't ya?" he calls out now that's a hunt.

Ruby sees something.

"Wait is that...?".

Then coming from the light, red hair and girl's face, the sound rang in Ruby's head the words of the new girl.

As she spins "Oh my gosh" then waves "Hey" smiling down as she gets closer.

"Chelsea?" she said then tried to think H-How are you even down here?" she saw her eyes were not blue but red!

"Because," Chelsea said smiles then spun "I'm" Then a fish with a teal tail, "A mother" then spun up then spun around "Flipping" then had her hands up "Mermaid" still smiling, she has no earrings, choker, and not even top, her breasts and nipples are bear.

"I figured I own you" smiling with her hands to her chest "A recuse since I" moving her both hands side to side "kind of" then moving her fingers around "Sotra of one hundred Percent got" then points her finger "Credit for yours" then looked nervous at Ruby still point her finger "Sorry".

At the boat Gordon is of his mind "Time for the Gordon special" as he lifts something "Surprise" he yells "It a bomb!" then throws it overbroad like a madman.

In the water, the bomb crashes and goes down.

Chelsea looked calm with her hands on her hips "Oh we should get going!" she said then looked at Ruby, then pointed her finger "Your call... Like now!!" she snapped like a girl you're endangered, while Chelsea is not endangered Ruby is, as Chelsea is a demon so not weapons of mortals can kill one it's like hitting air.

Ruby looks up as the bomb is getting closer then she looks at Chelsea and Nodes, Ruby flees, and then Chelsea goes with her.

The bomb then blows up, a shockwave hits the bus boat knocking the man and his pet up then slams back down hard, he gets up looks overboard and sees the light fade moves then vanishes.

Don't say it Davey" he said annoyed at the crab-made noses it's clear what the crab meant she got away! you lose her "You're such a naysayer" then crosses his arms then looks with an angry look on his face.

"I will find you, hunt you down, do you hear me? And when I do you are DEAD!!!!" He yells angrily.

Head Is Chelsea moves fast as light, passing through the kelp forest and even going through them like air ruby right behind her moving past then she is behind her just.

"DEAD!, DEAD!!, DEAD!!!" through the sea, Ruby hears them, making her go faster in panic.

"Okay" then turns her head to Chelsea her mind razes a real mermaid and Chelsea the new girl is a mermaid! "I still can't believe you're a.." she was going to say a mermaid a real-life mermaid.

"A ten with" Then right-hand points at her tail fins "A fin?" then moves left "A fish come true?" then spins forward "A" Then hands her hands under her head "Mermaid?" she screeches of happiness then turns to Ruby with a smile on her face, "Ooh, I can't believe I can finally have a friend" then has her hands to her chest so happy "To share things with, a real friend at last" she has her head forward, then moving her body around right to left "A super sea girl bestie" with her hands open and a smile that has a nice ring to it, finally have a real friend at lasts, after so long.

Ruby could not believe this her mind razed about the evil of demons and mermaids the worst of them all, then "Look Chelsea" As they swam on.

Chelsea moved her head right with a smile.

"Thanks for what you did back there".

Chelsea smiled, like your welcome as she looked forward

"But I started this day thinking".

Chelsea's smile drops and she moves her head a little to the right what?

"That my biggest issue was prom."

Then looked forward trying to think what to say.

"And now, I got a whole lot more going on." Ruby panics moving her hands around and then looking where Chelsea is then something bad happens "Demons evil beings of darkness and mermaids...the worst of them all".

Chelsea stop swimming.

"So I just need to go home"

Chelsea turned with horror and looked at Ruby with widened eyes of pure shock what? She felt hurt why say that?

"Get some sleep and pretend this day never happened." then went past her and left Chelsea behind.

Chelsea froze "Look I'm just" trying to not break "thought we had a lot in common" As the light started to fade away "You don't even know why this is happening it's only the start" She was rejected it hurts the mermaid deeply to her core "but if you're gonna be salty about it" she looks down at right right grips her fists "then" she looks back "bye bye" she turns to leave in sadness as she swims away in the darkness.

Ruby stops and turns her head back thinking of going back to Chelsea, but in the end, she swims away.

The window opens Ruby gets back into her room from the window and lays then hugs her shake doll.

At the same time, Chelsea looking hurt goes into her lair a nest she comes out of the water and then onto dry sand in a cave, and there is her nest she moves there lays down and tries to sleep even now, demons don't need to sleep and her kind do this to pass time or to rest.

But tonight will not be peaceful.

Then shows at night Chelsea in the air screaming then crashing into the water, there is a boat with a cage ready then drops in.

Gordon cheers "Woo-hoo!" it spins around and then looks back "Now, that’s a successful monster hunt" The crab agrees too.

The cage is pulled up as Ruby's dad watches from above.

Chelsea is panicking in the small cage, looking around then looks at Gordon with pure horror.

"We got ourselves a little mermaid Davey," Gordon said as he gripped his fist as the cage was pulled up and then stopped.

Chelsea looked with horror as she was trapped in a small cage with no room to move "Please please please please" Chelsea tried to reason as she stood up "I'm not evil" then popped her head those the bars "I'm just pretty and misunderstood" trying to show she, not a monster, Gordon look with cross arms not caring about her at all and see nothing but a beast to be used, the crab jumps at her, she move back in shock then looks up she hopes ruby would help her as she is getting watched and tormented by a crab and its owner.

"What should we do with the mermaid" the Kraken queen taunts then "Everyone likes fried fish" Her eyes glow smiling, but Ruby stops her.

At first, Chelsea hoped Ruby would help her like she did before, as she looked up at the cage too small to move.

Instead, she turns away and turns back to normal form and goes to the prom boat in a dress and is called a hero ruby had betrayed Chelsea to a cruel fate.

As the man had a live-stream comments appeared calling her names evil mermaid, little mermaid, Ariel nocks off, witch, monster, freak, she must die, let her suffer, as Chelsea cries in the cage alone and forgotten then shows her in the cage been showing off by lighthouse at the dock as Chelsea hides her tearful face with her tail fins from people all taunting her calling her monster, monster, monster as lighthouse has the money he made out of her his crab looks happy then looked at Chelsea like keep her mouth shut, as Chelsea in the cage alone as she rots, sacred and in tears, as people throw things at her mostly cans.

Then Chelsea wakes up and looks around.

Ruby's clock alarm rings awaking Ruby up then turns the clock off "ok Ruby you got this" She gets out of bed still in her clothes only her feet are bare, "Okay, Ruby, you got this" She grabs her bag "You just need to make it to school" grabs headphones from a whale, gets boots on her feet "and have a completely, totally ordinary day" as she puts her raincoat on.

Meanwhile, Agatha is watching photos of her and her daughter, one in the woods seeing an alamosaurus in an elven forest and plains, then one in a cuddle on a sofa one at an amusem*nt park ruby wearing colour stop wearing her mom glasses as a joke as Agatha laughs.

"Honey" Arthur's voice.

Agatha keeps looking depressed.

As Arthur walks to her with cups in his hands "You've gotta stop beating yourself up" he places the cups down as he looks at his wife.

"Oh Arthur" she wipes her eyes and rubs her head "I can't believe I didn't tell her any of this sooner." Agatha blames herself for this "I mean, what was I thinking?" as she looks at her husband.

"You were thinking about protecting her" he tries to help her "like you always have" Then looks down "You made the right choice to get her way from the queen".

"She's a horrible woman," Agatha said worried and scared, " What if she drops out of school? What if she runs away like I did? and-" Then she gasped in horror then turned to her mate "What if she hates me like I hate my mom?" as she pulled him closer "hates me and leaves me behind forever Arthur".

"That's a bit of a strong of words" Arthur tried to cheer her up "And She loves you." he said kindly then cuddled her "She'll never run away from you" Agatha smiled at her mate.

"Hate's a strong word" He holds his wife "And she loves you, She'll never run away".

Then they see Ruby getting ready to leave with glasses on and Ruby is like oh no look.

"Huh," Arthur said "This doesn't help my case".

"Ruby, hey" as she gets off her mate and heads to Ruby "How are you feeling?" as she goes to her daughter hoping this will be alright "Did you sleep okay?".

Ruby tries to avoid her still angry opening the door.

"Everything back to normal?" she tries again while stopping her from leaving, then takes off the glasses to see Ruby's eyes.

"I really gotta go," Ruby said trying to leave, but Agatha stopped the door from being shut.

"Good okay." she replies trying to get Ruby to talk after what happened and dreading that Ruby will hate her like she hates her own mother "Well if you do want to talk, I'll be right here" Ruby turns her head away "I just... I just really want you to know" not replies as ruby has her eyes narrow of anger "that you never have to hide things from me" she smiles.

"Hmm, like you?" Ruby said with a bit of anger, that she was really angry with her mother for lying about who she was.

"What did you say, honey?" she tries to get her to open up.

Ruby turned around to face her mother "How do I know you not hiding more like the demons" Ruby said hurt "Like the fact a demon appeared right in the middle of town, trying to kill Connor and more demons are appearing because of me" Ruby looked away.

"Look we're not sure why it's happening but it's not you, you're not the reason for the demons showing up" Ruby then started to shut the door "Love you, Make good choices" Then it shut, she sighed then looked down with sorrow she hopes ruby will come around and dreads she will hate her.

Arthur goes to his wife and then holds her close.

"I really hope she does not make the same mistakes as I did" Then looks at a golden ammonite shell on the table near her laptop then looks with sorrow as a tear goes down her face "I really do hope she does not like I did".

Ruby griping her fists still mad at her tries to calm down and then listens to some music as she walks to get her mind off.

Meanwhile, Chelsea is in her lair she gets off her bed and moves to where the water is, then she looks around sad she feels so alone, and her mind razes with her nightmare her being in a cage and used by Gordon and what Ruby said last night, then dives in, she goes through the water under the bridge, then see the buss boat the same one from last night and that guy makes her body boil as she narrows her eyes, then shows she hides behind a wall near the school, then used her spell, she made that made her look human, legs, earrings, choker and her eyes turn blue then leaves for the school walking up the steps.

Ruby arrives at the school and sees the ruins of the library, which is under tap with warring do not enter, there police, army force and even elves just arrived, many cars and people gathered and new crews.

"It destroyed the YA Zombie Romance section. The YA Zombie Romance section!".

The old lady is being interviewed by a news lady, as men gather books, items and broken metal.
Ruby does her best to avoid anyone.

"Godzilla version of a Kraken!"

"Mom, I changed my mind. I want to be home-schooled again" A girl deep with fear said on the phone.

"I never liked that library anyway".

"We have a library?".

"A tentacled freak from the deep shows up, and I'm supposed to learn math?".

"It's that monster's fault more demons appearing".

"Like the hydra".

Ruby does her best to avoid them, then sees warning posters they are new with a sign saying demon warring with photos on them of many demons below the photos are the names of said species of demons.

This is putting Ruby on edge as she sees dragonkin from drake, dragon, wyrm, wyvern, tarasque and more.

Then arrive at the spot and their people gather there too, where the hydra was slain.

"That's where the hydra was slain".

"By an elf teenager".

"She casting magic at that beast".

One of the reporters then said, "Where is the elf?".

Ruby kept going hiding her face with her hood in her purple raincoat but then she saw Connor, but he passed by without even looking, "Connor, you ok?" she asked worried, she still worried for him after the hydra attack, she reached out her hand to him, as she makes her way to her crush and friend.

"No" he turns to her, this stops her right in her tracks, he looks in a bad mood "First a hydra then that giant kraken shows up Gordon was right, nearly destroyed the school, I don't know how that thing appeared like that hydra, the prom monster is worse then those demons that showed up a real monster" he looked with bitterness at ruby "and where you ran of to hide, like you always do".

This hurt Ruby deeply really deep.

Then a male reporter and a female cop came to Conner.

Ruby gets out of there before they see her, she keeps going then.

Ruby sees her three classmates are talking.

There is Gordon not far is his bus boat, Davey on his shoulder.

"15 years ago, you all laughed at me, Even during the dragon's dogma, when the dragon was here" he rants.

Davey looked hurt and pulled his ear like what about me?.

"Sorry" Gordon turns his head to his pet "Not you, Davey" he rubs his finger "You're right, you always believed me" As they lay on each other's heads, Gordon turned back "But now I finally have proof" he gets out the broken metal top then slams it down "That giant krakens exist".

Davey turns the small TV on and then shows off yesterday before the siren went on.

"A lot of you have been asking about my beard regimen," Gordon said showing his beard.

Then the siren was on, and he froze this.


Behind him Ruby brust out.

"Giant Kraken, Giant Kraken holy" Gordon calls "She's back and she's coming form me!" as he is like a madman.

Ruby watches with horror this can't not be happening.

"Davey, get the picturephone" Tehn falls off the boat and into the water, as Davey presses the phone.

"Do you see it?".

The video stops.

"With their help, we will drag this abomination into the light and finally reveal what it truly is" Gordon said looking mean "This monster is no demon" he spoke with reporters and police plus the army "I will find her soon and when I do she will be dead!".

Ruby's mind raze 'dead!! dead!! dead!!' of last night.

Trevin has his head near Ruby "Can't help but root for that guy".

"A great darkness has risen from the depths to claim us all," Bliss said "and the demons".

"And this time, she is not catastrophizing" Margot agrees.

Bliss smiles nods.

"I mean, this is wacky Gordon" Ruby holds her arms "You can't take him seriously. He only has, like, ten subscribers, i mean his story of a giant kraken and a mermaid is all made up".

"For now," Trevin said as he worked on something on his controller.


"Trevin is sharing it across all of his socials" Bliss said to Ruby of what he is doing.

"He's what?".

"What?" Trevin look what "You've never heard of my channel? A lot of people watch my gaming live streams".

"How many is a lot?" Ruby asked with dread.

"About a hundred and forty..."

Ruby when looked in relief that's good.


Ruby's eyes widen then look with her mouth droped.

" And... video posted" Trevin pressed the bottom "There, it's out there forever now".

"Wait," Ruby said with horror.

"Giant Kraken, giant Kraken ahoy" lighthouse's voice as all look up their phones.

Ruby sees all looking at their phones oh no as fear grows more then gets worse.

There are some reporters and police who look like they are coming for her.

"Dude, can you believe it?" A male voice.

"Giant Kraken! Giant Kraken!"

"That old boat dude was right." Connor's voice.

"Giant Kraken ahoy!".

Ruby sees Connor.

"That thing is legit a monster, A real-life monster, the prom monster," Connor said, "worse than the demons".

"Everyone is looking up my video looks all like likes I'm getting, this will help me so much," Gordon said happily.

This is making Ruby even worse now.

Ruby in a panic runs for it.

Ruby runs fast past the door passing people saying the words again and again from the phones. "Giant Kraken, giant Kraken ahoy giant Kraken ahoy".

"No running in the halls," a bored man said.

Runs into the bathroom to hide, hides in one shuts the door then Ruby holds herself she wants to cry it feels like things are getting worse and worse she is about to break as Gordon's words ring her head dead, dead, dead, dead, but then hears the sound of the door.

"With the prom monster running loose" a boy's voice "you need a bodyguard".

Then Ruby sees shoes then white shoes Chelsea?, then.

"Oh that's sweet but I'm good" Chelsea's voice means it's her.

Ruby moves closer to see if it is through the edge of the door, she sees Chelsea and two boys and one girl.

"That monster could be hiding anywhere," the girl said "The demons are showing up, not since the last dogma of dragons".

"I will find it for you" the boy said hoping to impress her.

Chelsea did not listen as her mind still had the events of last night and the nightmares.

Then Ruby burst out "Chelsea" The boy screamed, all turnaround and saw a ceacalia "Can I talk to you?" with panic, holding her hands together.

Chelsea looked at her with narrow eyes her left hand on her hip, both upset and angry "OK" then placing her thumbs back over her shoulders.

"Everyone out private talk time" she said cheerily, the three kids were like oh having her hands waving back" bye" then the door shut, once they were gone.

Chelsea turns back to Ruby as she sits on the sink crossing her legs "So" She drops the mask as her eyes turn red "What's up" with anger.

"Chelsea" Ruby said as she moved closer "About last night I'm sorry I ran-".

Then Chelsea's finger stops her, as it presses on her leaps.

Ruby sees the fury in her eyes.

"These Apologies are so fake" Chelsea said with a sweet but fake voice "Just skip to the part where you tell me everything" her demonic eyes narrowed.

"Look I-" Ruby tries to speak but sees purple smoke coming from Chelsea's lower arms, demon smoke, Ruby closes her eyes as a voice rings in her head, 'look I just thought we had a lot in common' Chelsea's voice from last night, Ruby looks at Chelsea and her heart feels dread.

"How dare you," Chelsea said with anger "After I saved you by my free will, you hurt me and rejected me!".

This cought Ruby of guard.

"Thanks to you I had nightmares, that I was caged by Gordon!" Chelsea snaps at Ruby "Attack by his crab, your grandmother was about to kill me, you stopped her, then left me, while you went to be a hero at prom!" Chelsea said with anger as demonic smoke rose, she was not hiding how she felt or her anger "Gordon live-stream of me in a cage, he used me as some trophy!, he made money, while you be all hero, by destroying my LIFE!, as people throw cans at me!!".

Ruby could not believe what she was hearing and seeing, it was clear to her that she hurt the mermaid, badly.

"While you parents and that tyrant!!, made me and my kin as monsters!!" Chelsea yells at Ruby angrily "What now going to tell your mom and grandma of me!!".

"I'm sorry," Ruby said she knows she messed that up and knows it's her fault and wishes she had taken her words back and not left Chelsea.

Chelsea stops and looks at Ruby.

"The truth is, you have been on land one day and you already fit in" Ruby starts "I've been here all of my life, and still seen as a freak, and now, the hydra, me and Connor throw into the sea, I turn into a 43 feet tall monster destroyed the library, it feels I cause me demons to show up, Gordon's livestream video is out, if anyone found out, I have done for and Gordon is trying to find and kill me".

Chelsea did not say anything just looked at Ruby with her red eyes.

"Even you maybe as he said he saw a giant kraken and a mermaid 15 years ago during the dragon's dogma," Ruby said "If he ever found out what I am and even you," Ruby said then thinks she has to show she is not Chelsea's enemy not nor they have to be enemies "somehow I found the Kraken kingdom, meet up grandmother who happens to be the queen and I'm a princess, told me of-of" She sees the red eyes are one her "Mermaids as the most power hungry, vain, selfish, narcissists, with mediocre hair and about the mermaid queen being the worst of them all, She wanted to control the ocean and force its creatures to serve her and her alone" Ruby knows she has to tell the truth as she heard lying to a demon makes things worst, the thing is I should never have left you and said these nasty things".

Chelsea's demonic smoke fades away and her eyes turn back blue.

"I just wanted to be Ruby Gillman normal teenager" Ruby said sadly.

"Ah ok" Chelsea said "I see, I get it" then jumped off the sink.

"Ruby" she said as Ruby turned her head to her "You're a giant" her hand on top of her head "Kraken" then turned to the mirror.

"Don't you think you could aim a little bit higher" she pulls Ruby close then let's go "than normal teenager"?" Chelsea asked, "Why do that, you are a Cecaelia, everyone knows you not even if you lie an elf can tell right away, why do that?".

"Well I get lonely, except for my family and our family friends, I try to fit in by acting like one, they before made fun of me and called me all kinds of names," Ruby tells Chelsea "And they are all humans and still do it in this school".

"If you lived with elves they would never do that as elves are what they should have been," Chelsea said "Not into power, not into war, they don't kill their kind, elves don't kill another elf, only animals and mortals, plus your kind are known to kill each other" Chelsea has her right hand up "are you really? going to let them tell you what you are?" she asked with one brow up.

Ruby is not sure what to say even knowing many humans are not that nice.

"You want to know my part of this tale?" Chelsea asked.


"Good" then shows Chelsea after Ruby ran, she went after her slowly tracking her down then saw an old lady run then saw Ruby in her giant form, Chelsea did not look in fear, but in awe, then shows Chelsea as a mermaid going after her through the woods passing demons like two cyclopes then a drake and a chimera, then she stopped and see a car, and knows who so driving it then see the girl in the car, the dock, then later Chelsea went to find her in the sea, then see lights and hears panic calls Chelsea moves fast then catch the harpoon lighthouse unleashed to kill ruby, but Chelsea saves Ruby.

Ruby was frozen in pure shock "You.." she was speechless "You were looking out for me?!".

"I was drawn here by a darkness like the rest of the demons," Chelsea said "There's something that angers us as it's our nature as demons" as the two looked back at the mirror.

Ruby looks down with a dejected look,

Chelsea then lowers down "Oh my cute baby guppy girl!" her hands hold Ruby's cheeks "You know what you need?".

she co*cked her head with one brow up a questioning look.

"Great hair and a mermaid tail?" Ruby asked.

Chelsea giggles as she lets go "No" she replies.

"What I'm saying is" she has her arms crossed and her right to her chin "What you need, Ruby Gillman" Chelsea moves "Is to see" then spins then has her arms open.

"How great your life could be!" she said "You need" her hands on her cheek, "A SUPER SEA-GIRL DITCH DAY!" sounded happy like an excited kid, your choice Ruby she thought, part is a test.

Ruby is surprised "OK" she wants to make amends with the demon she wronged "Let’s do it!".

"Yay!" Chelsea cheers happily.

Then holds Ruby's right hand with both hands turns around kicks the door like a boss, and then runs and pulls Ruby behind her.

They pass all the humans as Chelsea leads away smiling at Ruby, not caring what others think as Ruby lets her do it.

"Just two weeks until prom" a voice on the speaker.

Chelsea happy and excited looked then looked forward as they ran.

Felt it was a good start as they got out of the building not caring.

The two dive into the sea, both jump into the water, Ruby sinks as Chelsea is back as her real self spins, then swims down, Ruby back as a giant Kraken.

Chelsea's hand moves like let go, Ruby follows as Chelsea spins then both swim fast to start their day of fun.

Then later changes to Chelsea jumping out of the water in the north where there is ice, Spins then driving.

Ruby tries but is rubbish and falls flat on her face.

Then changes to that is warm jungle, like a dreadnoughtus herd feeding on the trees, Chelsea and Ruby are below, and as they go through rift tears short cuts only a demon can use a watch surprised Ruby

At one point the two girls were swimming nearby coat where they heard of iguanodon walking up the beach at the edge of a forest.

Then cuts to them at a mangrove swamp as they pass through fish and crocs.

They sees not far a spinosaurus swiming though the water.

Ruby is starting to enjoy her new form than she was yesterday and she geeks out when she sees all kinds of sea life, chelsea corrects her, Ruby got to sea animals only seen in books like marine reptiles to all kinds of whales even ones like Maiacetus to Dorudon, ruby is so nerdy and adorkable, Chelsea finds it cute, as she smiles as Ruby looks at some ammonites.

Later Chelsea is on Ruby's arm as they have fun not a care in the world.

Ruby and Chelsea look at each other, front as they pass the colourful waters and left from whales, fish, jellyfish, and Ammonites.

Then Ruby moves her arm back.

Send Chelsea at full speed, then leaps out of the water like a boss with one hand on her hip and the other on her cheek as she dives back into the water.

Then Ruby leaps out this time better, thanks to Chelsea, with her arms back as she dives back in with a smile on her face she feels so alive and it's good.

Later the two arrive at an open area in the sea, as it’s mostly seabed.

"This day's been amazing" Ruby never felt so alive "I mean, the seven seas in seven hours?" then both land on the white sand, "I can't believe i got it see ammonites and crystal jellyfish"

Then stop and realise I've gone too far? "Oh sorry am I geeking too much?" looking at Chelsea.

"No," Chelsea said then smiled.

Both laugh then lay on the sand looking up.

It's so peaceful, as Ruby looks a the fish above her like wow it feels so good she never felt like this in like ever.

"I still can't believe your mom hid," Chelsea said moving her left arm around "All of this from you and about us demons".

"Hiding is surviving." Ruby said annoyed "That's the Gillman family motto." She had her hands on her chest.

Chelsea turns her head to Ruby "Mottos!, I don't do mottos that's my way" Chelsea then looks away "I hate hiding" the mermaid said with bitterness and hatred.

Ruby looks at her confused with one brow up what do you mean? she thought "But you're crushing it at school, Everyone loves you" then laid her head down "You really do have everything" something Ruby never got from the school like ever.

The demon looked at Ruby then "No, I don't" Chelsea looks away with sorrow.

Ruby froze of this what?.

Chelsea looked back at Ruby "Ever senses the battle of the trident," looks away from Ruby then her tail moved up slowly "The end of the dragon's dogma with the dragon’s death” reached her right hand to her tail "All us mermaids have been gone" as her tail both arms holding it as sorrow takes over "I could not take it anyone I felt trapped, so I ran away, looking for the others".

Ruby is surprised to hear this she fought Chelsea Bing so great at school bold, and brave yesterday but now.

Chelsea still not looking at Ruby, felt something was coming "But when I ended up at Oceanside High, by a darkness" as sorrow took over "I was alone" with closed eyes then "No one could see the real me" as tears go down the demon's eyes.

Ruby felt bad then thought of the battle she'd been alone all this time. she could not believe this, that meant she had seen the war, she had no mom, none of the mermaids, nothing, how she really felt about those kids showing their love was for her good looks not the being she was deep down, it's no wonder why she was so happy last night unit Ruby hurt her that is.

Then Chelsea cheered herself up as she moved the tears from her eyes "And then I found" as she turned her head and went up "YOU! she said pointing her finger and spinning up then down "My super" She swam up to Ruby a bit "Sea-girl bestie" said happily her hands together smiling "And now after so long it's now everything is right in the world" Then lays back at the same spot on the sad with hands behind her head.

"It is now," Ruby said "Chelsea I'm so sorry you had to go through that, I'm sorry about what I did to you last night".

"Can I ask you something?" Chelsea asked.

Ruby looks at her

"I feel you had fear for my kin the other demons before why?".

"Well you see" Ruby starts.

Then shows a child Ruby in the woods chasing a butterfly with joy and a big smile on her face.

But in the shadows, something follows, her red eyes, then paws with claws then hoofs.

"Ruby" a voice it Agatha.

Ruby stops.


"Coming Mom" Child Ruby said as she turned around, then froze as heard the sounds of a lion.

Then a creature jumps out of the trees it has three heads, a lion, a goat on the back and the snake as the tail, A Chimera.

Ruby falls and looks with fear.

The chimera looks at her with red eyes as they narrow, the lion's head bears its teeth, and the goat looks like it is about to cast as the snake then spews poison to the ground to make sure Ruby is trapped.

But then a burst of fire appears and hits the demon it turns around, and there is a group of elves in front of them is a blond hair elf and next to her is Agatha.

The chimera turns to them.

"Aggie get Ruby out of here," The elf said "We will face the demon", as she turned to face the angry demon.

Agatha grabs her daughter and then runs for it as Ruby cries in fear, as the roar of the demon is heard.

"Since then I was so scared of demons, and mom's rule to stay away she calls monsters" Ruby tells to Chelsea.

Chelsea did not say anything.

"Not surprised she said about us demons," Chelsea said, "All of them think of us as monsters, the hydra will not be the only one to attack that town".

"If it wasn't for this whole mermaid versus giant Kraken war and the demons anger" Ruby tries to cheer her new friend up "You and I could be this free" has her hands up "All the time".

"Oh, sure. Yeah. But, I mean" Chelsea looks away "Two being girls, can't fix history or find out this darkness".

Ruby gets an idea "Wait" Ruby looks at her demon friend as Chelsea looks at her "What's the first rule of being a mathlete?".

"Hmm" Chelsea starts "Never talk about being a mathlete?" She smiles.

"No" Ruby said she knows Chelsea is just messing with her "We have to evaluate the problem".

Ruby leans more up.

"Chelsea come on," Ruby said.

As Chelsea got her upper body up.

"There must be some way to end this madness so you won't have to hide from the giant Kraken"

She gets her hand to her chest.

"And I won't have to become a prophesied princess warrior of an interspecies vendetta" Ruby then thinks "find out why the demons so they don't have to attack the town, plus you and I don't have to fear losing our friendship and you get the other mermaids back, a family".

Chelsea looked surprised at this "Well" she thought then an idea, her finger was up "There is one way".

Ruby looked at Chelsea there is.

"Picture this" Forms her fingers in a shape.

The two used their minds.

Chelsea grabs Ruby's hand as the demon swims down.

"Chelsea Vna der Zee" Chelsea has her hand to her chest as she speaks.

There are words above, Chelsea + Ruby.

"And Ruby Gillman one a quest" As she spins lets go with her hands up then goes down to grab Ruby and pulls her close "By finding" Ruby is pressed to Chelsea's cheek.

Then shows two drawings of mermaids, in the middle of ruins with words TRIDENT OF DRAGON'S DOGMA.

"The Trident of Dragon's dogma".

Background changes colors.

"That giant fork" Ruby said as Chelsea swam "My grandma's so obsessed with?".

Chelsea turns around in front of Ruby.

"Yes," she said happily "The trident" She grabbed Ruby by the shoulders "Stay with me" then pulled Ruby.

The background changes to dark red and in the centre is a great dragon.

"Once we have the trident," Chelsea says to Ruby.

The background changes to an angry kraken queen and three angry mermaids.

"We can show" then moves up while holding Ruby close as the background they fight "What our friendship really is".

The background changes to many demons in shape and sizes and above a drawing of The Dragon.

"As it is a weapon of the dogma of dragons," Chelsea said "Formed from a piece of dragon power, used by me, I can use its powers to find the darkness that angers our demons".

The background shows demons attacking the town.

"There doesn't have to be an attack anymore" Chelsea shows, this made Ruby upset thinking of this.

Then changes.

"It can be a symbol of peace" Chelsea said as she spun around "Find what is causing their fury and end this madness" She reached her hand.

"Then we can show grandma that demons are not beings of darkness nor evil," Ruby said happy, as both girls looked as if Ruby was getting excited "Show her the mermaids are not what she thinks, and you and I can don't have to hide our friendship".

Then background charges to her grandma bring bossy then the trident appears.

Charges to her happy and relax on a beach with drink, dress and glasses

Ruby backflips then lands "And I can be the real me," Ruby said so happily looking at Chelsea

Then changes to her house with her mom Agatha and her dad Arthur.

"They will love you once they see us together" Ruby pulls Chelsea close "They will accept you".

Change to them hugging drawing version of Ruby and Chelsea like a happy family.

" As the real us" Ruby getting more excited "No more fear".

Then changes to the Botton of the dark sea with rocks.

"Me and the mermaids wouldn't have to live in hiding anymore," Chelsea said.

The two hold hands together.

"I can be with my kin once more" Chelsea likes this then let's go "No more hiding, as she swims up.

"No fear," Ruby said with her fist up.,

"No hiding," Chelsea said as they swam spins around.

Then back to reality.

"So should we?" Chelsea asked it's your choice now Ruby by your free will.

"I think we should do it," Ruby said this might be the way to end the madness and she and Chelsea can be together not having to hide their new friendship "Our nobble quest".

"Together" Chelsea swims up the two are eye to eye, one a giant Kraken one a mermaid

"Together" Ruby smiles at Chelsea.

"Come," Chelsea said and turned "I know where to find it". then both swim into the darkness of the sea the start of their quest.

At The Gillman house.

"I'm nervous about the barbecue?" A woman's voice from a phone.

As the printer makes Agatha's poster.

"Oh, Carol" as Agatha grabs the poster and reads "I'm aware of the hydra at the school and the library".

"It's completely gone" Carol voices "thanks to the prom monster and now there lot of demons about".

"They can be dealt with," Agatha said "Trust me, your buyers are gonna love Oceanside's tranquillity"

On the news, Arthur watches on his phone.

"Tranquility has turned to terror here in Oceanside as more and more witnesses report having seen more demons"

The news videos of witnessed encounters with demons, a car attacked by a Griffin and Ogre, and another shows a camp attacked by Abas, A Lamia seen in the woods as harpies in the air, A Catobelpas at a ruined farm, a chimera in a cave, A Kraken in a valley.

Arthur's eyes move from him to his wife, what are your thinking?.

"Just one second, Caro" she holds up the phone.

Brill then gets grabbed and pulls Brill to her.

"What are you doing here" She looked angry, thinking he was sent again to take her daughter to her mother.

"When I came back empty-handed, Mom hit the roof," Brill tells her.

Agatha lets go and thinks of this.

"I need a place to crash till she cools down," Brill said.

"Um, hon, uh, this isn't good," Arthur said with dread, as Brill watched too.

It shows Ruby's giant form burst from the library and kids watch in horror, then shows the hydra looking surprised at this then angry.

An elf teenager fighting the serpent demon as its four heads attack her, then alter shows her casts, fire burst then the hydra goes down slain turns black then fades away.

"Wow," Brill said looking impressed "That elf must be brave to face the four-headed demon".

Arthur agrees with Brill on this a race that all look female, he and Agatha know the elf teenager.

But then on the news shows Gordon, the madman of town not far is his buss boat.

"I'm here with Captain Gordon Lighthouse. Now, Mr Lighthouse, you allegedly claim to have seen..." the reporter lady starts "a giant Kraken do you think it's the same one?".

"The Prom monster," Gordon said, "yes and a mermaid with red hair".


Gordon looks at Davey like get her, Davey jumps at her attacking.

Gordon grabs the speaker.

"I know of the best hunters to help crew my vessel..." Gordon said in a crazy way "And kill the prom monster".

Brill sreams as the phone arthur holds drops on the food.

"That guy's terrifying" Brill holds his head then leadns over to Arthur "and I live with a warlord".

Arthur turns his head to his wife with fear.

"Aggie, he's got her on his sights" Arthur whispers "He's going to hunt her down".

Brill is scared for Ruby too that man will hunt her down.

"Agatha, are you still there? What's going on?" Carol's voice.

Agatha tries to remain calm.

"No, it's nothing. Bring your buyers next week” then ends the call, she could not believe this is happening, he's going to hurt her baby.

Then a knock on the door.

All three turned and had a feeling that someone was there.

Arthur heads to the door, then opens to his surprise and the rest is Gordon not far is his boat, a large boat in front a wooden mermaid with a trident in front and two orange tentacles at both sides.

Next all three are outside it's darker now.

" I've been searching for giant Kraken me entire life" he gets his hat off and places it on his chest " And it cost me dearly," Gordon looks up.

The crab is like really? Gordon looks back at his pet.

"Oh fine yes, but " then whispers to him "But not for the giant Kraken a.k.a the prom monster and that mermaid" then starts to sound loud "I wouldn't have bought the boat, and without the boat, I wouldn't have mortgaged my house, and if I didn't mortgage my house" as he place his hat back on then looks at the gillmans "Tammy wouldn't have left me".

"Been there?" Brill said then whispered to his sister and brother-in-law "Are we still talking about it?".

"So Mr. Lighthouse what brings you to asked us?" Agatha asked.

"Yes," Gordon replies "Your Gillmans are some of the finest hunters in town, I believe with your help we can hunt and kill that abomination".

Agatha was not like this the way he was talking about her sweet baby.

"So I need your help," Gordon said.

Agatha gets the idea this is a chance to get Gordon off her daughter back.

"That includes you Miss Gillman"

Agatha looks at her mate and brother with a smile, they know this too well as she wants them to work with him.

"Of course, but I will not, as I have things to do" Agatha looks at the men and then back to Gordon "but my mate and brother can".

Gordon looks at Arthur "Gillman are you here to help me kill the monster?".

Arthur knows this is their chance to keep Ruby safe.

"Gordon, if it's from the ocean, I'm your man" Arthur said, he gets out his balde as he is a warrior class.

"And who might you be?” Gordon asked Brill.

"Name's Brill" Brill said "Born of the dirt, live in the dirt, will be buried in the dirt".

What?! Gordon is like what?.

All looked at Brill.,

"What he means is he is a shaman," Arthur said patting Brill on the back.

"Shaman?" Gordon said then "Can you do magic?!" Gordon's voice was loud.

"Well yes but-" Brill starts.

Agatha gets out a totem that has runes on it and then hands it to her brother.

"Oh, that will do," Brill said.

"My brother can do rune magic spells," Agatha said.

"Impressive," Gordon said.

Davey was giving Brill a nasty look

"You hired!" he turned to the boat "Shaman you with me" Then opened the door, and Davey pulled Gordon's sleeve "Ah, now, don't be jelly, Davey" Davey is like got my eyes on you, as Gordon grabs his pet "prom monster you are so dead, we will hunt you done and when we get you, you are dead!!" he said so cruel as she shuts the door then gets in his boat "and this time no one will save you" as he stabs the dagger a photo of Ruby's giant form he moves in.

Then looks at a messed-up drawing

"Once we kill you soon she is next" Then stabs another dagger at a mermaid drawing with red hair, a teal tail and light orange fins.

"You will be the next mermaid," he said in a cold voice "When we get you, you will wish you were never born" Then turns the front of the boat to drive away "15 years you two made me the laughing stock of the town, little mermaid you will rot forever".


In a dark part of the sea where there is no life, only demons and other forms, not mortals or beasts can go, In the middle there huge glow that looks like a volcano-like well and each side's currents are not of this world about 15 of them all around.

Then Ruby and Chelsea who is ahead of Ruby swim fast.

"Woah" Ruby said she had never seen anything like this "What is this place?".

"The Well of Seas" as they stop "That's where your mother did the trident of Dragon's dogma".

As they looked, Chelsea looked sorrowful.

"She did?" Ruby asked surprised at this "How did you know that?".

Chelsea turns her head to Ruby sadly "Because she took it from my mother, the mermaid queen, and hid it in there" then looks down at her head slowly "My mom died trying to protect me".

Ruby looked in pure shock, Chelsea is Nerissa's daughter, and she died trying to protect her daughter.

"I am so sorry".

"It's not your fault," Chelsea said then looked at the well "They were enemies during the dragon's dogma".

So how are we supposed to get it?" Ruby asked as they looked at the well of seas.

"Each current has its own force, its own magic, fire, ice, thunder, holy and dark, You have to swim through all of the currents to get to the center where the Trident is hidden" shows the core is black in color, "It has to be you, Ruby".

Ruby looked with her mouth dropped.

"Okay. It's just an otherworldly volcano of death" said nervously "Can a demon like you go through like nothing? As you know like air".

Chelsea looked at her then away "Only dragonkin that are unharmed by the powers" then held her hands together "for others their magic weakness will take their HP until there is none left and die, for mermaids is thunder magic".

Ruby realises if Chelsea goes through she will die.

"So, step one: Evaluate the problem" Ruby looks and sees a boat.

She grabs it.

Then throws it at the well, the girls watch It is bashed around by the currents like a ping-pong ball, then a blast of fire, then a slash of ice, bolts of thunder, slams of dark and many hits of holy, thrown out Ruby moves back as it passes by.

Then slams into the samd, it's even more messed as in crushed, as makes of fire-orange, ice-light blue, thunder-grey purple, holy-light yellow and dark-dark purple near black all over the crushed ship.

Ruby and Chelsea go to it then Ruby picks it up" Ruby says "The problem is bad, It's really bad", the ship disintegrates to nothing, Ruby oh dear, this is no joke and it's no walk in the woods "Uhh, we might need some help" Ruby said to Chelsea.

Chelsea turns her head to Ruby like what are you thinking?.

"I thinking of asking my grandmother out".

Chelsea moves her arms around.

"She trains me and we can get the-", she stops as she sees Chelsea looked panic "Oh right" then sinks down and sat on a black rock where the black sand is.

Chelsea swims to her.

"Oh what am I going to do?" she felt down and hopelessness.

Chelsea feels sympathy for Ruby's plight scene day one.

"This is the only chance" Ruby said with dispear.

"I can teach you, Ruby Gillman".

Ruby turns her head surprised and sees Chelsea near her.

"What?" Ruby asked, "You can?".

"Yes I'm a demon" Chelsae replies with a smile.

"Wait" Ruby thinks then "Like.." then turns her head to Chelsea "Laser eyes?" then "Wait how do you know?".

"As a demon even not see it, will know what it is in our minds" Chelsea moves closer to Ruby's head "I can feel and see great power in you and more" then has her hands on Ruby's cheek "If you give me a chance to train you, I can show you, can accept yourself" then moves back looking at Ruby.

Ruby thinks of this then.

Next its cuts to Emerald on her throne.

Then Ruby swims in.

Emerald sees this "Ruby" as she gets of her throne, "Oh, what a surprise" she smiles.

"I need to know more of my family" Ruby said.

"Of cause".

Emerald and Ruby swims into a hall, Ruby wanted to see more before making her choice, as Chelsea said its has to be by free will.

Its gold in color and there stautes of giant krakens.

"She was amazing i know you can be like her" Emerald said to Ruby.

Ruby starts to sees red flags, big ones and its not her mind messing her up.

"I can see you as a mighty warrior" Emerald said as she swims right around her "A queen, ruler of the seven seas, bane of demons".

"Really" Ruby said.

As they swim back to the hall of the mermaids and not only them, sirens, merrows and others similar to a mermaid.d

"For generations, giant krakens have protected the sea, keeping us safe from the most power-hungry and dangerous creature of all".

"The mermaids" Ruby said she knew it was going to happen.

"Yes, the mermaid! Ugh" ending with disgust. "Mermaids and their lik like sirens are selfish, vain narcissists" then slams her fist "the worst of them all".

Ruby was not linking this like last time.

"Are you ready for your destiny?" the Queen asked.

"I just wanna live my life," Ruby said with sorrow.

"You have powers beyond your imagination" she bellowed "This is your moment, Ruby, you are the protector of all the ocean creatures," then moved closer "it's up to you to stop the mermaids".

Ruby moves back at this, this time Grandma is not hiding what she feels about them.

"Let's see what you're capable of" Emerald said as she turned right "Camouflage" she vanished then reappeared "super speed" then moved fast Body armor" Her right fist changed color "then fired laser "They do pack a wallop".

Ruby's heart is getting more hurt.

"No matter what the challenge" she bellows.

Ruby sees the statues of her mother fighting Nerissa.

"A giant kraken".

Then Nerissa's death.

"Will always"

In her mind shows Chelsea.

"Answer the call".

The shows her looking alone motherless and in sorrow.

Then shows a great dragon the one that appeared 15 years ago, its skin is red, underbody cream, black horns and shows it breathing fire in a city.

"Thanks to that beast" Grandma said with anger "When I heard it was slain we felt is fall and I enjoyed it with it gone the mermaids those teen looking cowards" then turns to Ruby "with your help we can stop them, they are nothing by the dragon's spawns", then slams her fist at one of the metal shape mermaids "I had my soilders to kill any on sight".

Ruby was shocked her Grandmother wants to commit Oceanic genocid, it clear if her grandma ever found out about Chelsea she will killed her, as they make their way to the throne.

Emerald sat back on her throne "Now you see i need you to help me rid of those beasts" then looked at Ruby in the eyes "something your mother should have done when she had the trident".

Ruby felt even more hurt thinking of Chelsea what was she thinking, she should have asked Chelsea about this, not her grandmother, it's clear her grandmother, Emerald queen of the Kraken kingdom wants fully intended to commit complete genocide as soon as she finds them, Ruby wanted to get out of here, her own kingdom wants to genocide anyone, they being doing this to not only mermaids, but other demons.

"Can you not just talk with them instead of-" Ruby asked hoping this last chance to get her to change her mind.

"Not a chance they monsters and nothing more," Emerald said without a care "Parasites to be destroyed".

Ruby looked more hurt as voices rang her head and all hurt deep in her heart.

"I see grandmaha" Ruby said "It's best get going to you before Mom finds out as far as I know she does not know".

"Take care my dear just remember" Emerald said "I can train you and you would not have to worry about the demons those monsters".

"Thank you and goodbye" then Ruby leaves as fast as she can.

The queen chucks "Soon you will be back to me".

Ruby stops at her tracks then turns her head to her grandmother, she she smiles at Ruby holding her weapon.

"Its only a matter of time before you accept your destiny, answer the call" then stands up "Together we can find the trident your mother hid, used to crush the mermaids, sirens and others forever as if they never existed, what she should have done" she looks with a grim "Oh if i find out there's a mermaid, I will kill that pest with not a second thought, I want them all dead".

Next shows Ruby looking hurt what was she thinking of going back there, why did she not take Chelsea's offer sooner.

Chelsea is in the kelp forest waiting for Ruby and she is worried for her.

Then Ruby appears.

Chelsea turns around "Ruby" She swims to her and then stops in front of Ruby "So did you make your choice?".

"Show me how to use my powers," Ruby said, she had made her choice.

"Oh," Chelsea said surprised at this, "I thought you'd never ask" Chelsea smiled at Ruby, and then both swam.

Agatha who is not at home but in the elf kingdom to meet up with an old friend, while her husband and brother keep Gordon of Ruby's back.

An elf with blond hair and eyes blue.

" So Gordon is on to her?" The elf asked as they walked.

"Yes," Agatha said as they walked down the hall, "My husband and brother are keeping Gordon away".

"And you need our help to trick him, Aggie?" The elf said.

"Yes Alleria" Agatha stops in the hall with many statues of demons, as they are near a chimera, a griffin, hydra statues, all life-size and all look like the real ones, her eyes are on the Dragonkin, a class of demons that stand out of them all, as she looks at the drake, wyrm, wyvern, lindwurm, marraco and others.

"When we get the spell ready" Alleria said as she turned then stopped and saw Agatha looking at a mermaid statue.

Agatha's mind raze.

Agatha is driving her car at high speed.

"Pick up, Ruby. Pick up. Oh, pick up, Ruby. Pick up!" Agatha panics as she tries to call Ruby "Okay, Agatha, you can figure this out, Everything is gonna be fine".

Then she stops her car as a demon is on the road.

A Catoblepas as it roars, three elves are battling the demon as it then unleashes tears that are grey around its head, they can turn mortals to stone, as an elf sorcerer casts thunderbolts at it as it spins around.

Agatha is blocked and can't go with that demon there, then the Catoblepas goes down slain, not long then fades away as it never was there.

"Hi Agatha" an elf with black hair who is a warrior class "I take it you're going after Ruby".

The elves knows Agatha though.

"Alleria called us".

"What!" Agatha gets in the car and then a phone call It shows an elf photo it is Alleria.

"Agatha!" Alleria's face time "Did you see what happened to Ruby!".

"I did" Agatha replies.

"I told you this would happen"

Agatha looked of guilt.

"They felt the pulse!"

Agatha froze "So they know?!" with horror "Oh no, if any of them ever find Ruby, if any of the mermaids find her, they will kill her".

"When was she?"

"I saw her run into the wildness".

"Oh great, she is heading right to death!" Alleria said worried "You should have told her!".

"You know well what my mother would do and why we are here!"

"And to hide from the mermaids, it's why you Gillmans did not move in with us," Alleria said.

"Yes if there were mermaids there and found out we Gillmans are in elf kingdom" Agatha said "I killed the mermaid queen, I killed Nerissa Van Der Zee and her family the Van Der Zees, if any of the mermaids that whereby her side are here, even found out Ruby is my daughter they will kill her, they will look for her".
Agatha felt shame, and then a pair of arms came around her, it was Alleria.

"We got your back," Alleria said then let's go "One of my sisters will make the spell".

Agatha smiles Alleria and her elf family have been their allies and family for the past 15 years, then Agtha goes with Alleria.

Meanwhile Ruby and Chelsea are back in town and heading back to Ruby's home.

The two then see Lighthosue's boat bus and there is her dad with him speaking.

"Oh no," Chelsea said "They must not know" then looked at Ruby.

"Chelsea" Ruby said "They will not" As they leave slowly, she does not forget last night what Gordon tried to do to her, as words dead dead dead ring in her head.

"We need to keep this to ourselves and you must not tell anyone like your grandma if she finds out she will kill me," Chelsea said "and that man will try to hunt me and you".

Ruby nodes she agrees it's bests not to tell Grandma or the warlord will kill her new friend, or let that wanky man Gordon go near her friend.

Later in Ruby's room, Ruby is sitting on her bed, looking at her laptop watching a video of a griffin.

The griffin was attacking the road not far from the town as it roars with fury, the man filmed this and Ruby reads no one was killed thanks to a teenage elf then showed the elf the one that slain the hydra, Oceanid at the school fighting the griffin.

Ruby smiles she misses her elf friend.

Ruby had started looking up more about demons as she looked up a video taken by a hiker.

The video shows him returning to the car park, then to his horror two Carine demons larger than bears looking from hell.

"Garms" Ruby said in a low voice.

Ruby looks up more videos, the next one shows a Unicorn and two Bugbears.

Next a video of a pack of five Grigori in ruins of houses outside of town.

Next are worm-looking demons about three near a road around a car, called deathworms.

Next fish demons called Dagons move on the road, its filmed and the car turns around to get away from the fish demons.

Then a knock on the window, Ruby turns then sees red hair, and dark blue jeans with sparkles on them sees a hand, she turns around to her surprise is Chelsea.

"Hey," Chelsea said.

Ruby opens the window then Chelsea gets in and she is on the bed "I know we only know each other since yesterday I thought I-".

"Ah thank you," Ruby said.

"And can to say goodnight bestie" Chelsea smiles at Ruby.

Ruby is surprised she can just say goodnight then Ruby hugs Chelsea the demon is surprised by this.

The next morning, Ruby meets up with Chelsea as crowds of kids are there, there many police and army here, elves near and the ruins of a once-standing library.

Ruby finds Chelsea "Chelsea?" she asks, then looks at the school is closed.

"They have the school closed" Chelsea replies "for repairs due to the “Prom monster’s attack”.

Ruby looked hurt this still this, it's still fresh.

"And mostly because of demons like the hydra and few others this morning a co*ckatrice showed up".

"A co*ckcatrice?!" Ruby asked surprised.

"Yes," Chelsea said, "a co*ckatrice attacked and it was slain by a few elves and the griffin was not alone there were harpies with it".

Ruby looks and sees news crews speaking to some elves about the co*ckatrice attack.

"And no, no one was killed by the co*ckatrice" Chelsea looks at Ruby.

"First the hydra and now a co*ckatrice!" Ruby said then got out her phone.

"It will not be the last attack for sure," Chelsea said.

Ruby looks up and finds a video of the school grounds and there is a co*ckatrice attacking with rage, it puffs its chest and then breathes out a stone mist, that can turn mortals to stone.

Make senses" Ruby said "This species is dangerous as they can turn mortals to stone".

"Means we can start now," Chelsea said as she led Ruby away.

Ruby is excited to start training from Chelsea Van Der Zee, hopefully soon strong and powerful enough to get the trident, find out this madness, and keep their friendship, Ruby really feels so alive being with Chelsea.

They are near the well of seas where there are a lot of tunnels, moving currents, bubbles, and geysers, but their geysers are not of this world like the well of seas as each has its magic powers in them of fire, ice, thunder, holy and dark magics.

"So what are we starting?" Ruby asked excitedly "Leaser eyes", as they were next to some currents.

Chelsea stops "Not yet first before you fly through the sea, you must learn to improve your speed so you can move faster".

"You know my swimming is good," Ruby said "So we can skip to.." then spins moved up with her arms up "Laser eyes!" then moved her fingers as if their guns "Pew! Pew! Pew-pew!".

Chelsea smiles and then enters a current nearby.

Ruby follows her, Ruby tries at first she is rubbish, and slams flat into a wall, then Chelsea holds her hand even know her hand is bigger than a human size hand of Chelsea then she uses her tentacle legs to flatten it and moves faster spins around slams down.

Later Ruby moves around by herself at full speed.

"Yay!" Chelsea cheers with her arms up and smiles then has her hands together smiling at Ruby.

Ruby sees this as she moves so fast around the water but then smashes into a rock and sends her flying back then sends down crash.

Chelsea turns to her like ow then gets to Ruby then she by Ruby's head.

"Sorry," Ruby said feeling ashamed.

"Your getting there bestie" then reached out her hand "Here let me help" to Ruby.

Ruby looks at her hand just like when they first met, then looks at Chelsea who smiles, Ruby accepts this time and Chelsea pulls her up shock ruby as Chelsea is small and pulls her up like nothing, the two look at each other there is something deep in them is alike.

Then later this time Ruby does great slams down and then stands up.

"Yay, bestie" Chelsea cheers for her Ruby smiles she feels proud of herself.

Agatha gets ready to leave, grabs her toast places it in her mouth grabs her keys and bag just as she is about to leave then sees a note on the fridge that says 'Went out early, be back late.” On the bottom of it is a little doodle of Ruby, with her name. signed as well.

As the two swim around an area-like arena, Chelsea stops.

"A warrior's greatest strength of anyone is-".

"Laser eyes!" Ruby asked excitedly.

Chelsea turns "No" she chuckles.

Ruby rolls her eyes back smiling.

Then Chelsea moves to her face and gets her hands on Ruby's cheek.

"It's will power" Chelsea said "Take me for one" then moved near a mass of rocks then picked up a 100-ton boat up with both hands like nothing.

Ruby's mouth drops "Woh".

"Now your turn," Chelsea said then broke the boat like nothing.

Then Ruby left up five boats she struggled for a bit and then lifted up with Chelsea on top lying on her side with one hand down like a boss, she looked and nodded yep impressed by how her baby guppy girl was doing.

Later as Ruby gets up.

"Now you can say-" Chelsea looks smiling.

"Leaser eyes!!' both said at once.

"Now the first step is to summon your fury" Chelsea said she was at the left and Ruby was at the right.

"Fury?" Ruby asked Chelsea.

"Yes use your mind as a weapon," Chelsea said as she cheered for Ruby to encourage her.

"My friends ditching me for prom," Ruby said her eyes starting to glow.

"Keep going," Chelsea said.

"When my mom lies to my face!" it glowed more as her anger grew.

"Keep going deeper".

"When people treat me like a freak!" then a purple beams out pushing her around ends up cutting a rock she has been flailing around like a rag doll.

Chelsea looked at her oh dear.

"How do you shut them off?" she screams.

Chelsea goes to her and then gets to her face with both hands "Ruby" she yells "Use your mind!".

Then off Ruby looked at Chelsea, she saw a smile on her face and a friend trying to help.

At the prom boat getting it ready, then Conner shows up on his board.

"Ah have you seen ruby?" he asked.

"Not really" Margot replies

Then he leaves on his skates and moves away

Chelsea keeps training Ruby and Ruby leans more skills as they spend hours together, right now Ruby is swimming through the magic geysers, dodging one of fire then one of thunder then one dark but then gets her head hit up by a holy one then an ice one as she slams down on the sand, she looks up its Chelsea.

"Ruby" Chelsea calls out "You have powers beyond your imagination" Chelsea calls out, this inspires Ruby she had never gotten this from anyone before It is clear Chelsea is doing all she can for Ruby.

Next was camouflage, at first Ruby was bad at it, but then she got the hang of it, as she moved to rock vanished using camouflage moved through the dark waters then showed up right to Chelsea, as a demon can see through it like nothing.

"So Chelsea you said camouflage and body armour do not work on demons," Ruby said to Chelsea like a little kid asked a teacher.

"Demons like me can see through the camouflage and body armour can't keep one safe from demon attacks as blocking does not work" Chelsea replies "You never know you might need it, for these that are not demons you never know" she smiles has her hands together then moves to ruby's hand "now try".

Ruby smiled back and then looked at her hand darker because she used body armour.

Ruby moves around as Chelsea throws rocks and Ruby's body changes to a darker colour and blocks it, then shows a rock but this one has demonic power, ruby has to dodge those ones the body armour will not protect her, then three more are thrown to her, she dodges to then gets hits by one, Chelsea looked worried and swims to ruby to see if she's ok.

Ruby is flat on the ground.

"Are you ok?" Chelsea asked, "Did I go too far?".

Ruby looks at her friend and her teacher "I'm ok"

"You getting there bestie" Chelsea said then did a loving knuckle on Ruby and placed her right hand on Ruby's cheek she gave Ruby a warm smile.

Ruby blushes from this and she smiles too.

On the isles of Oceanside a group of elves are battling a Dragonkin called Marraco, as it slashes its tusks around known as earth dragons by most humans like those of Oceanside.

Agatha is walking up the street and sees something sees the word prom, then sees mother and daughter in a hug, and this makes her upset thinking of Ruby, she still fears that she will leave her.

That night, Ruby is in bed, when a knock on the window, she gets up smiling, scenes then Chelsea comes to visit Ruby, and the two smile at each other.

Then shows Ruby walking through a hall in her school, where multiple students are watching the video of Gordon.

"Giant kraken" gordon voice "A hoy".

This makes Ruby angry.

"She brought the demons" voice from another phone

Then she stealthily shoots later at the girl's phone then does the same to two more as payback.

Ruby was angry with crossed arms as she walked. None of the kids in this school are nice they are mostly nasty, She moves her head right then back then she realises she turns and smiles.

As Chelsea comes from the left, Chelsea places her hand on her shoulder and then smiles at each other as they walk out ruby's head drops as black shades cover her eyes.

Outside are Margot, Trevin, and Bliss, then Chelsea and Ruby open the door, and the three see them.

"Ruby?" Margot sees her and then tries to reach her hand as Bliss waves to get Ruby's attention.

Chelsea notices them she fears they will hurt Ruby, then nicely pushes Ruby to protect her, Ruby notices them too and she is not ready to speak to them yet still hurt from last time and them trying to get her to lie to her mom of going to prom does not look at then.

"We have been looking all over for you..." Margot said reaching her hand out.

As Ruby and Chelsea keep going leaving the school, walking away like it's nothing, they look really happy.

"Look at that," Margot said she couldn't believe it.

At the house Agatha is with Arthur and Brill, waiting.

Then Alleria shows up with a box and places it on the table.

"In this box is the key to keep Ruby safe," Alleria said.

"OK, once Brill says Prom monster ahoy it's the signal," Agatha said to her husband "You got to make the hunt be a long time".

"Once's right I will throw this in," Arthur said.

"A weapon Gordon will not see coming" Alleria looks at Agatha.

Then cuts to inside the well of seas.

Ruby swimming in the well of seas she going to try and get the trident of Dragon's dogma, a weapon that was formed by a piece of the great dragon, Dragon's power itself, she swims fast ahead, two large rocks one of fire and one of ice, she fires her leaser beams destroying them as she went past, then ahead small one fire, ice, thunder, holy and dark, she does roar blast destroying them, as she keeps going as she dodges then turns to avoid the others then thunderbolts show up then burst of fire she dodges them thanks to the training, then she activates her body armour to protect her from the arcane mist as many lines of fire, ice, thunder, holy and dark, then she saw a black core she felt power not of any being in this world, that the one.

Then in panic and not thinking straight rush to get them then see as she gets closer black and green shape, she gets closer and closer as she reaches her hands, she becomes desperate, then fear.

"A freak from the deep shows up, and I'm supposed to learn math?"

"Its that monster's fault more demons appearing".

Then images of the Hydra narrow angry eyes as it hiss roars.

"They are easy to fathom" the queen's voice keeps going

Then shows an angry chimera as the goat head cast ice burst a little Ruby.

"But if you stay on dry land, you'll stay small and on two legs."

"Their queen Nerissa, the worst of them all".

Ruby's mind raze shows the mermaid statue then charges to Chelsea.

"I just thought we had a lot in common" Chelsea's voice.

"We had a chance to crush the mermaids forever".

"I will find you, hunt you down, do you hear me? and when I do you are DEAD!!!!" Gordon's voice.

Then images of angry demons.

"Mermaids the worst of them all" Ruby voice.

Then shows a very hurt Chelsea rejected and left alone in the darkness looking sad.

"That thing is legit a monster, A real-life monster, the prom monster" Connor's voice.

"DEAD, DEAD DEAD!!" Gordon's voice.

Ruby froze.

The images show Connor calling her "Prom monster, prom monster".

Gordon's voice "DEAD, DEAD DEAD".

Ruby tries to keep herself together holding her head with her hands, her body starts to become unstable as purple smoke starts to come out.

But then she pushed away as she was sucked, moving fast then she got hit by balls of fire, ice, thunder, holy and dark, then burst of fire, ruby slams into a dark rock then a thunder rock then gets hit by holy mist she losing HP fast as thunderbolt strikes at her, then she was out as she screams then slams hard into the dark sand, she tries to get up has her right hand on her head, she looked messed up, as she shakes her head.

Then Chelsea looked panicked and rushed to Ruby fast.

Ruby then sees not far from her is the mermaid Chelsea she looks worried.

"Ruby?" it's Chelsea looked like she was in panic mode "Are you ok?".

Ruby looks at her friend and then slams her hand down "I was nearly there this time" Ruby says then looks at the well of seas "I'm going back" before she can move.


Ruby turns her head surprised at the tone.

"You are not going back!" Chelsea yells "Ruby!".

"What?" Ruby said with disbelief looks at Chelsea "I can get it, I seen it it, I was close".

"You are not ready," Chelsea snaped at Ruby.

Ruby tries again, but this time Chelsea swims up, grabs her arm and then slams Ruby down to the ground like it's nothing.

"Look at me!" Chelsea yells as she's above Ruby "Look at yourself" Chelsea bears her teeth, Ruby does and notes made from the five magics in the well of seas "You are not going back!".

Ruby then turns her head to Chelsea "But you have been training me" Ruby protests.

"Yes I've been training you, but not to throw your life away" Chelsea snapped this made Ruby move back shocked "Do you think I want to see my friend like you!" Ruby was taken back from this "Get yourself killed!!" Chelsea moves back a bit still not taking her red eyes off Ruby "What would your mom say if she found out you got killed, or heck your grandmother finds out and knows, she and Agatha would blame me and kill me, I don't want to live to know you where dead!!" she yells at Ruby hard.

Ruby felt hurt from this "but!".

"But what!" Chelsea snapped she swims clsoer then stops "Tell me why?".

Ruby closed her eyes as her body shook then she break "I'm scared ok!' she snapped "I'm scared to be alone again, Chelsea, all my life on land in that town I've seen as a freak, a girl that should never being born".

Chelsea freezes at this and shows sorrow for her friend.

"I try to fit in it like no matter what I do it will never change" Ruby said then looked away then looked back "I can't just give up I will not give up" she sounded upset "and i'm trying to make you proud of me ok or disappoint you".

Chelsea sees the pain in the giant Kraken, she is not like the rest she sees "Ruby" she says softly "I not saying to give up and saying is not to rush yourself or you might lose so much and I not going anywhere Ruby" Chelsea smiles "I'm proud of you bestie

Ruby sees this mermaid is trying to help.

"It's clear to me" Chelsea looks at the makes "Your mind and body I unstable so I think it best to take a break, your mind is full of the things that happen to you like the hydra, first time into big, your mom keeps things from you, a lot more so I think you need to start the healing by take a break and get your mind of those events".

Ruby smiles at Chelsea she is right "You right" then looks at the trident "But what about-"

"As far as I know your grandmother does not know where it is" Chelsea said "As long as she and your family does not know of me, we are good" Even knowing is like asking for danger.

Ruby thinks of all this "You're still training me right?" she asked.

"Of course I will".

"You and I can spend more time together as super sea girl besties" Ruby smiles happily at her mermaid friend.

"That's a good idea getting your mind off things" Chelsea lowers herself to Ruby.

"And soon is prom in roughly two weeks," Ruby said.

"I'm not sure if it will happen now, many of the other demons are around" Chelsea said "Who knows what will happen".

"Well we can only hope we get answers soon," Ruby said "And our luck is on our side in this madness" She only hoped things would go well and she and Chelsea could still be together, she had grown to really enjoy being with her and this mermaid made her the happiness Giant Kraken alive and she does not want to let it go, Ruby has ideas to spend time with her new friend.

At the same time as Ruby is trying to get the trident made from the power of a great dragon, at sea its Gardon's bus boat and driving the boat is Ruby's dad who is singing like a crazy guy song called Wellerman (Sea Shanty).

♪ There once was a ship that put to sea ♪

♪ The name of the ship was Billy of Tea ♪

♪ The wind blew up... ♪

On deck, Gordon is been moved around by Arthur's boat driving.

"What is going on down there!!".

As Davey grabs a bar.

Gordon was losing his anger and went to Brill who just got up deck.

"We are out in the middle of nowhere" Gordon rants "And why is my boat moving back and forth!" Gordon snapped at Brill.

"First, you burned out me engines, then you clogged up my bilge pump".

having the sharp harpoon at Brill's face

"And now we've been off course for hours" he gets angry "Now, where is the prom MONSTER?!".

Then "Prom monster ahoy!" Brill calls pointing his finger.

Gordon froze that was quick!

Arthur hears this "That's the signal, It's go time." then grabs a bag his wife gave him, inside is a glowing orb.

"Davey" Gordon calls "cue music, I want this to be epic".

Davey pushes a button then music plays on its

Then throws it in the water.

♪ It is the night ♪

♪ My body's weak... ♪

In the water, a massive burst of light purple appears.

"There'll be no escaping this time!" Gordon yells ready for battle "And you the mermaid will not be here to save you this time!".

Massive glowing tentacles out of the water appear slamming the boat many times.

Arthur runs up the deck with his massive blade and then changes to ice.

"Gordon you did it, you find the beast!!" Arthur said "You got your proof now!" as he gets his blade from his back then summons ice on it, ready to fight.

"Gillmans want to see your magic and that blade in action!" Gordon said as he fired arrows.

Brill gets out his totem it glows grey blue then the mist appears then forms into ice Maelstrom hits the creature as tentacles move around and slam, Arthur slams his blade and then does a powerful move called Arc of Deliverance he slams it down hard.

Then it stops moving, as Gordon and Arthur look overboard.

"Wow. Gordon, you did it" Arthur said "You've slayed the beast! And here's your proof right here!".

"It's still glowing?" Gordon asked.

Davey was over the edge about to go near it.


Then Davey stops in his tricks.

"It might still be alive and thats the deadly part" Arthur said.

Gordon looks closer "Deadly part?" he asks "But she's not moving?", then one tentacle lashes out and grabs Gordon, Gordon panics.

"Ah, Davey! Davey!".

"Oh no" Brill said protecting to panic to fool the human.

"Don't kill me" Gordon panics.

Arthur readies his blade as Brill shakes his head with a smile.

"Oh, please don't kill me, prom monster!" Gordon begs for mercy with his hands together.

Arthur does one slam its it.

Then the tentacle stops moving then goes down and the glow fades.

Gordon calms down then as he takes his breaths "Oh I did it, I survived the prom monster attack" as he looks at the tentacle "I finally got my proof after 15 years of being the laughing stock of the town, I finally got it" Then jumps on Brill like a mad man.

"Wouldn't want to divorce me now, would ya, Tammy?" he calls out then jumps of "Now we take this abomination to show to all!".

"Ah Gordon it's fading away" Arthur said pionted at it.

"What?" Gordon said panic then moved to it "Gillman warrior, Take a picture" as he stood near it.

Arthur does it with his phone.

"This is for all my haters, Your one-star reviews mean nothing" Gordon cheers.

Arthur takes a photo and sends it to his wife with a message.

(We did it!!!!)

Wife (Great Job)

"Boys," Gordon said as the tentacle faded away and the full thing was gone "It calls for celebratory sea chantey"

As the Gillmans go ahead.

"You go low. ♪ I'll go high" Then he goes done deck with Davey.

Agatha and Alleria after getting the news, they high five with a smile.

"Ok, Aggie" Alleria got out her Ferrystone "I see you later sister" then threw it then she vanished.

Agatha felt better now Gordon was off Ruby's back.

Meanwhile Ruby and Chelsea are heading to town but note it gets darker now, Ruby thinks of Chelsea they have been together since day one well the day after when Ruby apologises as they are in the same spot where Ruby left Chelsea in the darkness after saving her from Gordon, ruby still feels guilt for doing that.

Ruby plans to speak to Chelsea more about mermaids, sirens and similar kin as she heard of it and the real truth she starting to think her grandma might be lying as none of the statues look like a real mermaid, siren and others they look too monstrous, Chelsea does not look at all she looks like a teenager with a beautiful fishtail and red hair not what grandma said.

"I see you tomorrow right?' she asked then happy "My super sea girl bestie".

"You bet" Ruby chucks then the two go their way, Chelsea is heading back to her den, and Ruby feels bad, Chelsea is alone if there is a way, her bestie doesn't have to be alone as she heads back home.

At the same time Chelsea heads into her den, then she inside the cave is large, she looks around as she moves, she wishes there were other mermaids there too but that non, she lays on her bed, and thinks of Ruby her super sea girl beastie, she got really close to her, she never thought she could be friends with a giant kraken, not after then looks at a board it has Agatha smiling and the words say The Gillman real estate.

Meanwhile, Ruby is on her bed holding her shark doll close and thinks of Chelsea.

The fact she has been alone for 15 years, her mother is Nerissa the mermaid queen, her mom killed Nerissa and made Chelsea without a mother, her family, what was Chelsea's family? She wants to ask Chelsea questions to better understand the mermaids, she goes to sleep.

Things are changing on the isles and getting worse.

Then Ruby awakes up panicking as her phone alarm goes on, Ruby turns it off and then falls back done.

Ruby looks around her room is a sunny day, she feels bad and then gets out of bed as she is naked watch is normal She grabs her clothes and ready for the day as she does she thinks of her nightmare none of it real and Chelsea is a demon, not a normal being as they, not flesh and blood but magic then looking at her clock it's 11 and half what???.

Cuts to the front room.

Ruby's hands are done and sit on the couch, she notes no one is home not even her dad, not been for the last few days, then puts the TV on.

"As of late many demons have been appearing leading to the town grip fear as sights of demons, now other forms of demons are showing up now".

It shows a photo of a Chimera but it is not a normal Chimera, it's a form of the Chimera.

This Worries Ruby now other forms are showing up, She thinks more kinds of demons will show up.

"Last night at a beach not far from town a Chimera called the Gorechimera," the woman said "Four humans went to the beach then they were attacked by the Gorechimera "

Shows a video of the attack, it first looks normal then a Gorechimera leaps at them, as the snake spews poison at the ground near them, the goat head casts, then three ice spikes from the ground, as the humans scream in horror than an elf knight shows up, the Gorechimera attacks her she rolls then uppercuts, then slashes as the lion head roars, the goat casts dark blast, the snake sweeps its head, as the elf slashes.

The door opens and incomes-.

"Hi Ruby".

Ruby panics and snaps the person and that person is-.

Her mom!!.

Ruby replies then panics "Oh no oh no I slapped my mom".

"Woh easy ruby sorry for scaring you like that".

"But Mom I slapped you!" Ruby panics.

Agatha can tell her daughter her baby did not mean to do that "Is alright".

Ruby calms down and then sits back on the couch to watch the news, It shows a Wyrm, she is still a bit mad at her mother just a little now.

Agatha sees the news is showing other forms of demons all are photos taken by people of the town.

"Ruby," she said, "You don't need to see any of this".

Ruby did not reply as she held herself.

Agatha would normally tell her to stop as she does not want her baby to be more scared, she does not want to cause Ruby away from her so she does something else.

"Oh honey you got to stop dreading yourself" Agatha said with worry.

Ruby turns her head to her mom, they rarely near ever had fights with each other and have a great bond as mother and daughter.

Agatha is trying her best not to cause more rift between them "I have not seen you that much this week honey".

"Been a bit busy, to be honest" Ruby said.

"Me to a lot of like errands" Agatha replies "My clients have been talking to me about demons and their worry so I have been having talks with the elves about this" Agatha did not want to lie about demons to her daughter as she told herself after the hydra attack, she wanted to make sure she knows what's going on "well I feel if I'm getting ahead of myself that you have been avoiding me as you hate me".

Ruby looked with a confused look What?

"Just joking you know me" She turns from smiling then whimpers of worry oh no, what have I done?

" So where's Dad? I have not seen after a day after the hydra and you know at school" Ruby looked nervous.

"Well you see honey, he an-"

Then the door bursts open "QUEST COMPET!!" it's Brill, then Arthur comes in then slaps his face.

Agatha like oh dear, Brill froze and realized he had gone too far.

Ruby looked bewildered.

Agatha palms her face.

The Brill sees Ruby and then with excitement grabs Ruby up high, She panics at this then punches him in the face.

"I see you got your mom's strength," Brill said.

"Mom who is he!!" she panics.

"Brill! put her down!" Agatha snapped at her brother " She was only little the last time you saw her".

Brill places her down "Sorry Ruby I just got so excited to see you".

"Who are you?"

Then Brill looked sad "You really know me?".

Ruby looks closer at him.

"Brill she never got to see you" Agatha said.

"Yes, it's me Uncle Brill" Then without thinking picks up her "Yes".

"I have an uncle," Ruby said happily.

"And I have a nice" Brill said happily as he, spun her around.

Agatha smiles.

Then Brill turns to the TV "So watch you watching?' he asked.

"The news about demons" Ruby replies then Brill jumps on the couch.

Arthur turns to his wife as they head to the kitchen hugs each other then lets go.

"I take it you got that maniac captain and we don't have to worry anymore, right?" she hoped she and their plan worked, she made the fake ruby's giant form to trick Gordon by using spellcraft thanks so some family friends.

"It worked he fell for it" Arthur said "Now it's going to be smooth sailing" he felt better knowing that man was not going to attack their daughter.

"What's going on?" Ruby asked looking from the couch.

"NOTHING!!" both said at once.

Ruby looks at them question looks and sees the blade on her dad's back.

"Dad why do you have your blade?".

"Oh" Arthur looked at his greatsword, "Your mother told me to bring it with me in case of demons" Ruby looked worried "To defend myself and no worry I ain't going out there to fight them only brought it to keep myself and others safe".

Arthur and Agatha felt uncomfortable about this as the TV shows a Giant, a demon taller than a Cyclops.

Ruby sees this and then turns to her parents.

"Ah Mom," Ruby said.

This snapped Agatha out of her mind then turned to her only child "Yes honey?" she asked trying to act normal so her child did not have to worry.

"I was going out with my friend today".

"A friend?" Agatha asked surprised.


Then the news is on.

" With more demons being reported other things on the minds of the school is the new girl the one that saved a boy"

It shows Connor in a towel then shows Chelsea looking bold.

"Who is that lady?" Brill asked, "She looks bold and brave".

Agatha looks too then looks at Ruby then back at the TV.

"The new girl as everyone calls her has last been seen with Agatha's daughter at school".

Show Ruby with a red-haired girl leaving school together.

"Ruby?" Agatha asked looking at her daughter.

"She is my new friend," Ruby said she was surprised her mother did not see that she is a mermaid does that mean Chelsea's disguise spell worked "And she wants to hang out with me" looks at the TV and then back to her mom "she's new in town".

Agatha looks at the tv the red-haired girl then looks at Ruby surprised "Ah Ruby that's sweet of you".

Arthur looks "She looks like a nice girl".

As the news shows kids throw roses at Chelsea she looks with no fear.

"That kid looks like a warrior very brave," Arthur said then looked at Agatha.

"Like there's a spark in her" Agatha said "and she is your friend?".

"Yes, and she has been helping me since day one".

Agatha's mouth drops like in a movie but real she chucks "Wow" Then she and her mate smile back at their daughter.

Then the news shows Chelsea trying to help Ruby then the sound of a hiss shows the four-headed serpent demon Hydra.

"She helped me so I wanted to show I appreciate, her," Ruby said "Is that ok with you?".

Agatha is shocked then smiles "Oh cause honey I think it a good idea she must have helped you so much".

"I say reward the warrior by taking her out for fun," Arthur said in a warrior way.

"Thank you," Ruby said heading to the door then turned "Love you guys".

"We love you too honey have fun just remember to call the elves for help if there is a demon ok?".

"I will Mom" Ruby said "Bye" then shut the door.

Her parents look at each other geeky.

Outside as Ruby leaves then

"YESSSS!!" loud voices of Agatha and Arthur said at once.

"OUR BABY GOT A NEW FRIEND!!" Agatha's voice is so geeky as if she is Ruby.

Ruby hears this as she makes her way.

Ruby sees photos and many TV on showing demons.

"That's right Ruby," Chelsea said "It's only the start it will only get more".

As both look at the tv now shows a sphinx and the Goreminotaur.

"That gives us clues," Ruby said "There have been more including others like the Gorechimera".

Chelsea smiles she enjoys being with her "It does now, this is our secret you and me, let's have some fun".

In not long they cheek a few shops, most were cloth shops at one big one Ruby wanted to try some on.

Then Ruby takes Chelsea to an amusem*nt park called BOARDWALK.

Next shows Ruby used a water gun to hit a board with a clown on it.

While Chelsea leans on a wall, She then see a girl steal money from a board employee, Chelsea felt a bit on edge.

Then Cuts to them KAWAII!, CAM.

Chelsea gets excited goes in then grabs Ruby to go in.

Then flash.

At the back photos one with Ruby's big eyes and Chelsea with two fingers in an x smiling as her right hand on ruby, next both doing puppy ears or kitten eyes or heck puss in boots eyes, then next both smiles, then Ruby hugs Chelsea who looks with surprise, then next shows Chelsea kissed Ruby on the cheek.

Later they are in a restaurant for launch, Ruby gets an ox burger with cheese and ketchup.

"One bit one bit," Chelsea said go go go.

Ruby eats it in one bite.

Both chuckling.

Not long both are back in the sea at the kelp forest to play, here Chelsea feels better.

Then a trident in green, her trident.

She chucks then places the tip down, then Ruby's finger, Chelsea looks annoyed and gets her right-hand top, then Ruby's next finger, Chelsea then gets her tail and fins on the top around it, she chucks yep I win, then all of ruby's hands grabs Chelsea only the tail fins are out.

Ruby smiles as has both hands around Chelsea as only the tail fins are out, ruby chucks, and then the fins are gone, ruby opens her hands nothing, Ruby-like what with one brow up, Chelsea appears out of nowhere gets on top and gets her own the ground like nothing.

"Oh ruby, ruby you big plushie" Chelsea chucks "You do realise I'm a demon so nothing can grab me if one wants to have been not moved"

"Oh ruby, ruby you big plushie" Chelsea chucks "You do realise I'm a demon so nothing can grab me if one wants to have been not moved"

Ruby smiled and then moved her right hand to hold her this time she could not hold Chelsea as it went through her like air oh right Ruby thought.

The two looked at each over as Chelsea was on Ruby's chest, then Chelsea swam up to Ruby's face as Ruby got up, then Chelsea kissed Ruby on the right cheek, this surprise ruby.

Ruby looks at Chelsea, is there a way that her friend could stay with her at her house there at least Chelsea would not have to be alone, she looks so happy when she is with her, Ruby has a bad feeling she must be really lonely at night.

The two sat down on the seabed as they lay in the kelp forest.

Next the two got a milkshake, with names on them, then hit them together and drink.

As Ruby does her eyes widen and points her finger like, look.

Chelsea looks what.

Chelsea's finger covers the CHEL words and leaves out the word SEA, Ruby's finger moves like its sea.

Chelsea looks at it and smiles.

Ruby looks at hers says RUBY, covers her hand and leaves out BY, then does the other side RUB.

Ruby is annoyed and then throws it in the bin.

Then the two overlook a hill at sunset they had been gone all day.

Ruby looks at her hand which is getting larger now like the first day she became a giant Kraken.

"I think" Ruby turns her head to Chelsea who is in deep thought "Well" then looks in front "I think today was a great day, I wonder what it would've been like if I had known you sooner" Ruby holds her legs.

"Yep, I feel the same bestie," Chelsea said "C'ome lets get you home" she used her demonic power to destroy the drink then its went to nothing, Chelsea in truth was not feeling right, she was on edge for awhile all but when they are alone in the sea.

Ruby gets up to follow her.

At the same time, Agatha is at home she has been on the phone with her clients about the fear of demons, she then looks at the golden shell, and looks sad as she looks at it.

Agatha like Ruby even before was worried about demons showing up on Oceanside, and now her fear has only grown as another video shows another demon that looks like a Gore cyclops but has fungus and thorns, called the Bight gore cyclops, as it sweeping its club.

Agatha felt the world she trying to make was upside down, she tried to think of something and then looked up a video of the new girl she looked brave and bold, then watched it.

"You see there are times, I remember what my mother always told me, You are gorgeous." she does a pose like it is nothing then stops "Also even at dark times never let anyone bring you down, even at the face of death, it's best to go big.

Agatha smiles.

"And what can be is face your own darkness!!" she calls out.

"Wow" Agatha smiles this girl speaks of wisdom then feels down as the voice of a female voice rings in her head.

' Even in dark times never let anyone bring you down

Agatha looks back at the shell she reaches her hand to it and picks of this shell it not shell from an animal it was made, not by dwarves but by something else, she moves her finger on the left then is about to move as lines in black are appearing then

Later Crab 'n Skate is everyone during their thing, many boys and girls are skating, as others getting drinks and meals.

Amascot crab with a sign saying Crab 'n Skate .

Than Ruby on the left and Chelsea on the right are walking.

"Ok, so your mom is having a real estate party, next week?" Chelsea asked Ruby.

"Yep and Mom wants me there" Ruby said to Chelsea.

"At least we know what's going on for the most part," Chelsea said smiling at her bestie "In our quest".

"Totally" Ruby replies as they eye each other in a smile, but then "Oh my gosh" Ruby has her left hand on Chelsea as her right points "There Connor".

Chelsea looks and there is Connor leaning next to a table as he fist bumps a guy.

"What do I do?' Ruby panics.

"One thing to do ever" Chelsea said has her hands on Ruby then pushed her "Act cool" then got her right fist up " Who's the queen?".

"I'm the queen," Ruby said bravely.

"Yes" Chelsea said then encouraged her she smiled proudly with her right hand on her hip.

Ruby tries to remain calm and thinks of the training and there is Connor part of her is scared the last time he was in a bad mood right now he looks like in a good mood.

"Hi Connor," Ruby said.

Then Connor turns his head to her and smiles.

"Hey Rubies," he said, "there you are".

"If my mom lets me would you like to come to prom with me?".

Connor froze, shocked then smiled "Yes" he looked really happy "Yeah totally".

Ruby is shocked and smiles.

"So if your mom lets you and prom is in nearly roughly a week by now" Connor said, "I would be happy to go to prom with you".

Ruby smiles "Thank you and be safe Connor".

"I will you too ruby with the demons about".

"See you later" Ruby then leaves.

Connor smiles then "Wow".

"Lucky guy" a boy said to him smiling at his buddy.

"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh" Ruby geeks as she gets to Chelsea.

"Well?" Chelsea asked with a warm smile.

"He" Ruby geeked with an open smile head going up and down "said yes".

Chelsea looked proud of her bestie.

As they smile at each other but then.

Chelsea then got her arm on Ruby's "Let's start our quest".

Both girls leave.

Ruby looks at her friend, her only friend in the world, she smiles at Chelsea feeling better, she has no goals now, the only thing she has is their quest and friendship.

Its late in the night.

At the Kraken kingdom, at the throne room no one dares enter, the queen is mad.

"Any sigh of the trident?" Emerald asked she wanted it.

"Still non" a Gillman male said "Your daughter hid the weapon to well".

"Agatha" she grips her fists "she meant to rule, we could have crushed the mermaids forever, those freaks they dare resist and curse that Nerissa Van Der Zee!" she rants with fury "15 years and those pests, they can't not hide forever" the warlord slams her fist down on her throne then thinks of ruby "and still my hair has not come back!!" she roars "CURSE THE MERMAIDS, SIRENS AND THE OTHERS!, THESE COWARDS WHEN I FIND THEM THEY WILL BE CRSUH FOREVER!!!".

The sound can be heard so far even Chelsea can hear she is in the kelp forest alone, she lays on her side on the sand looking sad, next to her on the right she made the shape of a trident most of her hair covers her upper-body like a blanket as her right arm holds the hair like a blanket.

Then shows Chelsea in the day smiling as roses are thrown to her, to them a redheaded teenager loved by all humans.

Then shows she is a beautiful but lonely mermaid with no home, no friends, no family, no mother, no one who knows who she really is.

A demon unlike others her species has more going on than just rage.

As her eyes on the shape in the sand, it feels the only way she can feel her mother was here, but in truth there no love no sweet words to confront her, then her mind raze of a giant kraken in battle against a titan mermaid empowered by great dragon power from the trident, chelsea then holds herself as if she wants a hug her arms covering her chest and breasts, then tears go down, but not of any tears made by mortal or beast but black as death leaving black marks on her face, her core is cold a feeling deep down.

Then she cries in the darkness.

Meanwhile Agatha was down Arthur's workshop, she looks up notes as she place them, then she see a few together, one covered by other notes red hair moving like fire, agatha was about to move the other appear, she see brill siting on a chair looking at the bottles.

"Brill" agatha said surprised "did i wake you up?".

"Sorry and no i was just thinking" Brill replies then he stands up to talk to Agatha "i want you yo know i'm very greatful you let me stay here and be with the family".

"Well" Agatha started "your my brother".

"Yeah" brill said then his eyes looks away then back to agatha "i want to know why did you left that night?".

Agatha froze then her mind raze of her, holding baby ruby with her mate flee as emerald calls out, agatha keeps going with out looking back as her eyes narrow, Agatha shakes her head and looks back at her brother "i don't blame you for your anger for my choice at night".

"No Aggie" brill said he never hated his sister he has a feeling why she left "i just want to know why?".

"..well" agatha started "its really hard and its hurts so bad, that night was the worst thing to ever have happened to me, i lost a dear friend to my choices" she looks at her right hand as it shakes "nearly all our family, what i did was so cruel, I can never forgive myself" then grips her fists "she, so obsesses on-on" then looks away.

Brill looked with sorrow for his sister "what happen at the mermaid kingdom, their queen and our mom wants to kill them all".

"She was going to far and I play a huge role that night" agatha trying not to break "i just not ready ok".

Brill understands "well when you are ready i'm not going to force you i understand aggie, i had a feeling it was mom that cause you to leave" agatha looks back at him "and i understand".

Agatha is surprised of her brother there no anger, no hate, but a brother trying to help, she then hugs him "you need this".

Brill froze of this then his eyes watered "i never had a hug like this in 15 years" he quickly returns the gesture.

Agatha let's go.

"I think you made the right choice mom would try and pressure you to be like her" Brill said.

"Thank you" she smiles then "Did mom not hug you all that time?".

"No" Brill replies "I do wish at times I was a girl maybe she would love me more, I feel like a runt and not wanted".

"Brill" agatha said, "you are not unwanted no matter what a person is, all that matters is who you are".

Brill is taken a back of this "You come a long way".

"I have great friends, family and allies brother" agatha said.

"I hope we get to see ruby's friend, she feels so happy like there's a warm flame" Brill said.

"Same!" Agatha said "I'm so proud of her, helping another in this mess up world, she finds new ways to amaze me, she helped a whale, went to get help when a griffin attacked and now she made friends with chelsea" then gets out the golden shell and looks at it "I don't know her, but it feels like i was with a dear friend, she made me the happiest giant kraken, I feel theres a great destiny in them".

Brill looks at the shell he never sees it before up close "Bet your friend will want you to to keep going".

Agatha looks back at the shell and then holds it close to her chest "I hope Ruby does not lose Chelsea like I loss her to my choices" Then with closed eyes then opens "I feel there is nothing in the world, not mom, not the demons, not the mortals and not even the dragon will ever separate them" as she holds the shell "I hope she does not loss her as I lost her" as tears go down her face.

At Ruby's room, Ruby lays in her bed as she looks at photos of her and Chelsea, she is still sad about what Margot, Bliss and Trevin did to Chelsea, she felt betrayed by them, she then holds her shake plushie and goes to sleep.

Unkown to all, hours later on Sunday morning just three hours before dawn.

Chelsea felt it, then heard in her head a call, she got out of her nest dived into the water, swims fast as she felt a power, not felt in 15 years.

At the elf kingdom a being has arrived, said to be the beast of destruction to even a god by many, a creature even the mightiest warriors fear.

Then through the darkness it appears.

Then a massive roar so loud like a thunderstorm.

the next morning.

The Gillmans Agatha, Arthur and Brill are in the front room.

Then Ruby comes running down and then opens the door "See you soon bye Mom" then before anyone can say anything Ruby was gone in a flash.

Ruby runs through the street these something wrong

"FACE OF DEATH IS HERE!!" then out of nowhere is Gordon's bus boat driving by Gordon in panic.

Ruby look what?, she is talking rubbish again, she heads to the water making sure non one see her, she jumps in, and this time she not turning giant, because.

Yesterday at the kelp forest ruby in giant form and Chelsea

"Now the form changing" Chelsea said.

"Form changing" ruby said

"Yes means you can stay normal form in sea water" Chelsea said with a big smile.

"That's sounds great" ruby said in a geeky way she wonder if is true giant krakens can do that in sea water.

Chelsea swims around ruby "every giant kraken can do that and its easy it the first thing they learn" then stops in front and moves back "now you try".

Ruby like what?, "Oh..ok" she looks at herself.

"Now uses your mind" Chelsea encouraged then thumbs ups.

Ruby tries nothing then tries again, after five more ruby falls down on the sad looking away with shame.

Chelsea swims down to ruby, she by ruby's head, as ruby ties not let chelsea see her like this, but chelsea gets to her face.

"Ruby" Chelsea asked "Bestie?', still nothing "Talk to me" Ruby turned her head to Chelsea, and the mermaid could see "thats wrong?".

"I..i..i" then Chelsea place her right hand on her cheek.

"If something on you mind you can tell and i try and help" chelsea said.

"Its..its my grandma her voices keeps ring in my head" she starts to tear "of how she wants me to be a warlord and aidd you to kill the mermaids" then tears.

Chelsea "ruby look at me" chelsea swims back a bit to give ruby room "are you going to let that racist grandma tell you what you are? or she has her arms open "are you not going to let that define you?".

"Ah" ruby trying to think.

"Why?, do you think of something" chelsea said have her hands together.

"Like what?" ruby asked looking at her only friend.

"Something makes you happy" chelsea said thinking "like" moving her fingers "a snack, or a cute aniaml or-" she was going to say ruby's mom or dad but.

"You?" ruby asked.

Chelsea froze surprised of what she hears "ah sure" chelsea replies.

"Like all the time we went out at the seven seas together".


"Like when you and me see whales but primitive ones like Kutchicetus, Maiacetus, Cynthiacetus, Basiloterus, Perucetus" ruby starts getting geeky "Steller's sea cow" then shakes her head "sorry".

"No keep going" Chelsae encourages her.

"And you and i played together, it felt i was alive" ruby starts to feels happy "your been a true friend to me Chelsea".

Chelsea smiles of this "Now try Ruby my super sea girl bestie".

Ruby tries then this time.

Chelsea watchs this.

Then Ruby is in normal form including her clothes, she looks at herself surprised the first time in the sea "I did it" She smiles with a happy look at on her face then looks at Chelsea.

Chelsea smiles then out of nowhere the demon's eyes widen of shock, ruby is hugging Chelsea.

"Thank you" Ruby said her head on Chelsea's shoulder.

The shocked demon stands still in the water as Ruby still in the hug.

Ruby is at the same spot where Chelsea trained her to form change, she looks around and then swims to where Chelsea's lair is watch is near the port and not too far from her house under a bridge.

Oceanside is a chain of islands not too far from the mainland the large isles are 35 miles long and full of forest, where the lighthouse is now abandoned because of demons as it is no longer safe there.

Then cuts to the lighthouse where Ruby and Agatha got away from the minotaur now there's a Drake as in the air harpies flying around the lighthouse.

Ruby is heading home she has a box in her hand, and she notices people are acting not how they normally are as if struck by fear.

"It can't be true that another one?" a woman speaking to another one

"This has to be a nightmare!" a man said with fear.

"So it's true what happened at the elven lands and to that it did to the teenager that slain the hydra?"

"I heard half of Melve is gone!" a man said.

Ruby feels not great, she feels dread building up deep down something bad has happened.

"That monster is heck nows where".

"What if that beast comes here?".

Ruby rush home fast something was wrong

And she is right at home, Agatha is on the phone.

"Have you heard word of last night's attack?" a voice from the phone.

"Coral yes I have" Agatha replies feeling dread that her worst nightmare has come true.

"The Alpha attacked a town near the elf kingdom and found the Slayer!" voice from the phone.

Then the door opens agatha turns is her daughter, her only child her sweet Ruby, looked confused.

Ruby sees her dad getting a large table out as Brill helps set up looks like a meeting is about to take place.

Agatha looks at Ruby with dread.

Next Agatha takes Ruby downstairs to Arthur's workshop

She gets Ruby to sit as she sits down.

"Ok" Agatha starts "I'm sure you notice the town is acting like there's fear, there a reason for that".

"What's going on?" Ruby asked worried

It's not or never "I got a call, there was an hour before you left".

Ruby looked scared.

"Near the elven lands at the village, a dragon appeared".

"A dragon?" Ruby said "Are more dragons appearing?, or was it just a wyvern".

Agatha looks away then back trying to think of the right words "Not any dragon" then looks down "The Dragon" Agatha looks back " The Dragon of dragons, the Alpha".

"What?, your telling is-".

"Another great dragon has appeared," Agatha said with fear.

Ruby froze in horror she could not believe it then got her phone and showed a photo of a normal dragon.

"Mom this has to be a mistake, they could just seen a normal dragon or a wyvern for the Alpha!" Ruby asked hoping it was just a mistake as humans are known to mistake the Dragon, for similar demons from normal Dragons to Wyverns, Drakes, Wyrms, and others.

"It's no mistake," Agatha said slowly then the doorbell rang "Oh that must be her" she left.

Ruby could not believe it, it was like a dream not real, but it was real.

"Ruby!" Agatha calls.

Ruby returns to the front room then she sees an elf with blond hair and knows who she is.

"Alleria" was not expecting this.

"Ruby" Alleria said happily " its been a while has it?" she said.

"Ah Alleria I glad you're here" agatha comes to her then the two hugs.

"Cam as soon as I could Aggie" Alleria let go "Just before the attack, our queen felt it and the Dragon has found the Slayer".

Allleria is one of the elf kingdom generals and she came here with a force of elves to protect the town and be part of the wyrm hunt, alleria is an old friend of agatha first met 15 years ago when a great dragon was around and before Agatha left her kingdom.

Ruby is happy to see Alleria who is like an aunt figure to Ruby.

Arthur had some tea ready and brill was at the sofa.

After they had their tea alleria tells the family of her homeland was attacked by the great dragon, the dragon found the slayer a teenage elf then it left, leaving the teenager alive.

"Wait Oceanid is the Slayer?!" Ruby was shocked.

"We knew about it" Alleria said "only found out after the hydra attack".

"Is she ok?" Ruby asked with fear in her voice.

"Right at home getting healing," Alleria said, as she looked down "Her mother is deep with fear of losing her to the Dragon" Then looks at all "Dragon's dogma has started".

Agatha holds her daughter with fear.

"Ruby" Alleria said "We will keep you safe as best we can".

Then Cuts to Ruby in her room, scared how came this be, Another dragon has come to the realm and now the dragon's dogma has started was it behind the demons in oceanside all this time, before its arrival? it is the dragon behind this?.

In the main room, the meeting is taking place, in not long Alleria, Agatha, and Arthur, with them is a light elf, a dark elf, a Huldufólk, a few more elfkin species, other elves from other elf lands, a male beastren and a few humans have arrive send by their leaders to meet with Agatha.

On the large table a map shows other lands and kingdoms, as all look at where Oceanside it south west and many islands of the coast.

"It could be at the frontier" a light elf said she wears white, gold clothing and leather and has two daggers on her hips.

"It could be anywhere" a Huldufólk priest said wearing mostly grey clothing and she has a staff.

"I think is best we try to cover as many kingdoms, and areas where there people" a dark elf ranger as she place her fingers on the map.

Then a nock on the door, Arthur answers it then opens is gordon lighthouse and one his shoulder is davery.

"Oh not this guy" beastren said.

As Gordon rudely comes in "I hear the meeting is on" as he moves to the side

Great" alleria said with cross arms then glance at Agatha like really.

Agatha slaps her own face.

Ruby still stays in her room, she looks at her desk, then gets a idea to get her mind of the dragon, she gets up and sits on her chair gets out appear then pencils then felt-tips and start drawing.

ater as she making a more then a nock on the door.

"Ruby" its agatha's voice.

Ruby covers the drawings and head to her bed and hides the doll.


Then the door opens "Hi honey" she has a plate of dinner "sorry you had to stay here" she place it down and sat with ruby.

Agatha is trying to find the right words to tell her daughter she loves so much.

"Ruby we are starting the greatwyrm hunt for the dragon" agatha said.

"Like you and the others did 15 years ago?" ruby asked looking at her mother.

"We are doing it to protect people of the realm" agatha said "all from gillmans, to elfkin like elves, light elves, dark elves, etc, humans, dwarves and others too" Agatha can see worry in Ruby's face "I will not face the dragon we only protecting people, and find where the dragon is to do that and i need to keep you safe" she place her hand on her shoulder, "so you know i will not be here for the most part and i need to to stay at town outside is no longer safe the number of demons have appeared and get more deader thanks to the dragon" then has her other hand on Ruby looking her baby in the eyes.

Her min d raze of baby ruby in a bundle giggling.

Then Agatha sees a box and grabs it "What's this?".

"Its for Chelsea" Ruby said "a gift for my bestie".

Agatha looked surprised and smiled "That's so sweet of you and is Chelsea here?".

"No," Ruby said

Agatha looks at her daughter and smiles she finds this so sweet then hugs her close.

"I'm so proud of you," agatha said, ruby hugged back, agatha smiled then looked sad thinking of a dear friend she lost because what she did.

"Mom, are you ok?' Ruby asked in the hug.

"Love you Ruby" then holds her daughter tighter as a tear goes down her face.

Ruby holds her mom tighter she is not sure why she teared but feels is best to help her mom.

Mother and daughter hold each other for the first time sense Ruby turns giant form.

Later as night came, people started to leave, two of the men were not happy as it was clear they wanted to end dragonkind.

Ruby finishes her drawings of Chelsea she smiles at them one with her and yellow flowers the next is her as a mermaid, the last is ruby and chelsea holding the trident together Ruby feels proud of this and can't wait to show chelsea, she gets on her bed and looks at the book inside its a gift for her super sea girl bestie.

"You my best friend," Ruby said with sorrow.

Meanwhile, the wyrm hunt is still going, so many ships are out looking for the dragon, and many parties are sent out in the field, agatha has a good idea the dragon is likely in the demon zones or elven lands.

Reports coming in the much more demons are showing up in numbers.

Agatha and Alleria are in the main room alone.

"You should tell her about demon nature" Alleria said to her Gillman friend.

"Look" Agatha said "I'm not sure about this".

"Ruby has to know and you know about it and yet still have not told her" Alleria says.

Agatha looked away sad, then got out of the gold shell, then looked at the mirror as sounds of breaking buildings and screams rang in her head.

Alleria knows "Agatha".

Agatha shakes her head as she puts the shell back in her pocket.

"You ok?" the elf looked worried then she hugged Agatha.

Agatha is touched by this and hugs back at her elf friend she has known for 15 years.

Alleria lets go "My friend" she has her right hand on Agatha's shoulder "You did the right thing back then".

Agatha looks down and then looks back at her.

"You made the right choice to leave that manic" Alleria said trying to help her friend "No doubt she would do to Ruby".

Agatha knows she is right "And how the slayer, Oceanid?".

"She's still back home with the rest of the clan".

Agatha knows the elf clan is made of two elf families, one family came from another land and their names are sea themes like Oceanid and her mother Nerid, she thinks of the times they had with the clan, Arthur plays with an elf child while Ruby is with Oceanid, elf families are known to have other elfkins as there dark elves, light elves too, they have been the Gillmans allies for 15 years and family to them.

The next day, unlike last Monday this was different.

Ruby gets up from bed naked and gets ready for school, as she grabs her clothes.

Last night while hoping Chelsea would show up.


Ruby was looking up about demons and so many videos were out of them, as she looked up one about A dragonkin called Tarasque.

Ruby was trying to find anything of the mermaids so far nothing, Ruby Gillman looked at the window nothing no red hair of her super sea girl bestie, then got off her clothes and went to sleep.

Ruby arrives and sees the ruins of the once library, where repairs have started yet.

All the kids at the school are talking about the dragon.

"First the hydra, then the prom monster and now this" a girl said with deep fear.

"I heard it chose its challenger," a boy said.

"So the dragon's dogma is happening!"

"Does that mean no prom?"

"It's the Dragon coming here?"

Ruby felt on edge as the roars of the hydra ring in her head.

Ruby tries to find Chelsea, no sign of her, then she sees Margot, Bliss and Trevin talking.

Ruby walks away not wanting to talk to them, after what they did.

After some classes Ruby tries to find Chelsea, but then.

"Chelsea?" Ruby calls "Chelsea" then sees red hair, "There you are" Ruby runs to her "My super sea girl bestie Chelsea".

But then the red hair turns and it's not Chelsea its another girl.

The girl stops and sees what?, then walks away thinking Ruby is off her mind.

Ruby felt sad.

"Alright shows over, let's get back to class" a bored voice.

As kids are heading back to their classes.

Ruby did not go back as she was still trying to find Chelsea, to her it's more important to her than classes.

"Ok Ruby I'm sure Chelsea is ok" Trying to keep calm "I mean it's not like she's a danger to the Dragon or what if my grandmother found her and-" she panics "call mom," she said to her phone.


"What? I didn't say that. Call Mom" Ruby said.

Then Connor Facetime.

"Ruby, where'd you go?" Its Connor.

"Whoa, Hey" Ruby smiles then moves the phone away " End call, end call, end call".

"Wait, I wanted to ask you some..."

The call was cut.

"Call Mom No, I can't call Mom" Ruby gives up she can't know about Chelsea missing or the fact she is a mermaid, not now.

Then a voice was on "OK we have been told of demonic activity so they want you all to go home, in case there is a demon attack".

Ruby took the chance to leave and not wait any longer.

Ruby was heading home feel sad that chelsea her mermaid friend is not back yet.

"Where is chelsea?" hears one of the girl say that.

Ruby looks as she walks then felt hurt.

"You don't think the dragon got her right?" another girl asked.

Ruby looks away, did the dragon do something to her friend?.

At home ruby holds herself on the bed as she hears voices down, her mother, father, uncle, gordon, alleria.

"Lets go a cheek at the seas and see if there any sigh of the beast" Gordon said "The face of death".

"I going to the elf kingdom and meet up with the slayer" agatha said to him.

"Sis you don't think the slayer and the dragon are destined to fight?" brill asked.

"They will" alleria said "aggie we both know it will happen".

Agatha knows this but still wants to help the slayer not only to win but to live as to live is the real victory in battle, not honor, not fame, not forture, pales in comparison to simple victory of living to live to ones dreams, hopes, friends, people and family.

"And we must help any way we can is clear the dragon chose her for a reason," agatha said "Like arisen the dragon did and now is nerissa these something going on in its head" agatha then holds the shell "this is not battle of death, its a battle of life our future, we fight for our lives not honor, not glory or hate".

"The dragon like others before it" Alleria said.

"So are we going after the beast?" gordon said its clear he is not lsiten to what agatha is saying about a real battle of life.

"Gordon" arthur scolds him "we are fighting for our lives and all you care is about glory!, its no wonder why the dragon hates us so much!".

"It will never forgive" Agatha said "non of the demons will never forgive"

Alleria, brill and arthur can tell how much agatha has change to a better person.

"Never mind" Gordon starts to leave "i will join once the hunt starts" then slams the door as heads to his buss boat "the beast is back means the mermaid is back to" the starts to drive away.

In the house alleria looks at agatha as arthur grabs some cups of drink.

Then ruby shows up "is he gone?".

"Don'y worry that manmade is gone" agatha said she can tell ruby is sad as ruby grabs something to eat.

"You ok Tadpole?" Arthur asked he can tell too.

Brill looks over from the sofa he been the most happy in 15 years to be with people he cares about and he made good friends too.

Ruby looks down.

Agatha and alleria glance to each other then back to ruby.

"Ah honey" agatha started "alleria has been telling is best you know more about the demons".

Ruby looked at them both.

"Your mom is right" alleria said who is like a aunt to Ruby, Alleria then hands a book to Agatha like you give it.

Agatha nodds and turns to her daughter.

"I hop i'm doing the right thing honey" she hands her over the book.

Ruby slowly takes it and see on the cover a shape of a dragon in red, said in large letters DEMON BESTIARY in black below the dragon shape.

"Its a gift from the elves and us" Agatha said "I know your scared of demons, but this will help you".

Ruby looks back at the book and its not a human made book, this is elf made, it updates magcally over time.

"Thanks guys" Ruby said then looks away sad.

Agatha can tell right away "is it about chelsea?".

Brill in panic jumps of the sofa and lands next to alleria and arthur "did a fight happen?" he asked worriedly.

"No" Ruby said to him "We did not have a fight".

"She ok?" Arthur asked as his mind was telling was she attacked by a demon. like his daughter was by the Hydra, he was told a teenage girl was violently killed by an ogre a demon more deadlier then the bigger Cyclops and more HP than a cyclops.

"Guys" Alleria said to the men "Let her speak" then turned her head to Ruby "if she wants".

"I just miss her" Ruby said looking away.

"Where is Chelsea?" Agatha asked worried as she thinks of the friend she lose that night.

Ruby looks away "she's still out of town i hop she's ok".

"Oh ruby," Agatha said "me to and hay, scene i'm not around much when she gets back she can stay here, if she wants, i sure her family would be ok with it".

Ruby froze of this, so far Chelsea does not have a family, "ah she does not have a family".

"Oh" Agatha looked shocked of this "I see" she said with sorrow.

Alleria, Arthur and Brill looked at each other then back to Ruby.

Ruby then leaves to her room.

Agatha felt bad turns to her friend, husband and brother all together she is lucky to have them in her life.

Ruby sat on her bed holding the doll, then looks up her phone saying mermaid seen?, ruby looks up Then see a tail it looks like-.

"Chelsea" she gets worried did anyone see her friend

Ruby is at home as Agatha believes its safe, she sits in her room looking at the photos of her and chelsea, then she looks up her phone and looks up about mermaid, she wants to make sure if its chelsea, she zones in the photo and to her horror is indeed chelsea, then see another video of Gordon she looks up.

"I knew that mermaid would be back," her said in a gruff voice "I know she is back and allies with the dragon!".

Ruby heart starts to feel dread, does he know of Chelsea, then looks up about the frontier the rise of demons?

"Chelsea must be there," Ruby said to herself, then she has a dread feeling as her grandmother voices ring her head.

"Its up to you to stop the mermaids"

Ruby felt dread.

"Yes, the mermaid! Ugh" ending with disgust. "Mermaids are selfish, vain narcissists" then slams her fist "the worst of them all".

Ruby ran downstairs and saw they are gone, she looked and see a note, saying WE BE BACK LATE, Honey stay safe with a drawing of a smily face of Agatha.

Then cuts to Ruby in the sea swimming fast as she can then after a while finds a rift tear adn goes though, thanks to Chelsea's training she can used rift power, but still working progress of that.

Then she arrives to a look like forest and mountains full of ruins and open bertlands, she was on a hill and over looks and realies where she is.

The frontier, its the home of demons, not meant to be conquered by man.

Ruby runs fast hoping to find Chelsea before Gordon or Grandma finds her mermaid bestie.

The elves where not kiddning of this land, as she can see a elven encampmet that leads to the elf kingdom far off.

As its getting darker now, as the sun is setting.

She is at the right place, and its more clear she sees so many demons in the valleys.

There so many of them

"Ok they are not joking about this" She runs fast, then arrives at some ruins elven ruins a place and three pillars, she then over looks and see far back three towns in ruins destroyed.

Ruby keeps going then sees ahead a chimera and griffin moving aboud, Ruby turns left and runs as she sees a naga and bugbears, Ruby needs to be careful any of them could end her life here.

She arrives at large ruins there are two elf-made statues in the shape of dragons, with a elf next to them.

Ruby knows she can't call Chelsea's name it will blow her cover.

But then she froze, something was here, behind her pair of red eyes in the darkness then a right hand with claws, a glowing chest, then more of it came out of the darkness, then more of it revel from the shadows.

Ruby looks of horror the creature is, is.

The Dragon, as it moves closer.

Ruby panics then falls down, as tries to move back, but then a pair of hands grab Ruby and pull her, Ruby turns her head and see red hair and tail.

Its Chelsea van Der Zee as she pulls Ruby and gets her up.

The Dragon moves forward it towers over the two, narrow it's red yes this was something elf-like to the demon.

Ruby turns her head and see demons they are Dragonkin drake, wyrm, knucker, marraco, wyvern, sarkany, nighogg, Y Ddraig wen, lindwurm, taraswue, sea serpent.

and more species come out of the shadows, as a serpent looking dragonkin and a bird one comes out too as many come in shapes and sizes some like melusine look humanoid bite like a lamia with two tip tails and pair of wings.

Ruby turns her head right then see other demons like chimera, griffin, hydra, medusa, sphinx, Kraken, scylla, Cerberus, ogre, troll, balor, manticore, co*ckatrice and more came from the shadows.

As so many more demons that are twisted it’s clear they originally made from gore chimera, gore cyclops, arc hydra, sand kraken, grim ogre, Mole Troll, high co*ckatrice, gore manticore and more come from the shadows.

With them are white demons born with lack to no colour, from white chimera, white griffin, white abas and more.

Ruby could not believe what she found herself in the demons are every where as goblins, pixies, undines, dorotabos, skeletons, undead, mandragoras, ghosts, phantoms and more all look with rage at Ruby

"What are you doing here?" Chelsea asked like you should not be here.

"I was looking for you" Ruby replies then hears the dragon.

Both look at the Dragon.

The dragon looks at Ruby "Well, a royalty" its voice is female but a bit deep "what is your reason here? to come all the way from home?".

Ruby felt a tub deep down.

"Instead of in hiding and staying small" it said

Chelsea looks at Ruby, as Ruby looks at the dragon.

"Look" Ruby started "i'm have not come here for trouble, I just came here to find my friend" she reasoned.

The Dragon looks closer with its red eye as if it has seen this before, then "The mermaid?" The Dragon asked as it lowered its head "This one is the offspring of the mermaid queen, that once stood against a prideful kingdom".

Ruby looked shocked how does it know?

"A heir of a warlord" The dragon sounds angry "The Queen slayer's daughter".

What? Ruby thought now its making her feel really on edge she feels the anger of the other demons as their red eyes are on her.

"Yet you still don't know of us demons" The Dragon said to Ruby with one brow up "Our nature?".

Chelsea looks at Ruby and then the Dragon, she is not sure if Ruby even knows the nature of demons she looked at Ruby worried that the dragon will kill her.

"It does not matter" The Dragon moves right still does not take its eyes off Ruby "You not the first Gillman to come here" The dragon has its head move forward "Is that right?!" it snapped "she schemes ways to have you as her heir" the dragon head is just 6 feet from ruby before moves back.

"I'm not her" Ruby said trying to defend herself.

"You mean as a warlord to genocide out of pride to keep power for themselves" The Dragon Nerissa said.

"You kill people!" Ruby snapped at the dragon.

The dragonkin growing at ruby of this, as a drake look like it wanted to breath fire at her as it narrow its red eyes, all the dragonkin looking at Ruby its clear like the drake they would attack her and kill her, the other demons feel the same as a dullhan, a scylla, Charybdis and others looked mad as a chimera grips its paws on the ground.

"I kill because it's my nature as a demon" the dragon snapped.

"You would kill children even?!" Ruby asked with horror.

"Children can be monsters so it's no different than the rest by the end" the dragon said with narrow eyes "Has this not occurred to you, in that town, the way they treated the mermaid".

Ruby froze.

"You think they love her, they don't only by looks once they know the real self they will turn" The Dragon looks at Chelsea "as if she is the villain of your story".

"That's not true" Ruby protests.

As a lamia, a medusa and a sphinx growling at this.

"Your kind self-proclaimed rulers and protectors of the sea" The Dragon said at Ruby "But in truth, you all wanted power all for yourself, the mermaids and others, refused their will, the mermaids and their ilk disrespected and disregarded their authority as its their nature, they like the rest of us answer to no ONE" it moves its head right still has its red eyes on Ruby Gillman,"You kind have been trying to rid anyone that refused their will, lies about us as monsters, as evil, as villains to be destroyed as if they are acts of heroic".

Chelsea grabs Ruby and pulls her way from the Dragon.

"All your life, you where told we are monsters, but we not even the real monster here!!" The Dragon said "you see though their eyes and you see the truth".

Ruby hears the sound of other demons she looks at the drake, wyrm, wyvern, in her mind they change to elves that looked hurt and angry the drake turns to the elf knight, wyrm to elf mage, wyvern to a ranger in her mind, as her anxiety takes over then looks at chelsea, in her mind change to a very hurt teen girl, she starts to panic as in her mind the sphinx, chimera, griffin, catobelpas, hydra, unicorn, changes to a hurt woman, an abused beast, a starving animal, a war beast in pain, many snakes burn alive, a abused horse in pain, then she looks left to goblins, pixies, wargs, undead, skeletons, undines, to abandon abused children to once playful boys in pain, poisoned wolves, infected men, betrayed warriors, remains of girls in water.

Ruby body shakes, chelsea tries to reach her hand to Ruby to help her.

In Ruby's mind is all over the place as the as the demons in her mind change to somthing else as she looks at a tarasque change to a elf, a ogre to a abused son, a minotaur to a man rise as a beast with chains, a garm to a asued dog with blood and damage jaws, a cerberus a dog in chains left to rot, a banshee to a wronged girl left to die in the cold.

"No!" Ruby in panic as she holds her on head trying to keep herself together as her mind changed from a lamia toa. giving in pain young mother, the kraken to an octopus in pain. "no!".

Then cuts to the dragon who looks like it know what Ruby is seen.

"Your power is showing the darkness of this world and the true face it," the dragon said as it moves forward "its now coming right at your, hit you hard deep down".

Ruby snaps herself out, her eyes looking at the dragon.

"You would never know if the mermaid or the attack did not happen" the dragon said still angry "in that town a darkness grows" the dragon snapped as it moved forward.

"That still does not give you the right to kill!" Ruby snaps at the dragon.

"Oh really you still think the world can be a better place it never has and never will" The Dragon questions her "you still don't get it do you".

"When why do you kill us?" Ruby demanded grip her fists.

"It's simply our nature to kill monsters and the mermaid knows that" The Dragon said not taken its eyes of ruby.

Ruby looked shocked then looks at Chelsea with horror.

Chelsea looks back at Ruby.

"You can't blame the mermaid for it" the dragon said "we are either alive or dead, not flash, we beings of magic, outcast of worlds, we don't need food, we have no desire to take, to conquer, to destroy, to rule over all, bend living things to our will, force out of fear, rip out others out of pride, we defile, we kill because its our nature" it moves it head right still not taken its eyes off ruby "its the same way i asked you not to walk, not to swim, not to find goals, not to have love, seek love from others".

Ruby could not believe this.

The dragon moves it head left its chuckle not of cruelty "You getting it now" as it takes a few steps right it tail slams down "these, these are the deeds of other beings that are not elves and their ilk the deeds of you and them, not those of a demon, like a dragon to a mermaid".

Ruby's mind races of her grandmother's words ring in her head.

"Oh, how your kin want to rip out any in their way out of pride and more” the dragon spoke "And the mermaid has seen it" looks at Chelsea with worry in its eyes on the mermaid then looked at Ruby with anger in its eyes.

Ruby is surprised how does it know "I have nothing to do with her".

"Oh really' the dragon stands up then places its right hand on a pilar "is this path you are in your own or made by others for themselves?".

Ruby is not done "You got them against their will and get them to kill!".

The other demons grow at this, as a chimera’s lion head bearing its teeth, the Sphinx grip its paws, the drake’s mouth glows of fire ready to unleashed, as the Wyrm's mouth glows of ice, the wyvern's mouth glows of thunder.

Chelsea feels their anger for Ruby and will kill her.

"You think I control the rest!" the dragon sounds mad at this "I don't they listen to my call of their free will" then it roars with fury.

Its roar can be heard all the way to the elf kingdom and to Oceanside.

All in the town hide in fear, shut their blinds.

At the elf kingdom.

Agatha and her friends are there they hear the roar.

Agatha, Alleria and other elves looked where the roar came from.

"That" the slayer the elf Oceanid the one that slain the hydra at the high school and stood to the dragon "It's the dragon".

Agatha looked worried.

Back at the frontier.

"It's true Ruby" Chelsea said to Ruby.

Looked back at Chelsea and she realied her friend speaks to truth.

"I have killed humans before I meet you, Ruby" Chelsea keeps telling Ruby looked with horror then looking back at the dragon, it shows no remorse for its action like a storm "and your kind too".

" killed-“ Ruby voice full of horror.

Chelsea looked at her friend, knowning its the first time Ruby is hearing of this.

"Do you hate the mermaid for what it really is?" The Dragon questions hitting Ruby hard.

The dragon then looks at Chelsea not with hate, disgust or anger, but worry, like a mother to a daughter, chelsea looks around the other demons feel the same, all the dragonkin* and others*.

Looked with worry for the mermaid all demons are kin, as the drake look it’s eyes of worry not hate,

Chelsea looks back at ruby who is scared out of her mind and the truth hits her hard even more then her turn giant Kraken or the truth of the kingdom "It does becuase its the mermaid's nature to kill monsters like you" the Dragons's red eyes narrow at Ruby.

The dragon stands up right towers all then roars aloud, this scars Ruby even more then it lands back down and open its wings.

"A time will come" the dragon said with its eyes on Ruby "In time you will really see, the darkness within all and some will come to hit you very hard" then takes off to the sky it wings glowed as the sky will soon be night, as it a dream no a nightmare, the other demons left the area, as the drake, Wyrm, Wyvern and other Dragonkin with wings fly off, not with one last look at the mermaid, then they are gone.

Leaving Ruby and Chelsea alone.

"Ruby?" Chelsea sound worried "it time to-"

Ruby turns her head looking hurt, sorrow and fear.

"Ruby" chelsea tries to get close to her, but Ruby then ran past her leaving chelsea alone, “Ruby?”

Ruby rans as fast as she can, then gets out a old stone, she found at her dad's workshop a ferrystone she can only used once, she throws it then a blast thens eh was gone.

Chelsea went to the spot where Ruby vanished.

Meanwhile Agatha's in the elf kingdom, she looks scared as she looks up the list of demons on the laptop shows a list of demons.

Agatha felt down and scared then looked at the mermaid's reports she's really scared now as screams ring in her head as she gets out, the golden shell.

"I'm so sorry" As a tear goes down her face.

At town just at the dock of oceanside is arthur and brill are with Gordon just got back and gordon has things in his mind.

"I know i will find that mermaid" gordon said "soon enough and with you help i will get her, the little mermaid".

The Gillmans felt not right.

"Oh dear" Brill said then whispers to Arthur "but no one as seen a mermaid not scene that night".

Arthur knows what he means.

"Ah Gordon what makes you think of that?" Arthur reasons "Mermaids are demons so they can't be captured or held aginst their will as they are not beings of flesh and bond, like my kin".

"That mermaid is diffrent she is not a demon, but a sea monster," Gordon said as he got back on the boat and drove away.

Leaving the two guys alone.

"What is he talking about?" Brill thinks.

Arthur felt really on edge.

Ruby is in her room, she feels her world has turned upside down, as tears go down her face, she could not blieve this, all this time that they..they embody wronged, hurt, killed people and animals by the world.

The dragon's voice rings in her head.

"We kill because its our nature as demons"

Tears ran down Ruby's face, she could not believe this was happening all this time the demons embody people and beasts that been though so much pain and never recover, in her mind shows a chimera then changes to a damage beast, a lamia to a grieving young mother lost a child to a older nasty woman, the gorgon to a rape young girl with blood and disowned by family, harpy to a pretty girl keep been called ugly not matter what she does, ogre to a son rise and abused as some beast by prideful selfish women, golem to a man rise and sued as nothing more then a puppet by a cruel master, hydra to many burned snakes by man, garm to a abused dog, minotaur to a man rise a beast in dark and alone, the catobelpas to a beast used for war against its will.

Ruby then breaks down crying of this, cries on the bed like a baby damage girl then her grandmother's voices ring her head

"They are easy to fathom".

Shows the statues of demons.

"Mermaids are selfish, vain, narcissists with mediocre hair," said with pride.

Then mermaids with shape teeth and ear fins somthing real mermaids don't have.

Then voices of Chelsea from her POV looking hurt deep.

"Look i just" trying to not break "thought we had a lot in common" As the light starts to fade away "you don't even know why its happening" She was rejected it hurts the mermaid deeply to her core "but if you're gonna be salty about it" she grips her fists "then bye bye" then leaves in sadness as she swims away in the darkness.

Then more voices as Ruby keeps tearing hard.

"She is a bad influence Ruby you need to get rid of that monster now!!" Margot's voice.

"No matter what the challenge" the Kraken queen bellows"

Ruby mind is razed as she sees the statues of her mother fighting Nerissa.

"A giant kraken".

Then her mind razed of Nerissa's death.

"Will always"

The shows Chelsea with sorrow and in pain.

"Answer the call".

Ruby froze as new voices not heard its the dragon's.

"And now you pay the price".

Then in horror looks at her hands she can't believe this is happen.

Then guilt for leaving Chelsea behind, does Chelsea think I hate her now? Ruby mind

Ruby then breaks down crying of this, cries on the bed like a damage girl then her grandmother's voices ring her head.

he tries to stay calm, but she cries hard of this dark truth, as her mind shows her the elves telling her that demons are true and her mother lies to her again.

Ruby runs through the town that leads to the school grounds is night, prom night, Ruby is looking a blue, she turns and sees just near the pier and the prom boat, then it rose shows a being a glowing weapon of red, it looks like a mermaid but massive, white messy hair, dark red tail, lower arms, scales and teeth dragon-like.

To Ruby's horror is Chelsea a mix of mermaid and dragon then a roar.

Then Ruby hears sounds and turns a lesser dragon comes out of the shadows then turns its head at sees Ruby, it narrows angry.

Ruby turns and more demons appear from all sides, all look mad, a manticore, a catoblepas, a griffin, and an naga, as they move closer, Ruby sees a Baphomet flying above then slams down, then stretches its right arm sweeps it at Ruby send her flying near the ruins.

Ruby gets up and then sees the Dragon looking at her with anger.

As more demons from an ogre, a grim ogre, a gorechimera, a hydra, a medusa and more all look mad.

Ruby turns her head and sees Chelsea attack the prom boat with rage and is gone.

Then the dragon roars.


Ruby wakes up screaming.

She then calms down.

late its 10.55

"Oh dear" She gets ready grabs her clothes and then heads downstairs, there is no one around then finds a note it's from her mother saying

Sorry, honey I'm not being around we have to do this, if we don't the dragon will take so many, show it we have the right to live! I will not let this dragon take so much more from us like arisen did, so you know Oceanaid plans to visit us, she is the slayer.

Then her phone rang she answered it.

"Hi honey" it's Agatha she is at an elven camp as seen through FaceTime there are elves in the background, some talking and others moving about.

"Hi Mom are you ok?" she asked worried she knew how much risk her mother was taking it could take her life.

"I wanted to make sure you ok " Agatha said "And yes I'm ok we still looking for the dragon and help the slayer".

"Saw that Oceanaid is the Slayer," Ruby said worried "That means she will end up fighting the dragon".

Agatha looked away for a second she felt bad for the girl she too has a family then looks back "I'm afraid so the only thing we can do is help her through that path, just like the last slayer 15 years ago" she thinks of Chelsea "so I heard Chelsea is back and she has been taken care of you?".

"She has yes" Ruby smiles which Agatha finds cute "She made sure I was alright, she has been there for me, you would love her mom".

"I see something special in this and I can tell she means so much to you" Agatha said "I'm very proud of you and hopeful I get to meet her in person" Then looks guilty "I don't think I will be around more honey so if she wants she can stay at the house I trust her she can take care of you".

Ruby smiles at this, her mother like Chelsea "Thanks Mom that means so much to me".

"I glad to hear honey" Agatha said with a smile the same as Ruby's "Love you and please be careful".

"I will Mom please stay alive" Ruby said with sorrow.

The call ends.

Ruby was about to go and find her super sea girl bestie, then a knock on the door, she went to answer to her surprise, a teenage elf and she knew her at once.

"Oceanaid," Ruby said in shock.

Then they let go the two teens smiled at each other it had been a long time seen they saw each other, the last time it was in person 5 weeks ago, you could say Oceanid had seen Ruby last week.

"I'm so happy to see you," Ruby said.

"I just came to see you before I go back," Oceanid said as Ruby grabbed the cups of golden apple juice they then sat on the sofa Oceanid took hers as she sat not to the right Ruby sat on the left "So how's things being?".

Ruby looks at her "Oceanid I'm sorry I did not thank you last week".

"It's ok Ruby, you were going through the giant Kraken thing" Oceanid replies as she drinks her drink then places the cup on the small table "It must have been hard on you".

"The fact mom knew about it and never told me," Ruby said with a bit of anger then calmed herself "and a hydra shows up at my school".

"indeed" The Slayer said.

"is it true you're the slayer?".

"Yes" the slayer replies "I share you heard what happened, I tried to fight the dragon and it" looks away "It spared me that night, I'm not sure why, the dragon, it's like we are like each other".

Ruby stops to think as the dragon's words ring her head

"Ruby?" oceanaid asked worried.

"Oh sorry"

"What's wrong? old friend" Oceanid can tell right away.

"It is true as a slayer will end up battling the dragon?" Ruby asked worried.

Oceanid looks at Ruby sad about the question "That night at the village of Melve when it came I tried to stop it, to save my kin and friends, it spared me, I was in a bad state I was like I was The Dragon and The Dragon was me" then looks at her right hand "I know that day will come and when it does there no Turing back".

"Can't you just-

"Run and hide myself away?" the elf asked "No" then calmed herself down and looked at Ruby "As a slayer I have to, to protect I can't stand and do nothing Ruby I'm sorry there is something between me and the dragon its like, I want to know why it spared me and let me live and want to keep my family, my friends alive and all I hold dear and you are one of them".

Ruby's mind's race of the dragon.

"The time will come for the slayer and I will face, when the time is right" The Dragon's voice rings in her head.

"So I do anything I can to protect and I wanted to have if my death is coming to have last moments with these I hold dear" as three tears go down her face.

Ruby hugs her "I'm sorry" She holds the elf close after she lets go.

"It's ok Ruby" the elf replies.

"So you're going after the dragon?".

"No, I don't find it, it finds me," The Slayer said with sorrow in her voice "The dragon will appear before me when the time is right" She looked at her right fist, "The dragonforged told me" she's talking about another slayer from a long age past.

"Oh, I never got to thank you that day when you fought the hydra and stopped it from attacking me".

"Oh my friend" the elf smiles "It's ok I did see you turn into a giant Kraken"

"You did" Ruby had a feeling she did.

"It was not nice they called you prom monster" Then The Slayer hugs Ruby.

Ruby embraces her old friend who is family to her.

Oceanid let's go.

"Ruby I must return to my family and my mom" She gets up and heads for the door, as she opens she looks back at Ruby with a sad and warm look.

"We will meet again right?" Ruby asked with sorrow for her elf friend that's like a sister in arms.

"We will" the elf smiles "farewell giant Kraken with the core of gold".

"Farewell," Ruby said with kindness "Slayer"

The elf smiles and then lives to shunt the door.

Ruby thinks of all of this, if she thought as an elf a slayer would I do the same thing? faced the dragon, the alpha of demons.

Not long after Ruby goes to look for Chelsea, she knows she can't go back to the frontier, maybe she cheeks Chelsea's lair watch is not far from the school where the kelp forest is.

But then she and Chelsea are face to face.

"Ruby" Chelsea said.

'Chelsea" Ruby gets to her "I'm sorry about leaving you last night and-".

Chelsea cuts her off.

Then the disguised demon takes her back to the Gillman house.

Chelsea gets Ruby inside then shuts the door and has the blinds down.

"Ruby, are you ok?' She asked worried the effects of last night were still on her.

"I am I was just about to look for you" Ruby replies.

"I'm just glad you ok," Chelsea said relieved "I was so scared that tyrant would have come here and taken you away after last night".

"Chelsea that's not going to happen, I have refused her offer two times now," Ruby said looking at Chelsea as the demon got her arm around Ruby and looked worried.

"Ok, I'm just glad you ok".

Ruby felt guilt for light night.

"I still got a feeling they think I'm using you, I am not" Chelsea leans her head forward to Ruby.

"I know you not" Ruby holds Chelsea's hands "My super sea girl bestie" Then let's go as she gets to the fridge gets out a soda and grabs a drink for Chelsea they both sit on the sofa as Ruby gets the news on.

"A once peaceful turns to terror," the news lady said.

As the girls watch.

There is footage of demons on the TV.

"They are all mad" Chelsea said "and it only going to get bigger".

Ruby knows it is true as the news shows a death in a ruined town, then shows giants coming down from the mountains in the mainland.

"It's going to keep going Ruby" Chelsea looks at her friend.

"And the dragon, hopeful it does not come here" Ruby looked sacred then its voice.

'you can't hide what you are'

"Cheslea," Ruby asked.

"Are you not it's like you are hearing things?" the demon asked.

"The dragon's voice" Ruby replies.

Ruby thinks of all of this and wants to ask Chelsea these demon questions, is the dragon the reason for demons showing up on the isles?

"Chelsea I did not tell you why I was out in the frontier?"

"No, you didn't" Chelsea said looking at Ruby "Why?".

Ruby looks away for a bit then back to Chelsea "Yesterday Gordon spoke about a mermaid I think it's you, so I one to look for you I was so worried".

Chelsea looked with shock and sorrow "You went into t place full of demons to look for me?".

"Yes" ruby said "even those lot of demons I don't want to loss you".

"Oh ruby" Chelsea said then hopes to her and gets her hands on her "I appreciate, but you could have been killed by the dragon" then place her right hand of "I was about too head back to town then I heard anger from the other demons when I saw you"

Then its shows Chelsea getting ready to head back to town looking forward to see her bestie again , then feels the anger from the other demons as near her is a Behemoth, a Dagon, two manticores, she then see ruby.

"Oh no ruby" then runs mermaids can move fast and at full speed move pass a scylla, a devil whale floating above her like it's in the sea, then past a pack of pixies then past a drake and a chimera then two Gorecyclopses, she see ruby is at some ruins as she passed a pack of banshees, wraiths, then moves right in panic as she passed a sphinx then leaps to large rocks then jumps off, then lands near some mandragoras, as Chelsea moves fast to her horror sees demon coming from the shadows, its the alpha itself.

"Ruby!" she said as she keeps going then leaps to a cliff then climbed up then keeps going as she pass many demons goblins, undines, mermen, minotaurs, ogres, chimeras, griffins, catoblepases, gorgons, medusas, sphinxes, garms, foddon skemaends, Fomorians so much demons* more all mad with rage and they will kill ruby at once.

The as ruby falls on the ground then Chelsea's hands grabs her and pulls her away,
"And after you learn of demon nature and ran back here" Chelsea said in sorrow "I could have lost you that night" then looks away "It felt like the night I lost my mom".

Ruby looked with sorrow, Chelsea was reliving that moment as if ruby was in nerissa's place, she feared of losing again.

"I'm so sorry I-".

"Its not your fault you where worried for me as I was for you" Chelsea said in a warm voice.

For a bit both girls did not say anything.

"Chelsea we can still do this, when the time is right we get the trident" ruby said "together we will ends this madness, end the lies".

The two looked at each other then hold each others hands.

Later as ruby was with Chelsea talking about demons and their quest plans then her phone rings ruby picks it up and see its her mother calling, she looks at Chelsea like what do I do?.

Chelsea looks like answer it would be best.

And ruby answers the phone.

"Hi mom"

"Hi honey" its her on face-time "you ok?"

"I'm ok" she smiles.

Agatha can tell right away "you look like you where having fun".

"I was with-"

"Chelsea" Agatha said geeking "is she there?".

Ruby looked oh no, she does not know what to do?.

"Ruby" whisper and see her demon friend is in her disguise.

"Mom This is Chelsea! Chelsea this is my Mom Agatha" ruby said shows though her phone Chelsea to Agatha.

Agatha from her side is shocked and starts geeking as if she is ruby.

"Hello" Agatha being a geek and smiling "Wow hon its so great to see you and you got a beautiful name Chelsea"

On Ruby's side Chelsea there's an awkward "ah thank you".

"Oh I wanted to say thank you for taken care of my daughter" Agatha said happy, "she told me you looked out for her since day one, thats so sweet of you, I hope Ruby been great to you' then looked of sorrow "she told me you don't have a family I'm sorry dearie"

Chelsea looked away with close eyes.

"So mom are you coming home tonight".

"Oh about that looks like I will not be around for days even the wyrm hunt is taken more of my time, I just ..just can't let it happen again"

"I understand mom you were part of the hunt 15 years ago and that saved lives" Ruby helps her "you'r doing the right thing and helping the slayer in her path like you did for the last one".

"Thank you for understanding I was going to asked if Chelsea would-" Agatha starting to say

Ruby knows at once "Stay with me!".

"Ya someone to take care of you," Agatha said.

Ruby looks at Chelsea like this is it "if she said yes could she stay for the time"

"Of cause if she does means I know someone is with you" Agatha said "once she makes her choice tell me and I will know if she does, I will be back for a little bit then I off again, bye love you" then call ends

Ruby turns to Chelsea "so bestie would you like to stay with me?".

"Me stay here with you?".

"Think about it mom is not going to be here for most likely days, you would not have to be alone" ruby try to confine her demon friend "it would be just us alone, we have the house, and my room can be our quest hub, where we can work on plans, mostly you be safe from grandma and Gordon if you are here".

Chelsea looks at ruby surprised she did not see this coming.

"Well if is just the two of us that could work" Chelsea said "ok in get to be in this room with you right?".

"Of course, bestie" Ruby starts geeking "This is so great thank you Chelsea" then she hugs her mermaid friend "ok I going to tell mom about it its a yes".

Since then Ruby and Chelsea's bond has grown and they choose to say at the house and its safe from Gordon and Emerald's forces out there, and wait until the time is right to get the trident of Oceanus.

The two enjoy being together.

Then cuts to Chelsea as a mermaid standing and moving on her tail helping Ruby to dance for prom, then shows the two playing together in Ruby's room, then shows the two on the bed as Chelsea holds Ruby like a plushie, then shows them in the path messing each other up.

The girls got the house to themselves.

Ruby wakes up and sees red hair and a round face, there is no sound of breathing as the demons are not alive or dead, her arms are around Ruby and hold her like a plushie.

Ruby was about to panic, then realised, she and her bestie had the house to themselves, the giant Kraken smiled, as words from last night.

"This is the first time in 15 years I ever done this thank you" Chelsea's warm voice.

Ruby smiles and then holds Chelsea closer, not to realise her friend's breasts and nipples are pressed on her cheek.

They are on Ruby's bed, with many blankets the only part that is out is Chelsea's head her hair and tail fins.

Ruby is about to fall asleep, but then her phone rings, ruby panics then grabs the phone.

Chelsea raised her head with wide red eyes.

Ruby sees her mom calling her, she panics and she knows she has to answer and she does.

"Hi, honey" Agatha FaceTime.

"Ah hi, Mom" Ruby replies making sure her mom does not see Chelsea head to the fins she sees sticking out.

"I just wanted to make sure you ok and well" Agatha is trying to find the right words as she does not want her to panic.

"Are you ok mom?" Ruby asked worried.

"I'm ok honey, oh you know the time is right?" she asked.

Ruby looks at the clock and it's freaking 11!.

"Oh dear".

"Oh not panic sweetie" Agatha said in a warm voice "it's ok relax and I think you need this".


Agatha looked like she was thinking "How is Chelsea?".

Ruby froze off this "well ah-".

"I'm ok" Chelsea's voice

"Ah that's good" Agatha said.

Chelsea felt her anger boil for Agatha the Siren Slayer.

"Is it ok if I see her?" Agatha asked.

Ruby looks like oh no, Chelsea nods yes.

Ruby slowly moves her phone to show her Chelsea.

Agatha looks closer "Hi Chelsea".

"Ah hi, Miss Gillman" Chelsea said trying to keep her promise to Ruby, despite her rage for this Giant Kraken.

"Are you in Ruby's bed?" she asked.

"Mom you see Chelsea does not like to be alone so I thought I bring my friend here," Ruby said to help Chelsea.

"Oh, I see" She then notices Chelsea's breasts and nipples are out, "Where's your shirt?".

"Mom" Ruby scolded.

"Oh sorry " Agatha realised she was being rude, to the girl who was taking care of her daughter and she was grateful, "I did. not mean to be rude I see I sure like my daughter and the rest of us prefer to be naked is normal".

Both girls are like really look on their faces.

"Ok, sorry" Agatha felt bad then looked at Chelsea "Thank you for taking care of my daughter I'm am very grateful" then looked at Ruby "I not going to be back for days I make sure you know when I am back, I very glad Chelsea is here".

"Thanks, Mom," Ruby said then looked worried "Try and live".

"I will try honey if you and Chelsea need help call our allies," Agatha said she knows she has friends who are like family to her and her family.

"I will Mom," Ruby said her mind showed the elf family that Alleria and Oceanid had been their close friends and been like family for the past 15 years now, ruby cares about them, Alleria is the aunt in Ruby's life.

"Bye honey" Agatha said then the calls ended.

Ruby lays flat on her bed, and Chelsea eyes turn back to red.

"Sorry Chelsea I did not say that coming," Ruby turns her head to her demon friend.

"That's ok" Chelsea replies, as she places her left arm on ruby.

"Sorry, I woke you up".

"No need" Chelsea pulls Ruby close "Let's just stay here" She has Ruby close, while her right arm holds the doll, "alone..together", she hugs the giant Kraken tighter.

"We got the house to ourselves for a few days maybe," Ruby said as she had her arms around the mermaid "I'm so happy you are here".

Chelsea smiles as she holds her bestie.

Ruby is very pleased her bestie does not have to be alone.

Then cuts to Ruby and Chelsea having ice cream, Ruby has a blueberry while Chelsea has a strawberry, Ruby notices this and look from Chelsea to her ice cream red hair hair ice cream, only for Chelsea to smile and move her eyes down then up like you too, Ruby looks at hers and realies, she like oh, then but smile at each other.

Then they stopped right at their tracks as somthing cought Ruby's eyes.

"Connor" Ruby's eyes sharkle

"Connor" Chelsea said "the boy your saved and yet most think i did it even after I told it was you" .

Ruby knows that's true while her family, friends and even Connor knows now.

Chelsea sees her daydreaming.

"You really like him don't you?" The demon asked "why?".

"Well, you see" Ruby starts.

It's Connor on his skateboard.
Then shows Ruby months ago at school, she runs into a boy with puffy purple hair, dark skin, and brown eyes moving on his skateboard.

Ruby's eyes widen and form a smile.

The two are eye to eye.

"Ah hi" Ruby said nervously.

"Hi" The boy said Nervously.

"I'm sorry that I" both said at once.

They looked what?.

"I knew you" Connor said kindly "your Agatha's daughter one of the heros of the greatwyrm hunt".

"Oh yes i'm Ruby gillman" she holds herself.

"I'm Connor" Connor said "Its nice to meet you" he reach her hand.

"Thank you" Ruby shakes his hand.

"I heard you really good at math so maybe if you like we could do some tutoring sesh later?" Connor asked.

Ruby cloud not blieve it, her eyes sharkle "Sure thing i'm mean yes" has her thumbs up smling.

"See you later rubbis" Connor leaves.

Leaving as Shock happy Ruby behind.

"So that's how you meet" Chelsea said.

"Yes and he was the only one beside my friends and elves that treted me as a person" Ruby tells "we did math togather and soon i have a crush on him".

"I see" Chelsea said looking at Ruby "well since you saved him its a bit well you know on a tale a mermaid saves a boy, realty this one you did that".

"Thanks Chelsea i mean you did help to" Ruby smiles at her demon friend then daydreams of connor of her and him dancing.

Chelsea can tell then gives her a idea.

"Chelsea can I ask you somthing?" Ruby asked she is holding the book.

Chelsea looks at Ruby.

"So very demon in this book all of them?!" Ruby asked as she placed the book down the pages showed many demons, trolls, manticores, sphinxes, minotaurs, taloses.

"Yes all of them" Chelsea said closer to Ruby.

Ruby looks at her then flaps the pages then shows the mermaid the left page shows a normal mermaid the other page subspecies.

"What about mermaids" then looked up at Chelsea "What do they embody?" she asked worried.

"Teenage girls suffered, misunderstood, in pain deep down by the world Ruby" Chelsea looks at ruby.

Ruby looked of pure horror then her mind changed from her friend to a damaged teenage girl, with black eyes, messy hair, cuts and blood.

"Ruby?" Chelsea looked worried then grabbed her doll then placed it on ruby's arm.

Ruby snaps out of it and looks and see a really worried Chelsea.

"All this time" Ruby said sadly "and you are not a-".

"A kid" Chelsea said "I am a demon that looks like one all mermaids look like teens".

"That means you were born the same as-".

"Yes" Chelsea said "Mermaids don't age like all demons, so why do you think some like tiyanak, changeling looks like little children".

Ruby never thought of that.

"And I'm not a normal mermaid or the subspecies," Chelsea said then got of the bed, than went on the floor, stood on her tail, and looked at Ruby "As we all Van Der Zee are unique like me and mom we both have red hair".

"Van Der Zees," Ruby said.

"A clan of mermaids, my family" Chelsea said then looked sad "Each have their own colours and even powers".

"Unlike the other mermaids and your subspecies" Ruby looks at the page about mermaids.

Show a normal mermaid and its subspecies.

"So they are like royalty of the mermaids?" Ruby asked as she wanted to know about this family of mermaids is, part of her is geeking as it reminded her of her loved TV show.

"Kind of it was my mom that stood up and she became queen of the mermaids," Chelsea thinks of her family a family she would never see again and she messes them "Look Ruby I'm not ready to talk about them as you know I'm the last one, Me Chelsea Van Der Zee" as a tear goes down her face "I miss them".

Ruby felt that her bestie lost them, what would they be like if they were still around, Would they accept me? Ruby thinks in her mind.

Ruby and Chelsea later are in the front room to watch Ruby's beloved TV show about mermaids.

On the tv shows a red tail mermaid with blond hair and a green tail with black hair mermaid playing together.

"Oh" Ruby geeks more as she has her bestie with her.

"That one reminds me of Marissa," Chelsea said.

"Marissa?" Ruby asked.

"She is one of the family members" Chelsea said "Marissa Van Der Zee" Then she used her magic and showed a black hair mermaid with a green tail and reddish fins.

Ruby's mind is razed with the metal statues at the Kraken kingdom the four mermaids are Chelsea's family one of the Van Der Zees.

"She is very playful with me and my mom," Chelsea said.

Another image shows Marissa with Nerissa playing together with three other mermaids.

"Are they sisters?" Ruby asked.

"Yes" Chelsea said, "And here is my grandmum, Vivienne Van Der Zee my mum's mother".

"Was your grandma?".

"You mean Grandmum" Chelsea said to Ruby, that's how you say it not Grandma it's Grandmum.

"Oh I mean your grandmum," Ruby said "Was she, queen of the mermaids? before Nerissa? your mum".

"No my mum was the queen and she was the one that made the mermaid kingdom" Chelsea said "Before it was just us when after other mermaids both main, subspecies and other unique groups came" Chelsea looked at the TV the show

"That makes you the princess of the mermaids," Ruby said, "like I'm the princess, you are a real-life mermaid princess".

As the TV shows a mermaid princess said the mermaid had a green tail and red hair with a crown that was gold and purple.

Chelsea felt sad about her family.

"There are others like Natshi, Vicky, Matsu, Gwen, Mayitsa, Gemma, Clarica and more" Chelsea felt a tear go down her face, she loved them all, her family had a very close bond, she missed the days being with her mother, as her mind shows her messing with Marissa, when they do sleep they sleep together in their nest as a family, until one night she lost them all, she was along for 15 years until she got Ruby Gillman who happens to be the daughter of the one know as the mermaid queen slayer Agatha.

Ruby hugs Chelsea close.

"It is a dream come true to have a real-life mermaid as my bestie" Ruby smiles.

Chelsea hugs back as her mind thinks of somthing she had planned to give Ruby a surprise.

Hours later.

hen the door opens and Chelsea blocks somthing then moves out to show.

Ruby eyes widen "Chelsea?"

There is a dress of translucent and fluorescent purple fabric with countless bright blue sparkles.

Ruby turns her head to chelsea in pure shock

"You made this?" Ruby asked speechless "for me?".

Chelsea smiles then Rubys hugs her, the demon's eyes widen as Ruby holds her mermaid friend.

"Thank you" as tears go down her face of joy.

Chelsea hugs her back.

Ruby felt the happiest giant kraken in the world.

Near a huge amount of dolls, on top a snake, a panda, a lion, four penguins, a cat with hat and boots, a wolf in dark grey cloths and two weapons scythes, three bears and a human doll with mess cloths and blond hair, another black colored girl cat, a peaco*ck thats white with red.

"Ok" Ruby was blushing then gets out a colorful box of white, pink, blue, red and hands it to Chelsea.

The red eyes of chelsea looked at the box, then she looks at ruby, show is blushing, Chelsea slowly takes it then removes the lid, then her demon eyes widen surprised and speechless, she fast looks at ruby then looks down, she place her hands in then out comes a doll, this doll was made by elves, a mermaid looks like a normal mermaid, dark brown hair, deep green tail, reddish brown fins,, the doll looks cute with small red eyes and a smile.

Chelsea could not believe this then looks at ruby then back at the doll.

"Do you like it?" Ruby asked nervously.

As chelsea looks at from the doll to ruby then the doll.

"I thought i could get something that can help be there when you get those horrible nightmares" ruby said "go on give her a press"

Chelsea looked with one brow then press the doll them.

"I love you".

This surprised the mermaid she does it again.


Chelsea looks back at ruby.

"Thank you but you did not have to do that"

"I wanted to thank you, sense you came into my life you made me the happiness gillman in town" Ruby blush as she smiles at chelsea "i hope the doll helps you at night bestie".

Chelsea smiles at this.

"Thats so sweet of you my guppy girl" chelsea smiles then holds the doll close then.

"Love you fellow mermaid".

Chelsea holds the doll tight as if she is hugging another mermaid, somthing she never got to do in 15 years now,

Ruby smiles.

Then Chelsea hugs Ruby close, she felt so happy.

"Everything is right in the world" she said in a wam voice a light in the dakness as she holds her super sea girl besite.

Since then Ruby and Chelsea's bond has grown and they choose to say at the house and its safe from Gordon and Emerald's forces out there, and wait until the time is right to get the trident of Oceanus.

The two enjoy being togather.

Then cuts to Chelsea as a mermaid standing and moving on her tail helping Ruby to dance for prom, then shows the two play together in Ruby's room, then shows the two on the bed as Chelsea holds Ruby like a plushie, then shows them in the path messing each other up.

it's now Friday.

Ruby had something in mind to ask Chelsea as she looked at the pages about mermaids, it showed the mermaid kingdom, shows bearly any information about it what was it like, and what was their lives like besides killing, in the book did say they mostly in groups and very social demons, as she looks a the art shows many mermaids resting together and looked so peaceful.

"Chelsea" Ruby turns her head to her super sea girl bestie.

Chelsea turns her head to Ruby.

"I was going to ask" Ruby starts "I looked up in the book and there's information about it" Ruby hops closer "I was going to ask about-".

"If you're hoping I take you there," Chelsea said making it clear "there is no more mermaid kingdom is all gone".

"Wait gone as in no ruins?" Ruby was surprised she was sure there must be somthing left "Sure somthing must remin".

"There is nothing, the Kraken kingdom ripped every last bit of it like it was never there" Chelsea looked at her then looked away "Your Grandmother make sure of it and lay waste to the mermaid kingdom by using the brine" She gripped her fits "My home!" The mermaid looked in sorrow "Sorry I can't show you".

Ruby felt sad for her bestie.

"OK Ruby I will be out for some time" Chelsea gets her disguise on "Will you be ok?" The demon asked.

"I be ok" Ruby smiles at her.

Chelsea looks away then leaves.

Ruby was out.

But then Gordon in his bus boat appears then Brill pops out, he looks scared out of his mind, Then Gordon leaves not before looking at Ruby as he drives off.

"Ruby the devil whales have been spotted and heading straight for the Kraken kingdom"! Brill said in a panic.

Ruby looked shocked what, oh no she looks around painc.

Ruby then runs for it, getting out the book she looks up fast and sees about the Devil whale, it looks like the whale she saved, but with red eyes, light brown body with white under body, only the head, and chest is dark red like blood and more teeth, she looks up the stats, weak thunder, HP 135.

Chelsea shows up.

"Hold my book" Ruby place the book to Chelsea who holds it and looked like whats going on then Ruby runs then goes back and kiss Chelsea on the cheek then leaves, leaving a surprised and worried Chelsea behind.

Ruby is running straight for the ocean on the pier, then dives into the sea, turns into her giant kraken form and rush to stop the devil whales.

She swims as fast as she can, through the sea, luckly Chelsea' training is paying off then goes though the cayons then sees the kingdom ahead, then goes inside though the tunnels fast then enters the throne room in painic.


"Yes" its Emerald kindly.

Ruby looks around "But i though there was -"

"Devil whales?" Emerald said then gets her arm on Ruby "The ocean will always need a Ginat Kraken, and a Ginat Kraken will always answer the call!".

Ruby rushes here for nothing.

"I was told a pack of devil whales are attacking".

"Oh deary we will have killed the monsters" Emerald said with no shame "Evil freaks".

This made Ruby sad the way she spoke as it they are just evil monsters, she knows they are not.

"Tell me dear i sure you heard about the dragon!".

"Well yes" Ruby said keeping the part out she meet the dragon and leand the truth.

"This pathetic dogma of dragons" Emerald said "Since it started that beast is here, mermaids are showing up inland" she grip her fist "as soon as i have that trident i will end them, End their miserable existence for FOREVER!".

This made Ruby on edge if she ever found out about Chelsea she shakes her head not to like to think of it.

"Come Ruby I think you will like this" Emerald leads her.

Emerald shows Ruby around the kingdom, Ruby sees all have vust history, squid glass chandliers, jewel encrusted towers and massive stautes, she sees more of her kind Cecaelias, from adults, teens, kids to even babies.

All the sea life in the kingdom too.

Eeven talking ones made by the kingdom.

"Agatha the trator" A cecaelia said with anger.

Ruby was on edge of this as she swims.

As the two swims above then go up though the thw walls covered in carvings of sea animals, octopus, fish, jelleyfish, sharkes, xiphactinus, ammonites, trilobites and more.

Ruby notces a lot of golden and green is her grandmother's place all over, anti-mermaid propaganda and demon everywhere, even on some structures of budlings, they where going all around the kingdom then arrive back at the throne room.

"You looked surprised sees all of this?" Emerald said wantes to know why.

"Well I before coming here like two times before I never seen anything" Ruby said "of our kind".

"You mean Agatha never told you?" Emeald asked with her hands up on the sides "About her battle with Nerissa?".

"Nope" Ruby replies and thats the truth she was never told of this, not by her mother of course and still not.

"I swear-" Emerald satrts to get angry "That woman is holding you back!" then calms down "I take it she never told you of your family".

"Well my aunt Alleria did say I had other family members of my kind in the past" Ruby said.

"WHAT!!" Emerald gets more mad "That woman she never said of our family!, and that elf is your aunt?!".

"You mean Alleria and her family they have helped us for the last 15 years" Ruby felt she ned to defened her elf family friends.

"Oh i see" Emerald said trying to keep clam "I know Alleria, she's the elf general of the elf kingdom and part of the wyrm hunt for the dragon Arisen" she moves right "I take it she and some of theose elves are your aunts".

"Well yes and one of my elf cousins is the slayer Oceanid".

"I hear the dragon speared her" Emerald saying with one brow up.

"She is destined to battle the dragon like the last Slayer' Ruby said in sorrow for her "15 years ago".

"Ah yes I hear word that the dragon attacked the elf kingdom" Emerald said "out of all its chose a teenager" in a rude way.

Ruby did not like that why she said that Oceanid is as sweet, kind, and she fought the hydra to protect.

"She did slay the hydra that attacked me" Ruby said to protect Oceanid's honour.

"Did she?!" Emerald said, "You know if you had trained you can take out that hydra and you would not have to hide you could fight them like I can".

Ruby can't show her the powers she's got no, she will not show her or she will find out of her super sea girl bestie.

"Come I think its time I do somthing your mother failed to do" Emerald leands.

Ruby starts to sees redflags, big ones and its not her mind messing her up.

"I can see you as a mighty warrior" Emerald said as she siwms right around her "A queen, ruler of the seven seas, bane of demons".

She does not want that as her life.

"This Ruby is what you ment to be" Emeral said moving around "A hero that will rid the world of these monsters" she looked at the statues of the mermaids fro a second "thoese lowlives once we have the trident fianly finish the job of riding thoese parasites, the trident belongs to us and with it no one will stand in our way, the seas are ours by right".

Ruby moves back a bit as her mind shows her kin are cruel on anyone.

"I would say let go of what you was" Emerald said "Take the lesson's from me instead of Agatha, i can give you more then she could ever have, she kept you in the dark, never let you in the sea all thoese years, lied to you" she place her hands as she is behind Ruby on her shoulders "Think I can give you the life you wanted and be accepted i'm sure that what you really wanted".

"Why are you doing this?" Ruby asked out once.

"Doing what?" Emerald said "Dear?".

"Why do that to beings like mermaids" Ruby said "Why do all this?" Ruby the teenager asked like whats the reason!.

"Its simple" Emerald swims to the mermaid statue a normal one "When I was your age" she place a finger on the stautes "I went out to do what my mother would do, I went to a mermaid nest, found my first mermaid and kill it" then slaps the staute "then i killed them all in the nest" she makes is sound it is heroic.

Ruby looked of horror.

"This act hailed me a hero" Emerald smiled "Our kind have try to rid of them, it was only me that took the next step, we were so close, until" then swims to Nerissa "THIS ONE" Then punch the staute breaking the top of it "That cursed mermaid, she was not like anyone we ever seen, that parasite even made a kingdom and gathered many mermaids and even got other demons and that ACCCUSED FAMILY!".

Ruby unlike the first visit she knows Nerissa is not what her grandmother said she is, Nerissa and the Van Der Zee are Chelsea's family and Nerissa was not a villain, nor did she wanted to take the throne.

"We try to rid of them, but then that Dragon came!" Emerald yells looking at the red dragon staute as Emerald fires beams at it breaking its head off, "More of them showed up, then that bitch found the trident and can turn into a monster kin to a dragon!".

Ruby looks at the dragon mermaid dark red tail, grey blue large fins, messy white hair, black markes on the white face and red eyes.

"She took many of our family!"

Ruby's mind shows Nerissa attack using the trident as mass of smoke appar around her and the trident, then changes to Nerissa breathing dragon fire at two giant kraken killing them.

"Blast Nerissa Van Der Zee!" Emerald said "That beast dares usurp my throne, atrocities aginst the family and my rule!, if I could cage her i would have that little wretch locked up for the rest of her miserble life, THAT WRETCHED PIECE OF SCUM!" she yells loud cause the room to shake even fact most of the kingdom!.

Ruby wanted to leave, this was a mistake she should never come here, as she turns to leaves, pasting the stautes non mach the real ones, but then Her grandmother stops her right at her tracks.

"There you are Ruby" Emerald said coming to her.

Its clear to Ruby, she is trying to get her to stay, all she was doing was to get her to stay.

"I am still glad you came here" Emerald starts clear somthing is up "It mean's you can fulfil your destiny, you are the princess".

Ruby should seen this coming "I just came here to learn of the what i am and what was my family, not to rule or fight in some cruel war".

"Why do you keep refusing my offer Ruby" she got her hand on ruby's shoulder.

"Look this is not me" Ruby said trying to keep cool "I just Ruby Gillman normal teenager".

"Oh that again" She said rude "Ruby Gillman normal teenager" She does ruby's voice then looks stream "This is the life you meant to have".

"Ok thats not nice" Ruby resist "I'm my mom's daughter".

"You mean my granddaughter" Emerald said "my heir".

"This is you trying to get your way" she looks away "its no wonder why mom left, took me and dad".

"Here we go again" grandma snapped "sound just like your mother".

"At least she did not rise me as a image of her glory" Ruby said.

"Thats true she had to stay small and hide" Grandma snapped "fear of those monsters, this is your destiny, you are meant to take".

"No" Ruby said at once.

"Don't no me" grandma threat Moves closer to Ruby "I will train you if you like it or not, you will help me find the trident and rid of thoese beasts, these mermaids, Sirens!" she grips "Makes me sick of even say that name!".

"You don't even know them!"..

"Small pathetic" She yells at Ruby's face "Sea parasites, we would have rid of them, if not for your mother, she slew that monster, that disgraced so-called queen, rid of that lowlife family, only for her to hide the trident it was ours!, the trident belongs to this kingdom to my rule!, with it no one would ever dear challenged us, our rule of the seas and crush them all!".

Ruby is horrified by this How could her grandma be so casual about mass genocide and massacre them for being what they are? why treat them so horribly, what is this kingdom going to gain from it?

"You got the powers I know you do" Emerald snaps "Stop doing this, you are only going to make it worse on yourself".

"They used manipulation to get what they want" the Dragon's voice rings in Ruby's head "Your life means nothing to the one mad for power".

"You're a giant Kraken" Emerald calls "Always answer the call!"

Her mind raze the stautes in the hall of monsters then charges to the real ones with rage.

"We are the rightful rules and yet you stayed small" She taunts.

Ruby sees so many red flags telling her it's not good.

"look I have to get home" Ruby tries to leave wanting to get out of there.

"Thats right swim away!" Emerald calls out "Oh look Agatha's daughter is a shy coward!, the family if still alive will be so disappointed, like they would with your Mother-".

Then she gets slammed to a wall by a very angry Ruby, bearing her teeth, her eyes red.

Then she used her powers and sped out.

Ruby swims fast as she can, how could she done that, She wish she never gone back there, as voices ring in her head, her mothr a trator, her kind and the talking animals on the kingdom spoke of demons and mermaids are monsters.

Later Ruby returns to the Town and runs into Brill at the pier.

"Ruby there you are" Brill said "are you ok kiddo?".

"Brill" Ruby said "why did you tell me about the devil whales!".

"I'm sorry i just got scared an-"

"Got me back to the kraken kingdom!" Ruby said angry at him "back to my grandmother!".

"She did do anything bad right?" Brill asked.

"Bad?!" Ruby snaps, she looked away angry.

"Oh no you mom will kill me!" then grabs Ruby to try and help, then palce her down.

Ruby grons angry then looks and sees Brill, he looks hurt and sad.

"I'm really sorry" Ruby said with remorse "Uncle brill" then hugged him.

He froze then hugged back "its nice to have this after 15 years".

Ruby eyes widen "what?".

Ruby is shocked what can of mother does not hug her son!, if her mom had a son she should hug him.

As the lights are coming on, the sun is setting as sea mist comes in.

In not long Ruby and Brill arrives back at the house.

"Let's keep this to ourselves" Ruby said.

"You go girl" Brill said "and thank you, i never felt so happy to finaly be part of somthing great".

As they wave goodbye, Ruby shuts the door.

"Chelsea?" she calls, "Bestie?", Ruby goes upstairs to her room, opens the door and finds she is not there, she cheeks the bathroom in case she's in the tub, but nothing, she then sees her book on the bed she handed to Chelsea before she left.

"Oh no," Ruby said.

At the same time, Oceanid is trying to stop a madman who is playing god using pawns to do his work with a strange power.

"What have you done" Oceanid yells "You would betray us and for what to play god!!".

"Slayer," he said made of power "You all are too soft, I putting an end to this, once it's under my will no one will dare get in the way" he gets out "With this the godsbane this will end, I will not stop until I end this loathsome dogma of dragons!!" he yells.

"You're making things worse!" The Slayer yells "You are wrong about dragons and their kin!".


"So you and your kind can do whatever you want!" Oceanid snapped "I have seen what you all do and you know what I agree with the Dragon" Oceanid was getting angry "You only want them out because of your pride, it's no wonder why they and the demons kill its their nature, to kill monsters like you!!!".

"You care about them, then you and you wretched kind can join them!" The Man yells "These beasts, freaks, the world be a better place without them all".

Then out comes the Dragon itself, it grips its fists as it moves at full speed and then lands down hard, sending the man flying, it stands up looking angry then breathes fire all around with rage, destroying the man's weapons and artefacts of the old gods.

He throws the godsbane at it and does nothing as it hits through like air, the dragon grabs it and then turns it to nothing.

"How!" the madman said with horror "The godsbane was meant to work?" he looked at Oceanid "Curse you, Slayer, you and that beast are nothing but freaks, no one would ever love or care for you, I hope you both rot, villains!" then dies.

Agatha, Arthur and Alleria see all of this as their eyes are on the alpha.

The Dragon moves forward eyes on the Slayer.

"Greetings, Slayer" It narrows its red eyes "Have you got the resolution to face me? Like the night we meet!".

Oceanid did not see this coming.

"Tell me Daughter of elves," The Dragon says to the Slayer "After I let you live, you did not go home and hide yourself away, you keep protecting" Then looks at Agatha and Arthur then looks back at the Slayer "I know you have seen the darkness, the real monsters".

Oceanid looks at her family then back to the Dragon.

"Then answer me this" It lifted its right hand "Why do you fight?" the Dragon asked.

Oceanid looks with horror, knowing what the alpha is thinking.

"Is it reclaim your life?, your Story?, your fate?"

Oceanid has her hand on her chest.

"Or is it under orders of those that fear me" The Dragon has its right eyebrow up "Want me destroyed see me and others as monsters, as villains of this story".

Oceanid feels as if she is with another of her kind in the form of The Dragon as if they are the same being.

"Slayer," The dragon said "Show me the path you now walk".

Agatha and Arthur froze, the dragon will kill their daughter Ruby.

Oceanid grips her fists and then looks at the Dragon.

"I get it you're angry, so was I of this madness!" Oceanid said to it "I can't let you do it!" she yells.

"Intriguing.. this is your will" The dragon did not say out of anger it wanted to see the teenager's will.

Oceanid looks at her family once last time knowing there can only be one alive as she looks at a photo of her family with the Gillmans and Ruby, this is for those she loves.

"Now is our time, I as The Dragon," it said in a calm voice "And you as the Slayer".

The Dragon lends now closer to the Slayer.

"Come with me," The Dragon said "We shall finish what was started, you and I can't hide what we truly are".

Oceanid knows this too well, she looks at them then goes to the dragon, and she lets it take her.

Then the Dragon goes up into the air and it takes Oceanid with it.

The Dragon flies as it holds Oceanid close to its chest as if a mother holding her child.

"You still protect them from me right?" The Dragon asked.

"Yes I still can't let you" Oceanid replies.

"Even the darkness, answer me this how much darkness have you seen, i know you have"

Oceanid knows what it's saying and has seen it herself and it hurts her deeply.

"And that town as we speak a darkness grows before I came," The dragon said as they kept going "Living in such a world is no simple matter, the world shall not change with my death, nor shall it change with yours, consider it, think well Slayer, in this false benevolence all lies in this world!" a bit of anger comes out from the dragon.

Oceanid as questions herself to ask the Dragon.

"Why did you not kill me that night!".

"It's simple Slayer" The Dragon replies as they go through the dark sky "When I see you, you stood up to me, I saw something, I merely look into your eyes to know what I see in you Ocean one".

Oceanid thinks of this as the Dragon still has its hand and arm on her.

"We both stood out of each other's kin," The dragon said "I stood out from the other dragons, and you stood out from the elves, both seen as monsters by the world that are not demons or elfkin, now a final fight between two beings outcasts of worlds that are so much similar".

"I hear from my enemies telling me how much we have in common!" Oceanid said back.

"You and I's nature is so much alike" The Dragon replies "We both know the truth of world and the darkness, real monsters, you and I, is like a coin, think Slayer, I will know my answer".

The Dragon keeps flying fast as it passes the sea, just above the Kraken kingdom.

"Is this your own doing? Or is this the work of others to get you in this PATH!!" the Dragon said a bit of anger in the end "Is this your own will, by your making!" The dragon's eyes of rage then it has its right eye on her "You still a girl, a girl with dreams and hopes in a messed up world, there will always be monsters, there always be dragons like me and slayers like you, Slayer a teenager will you slay me or be slain by me? I do not know how this story ends?".

They arrive at an island in the centre are the ruins of a kingdom long ago.

"It's time now SLAYER, ONLY ONE OF US IS GETTING OUT OF THIS ALIVE!!!" the dragon roars then drops Oceanid down.

Oceanid's chest glows react to the dragon's rage.

"Tell me Slayer" then lands "What is your reason?"

Oceanid knows it's fight or die as she gets her daggers out.

The Dragons stand up then roar so loud.

All the way to Oceanside.

Everyone heard it.

Ruby looking for Chelsea hears the roar and heads back to the house and finds her parents.

The Kraken kingdom hears this as everyone stops what they are doing, as Emerald is on her throne.

The elf kingdom Oceanid's mother Nerid is in tears over losing her baby to the Dragon.

Later as the fight goes on.

"I WILL DESTROY THAT TOWN, YOU HEAR ME!!" The Dragon roars as it breaths fire at the Slayer

Oceanid is doing all she can in fighting the dragon as it then casts 15 ice spikes and then 15 thunderbolts.

"COME SLAYER!!" the Dragon yells "YOU AND I ARE THE SAME!!".

As it breathes fire all around.


Oceanid then casts ice spells as she dodges it fist slam, then breaths fire in three sweeps then tail slams.

"Demonstrate your will" As it breathes fire all around with rage and hate then rears up then roars blast.

At the Gillman house.

"She's fighting the DRAGON!!" Ruby panics "THIS CAN'T BE HAPPING!!".

Agatha does not know what to do but holds her daughter.

All wait

Gordon in his Boat with Davey waits at sea near the pier, he moves around and looks angry at the messed up drawing of a redhead mermaid, then throws a dagger at it, as he gets something he removes the cloth and shows a cage, he smiles as he ready the bomb, that said mermaid doom, for his plan as he gets in front and starts the drive off.

Later the dragon rears up and then goes down as it roars.

"It's now I'm the one who is slain in the end" The dragon spoke as it slowly rose its head its got not long until it's gone forever.

Oceanid felt as her tears went down her face of her now pale face with black tears.

"Hear this Slayer" the dragon spoke not out of rage but in the warm voice of a parent "A darkness is forming in that town, a tale of Ruby and Chelsea the giant kraken and mermaid, my death at your hands means I can't stop it" it gets closer dragging itself to the Slayer "maybe you, can put an end to this"

Oceanid moves closer.

"You proof to me this is your own doing, not by the hands of a tyrant mad for power or a daughter driven by fear" The Dragon's head is closer to the Slayer "Your life, your story is your own, by your own making, not preordained, maybe you can stop it, that is happening Oceanid," it said her name for the first time "Remember this" as it gets its head to her.

Oceanid is in tears as she leans her head toward the dragon, elf and dragon, both standouts of their kin, the slayer and the alpha.

Then the Dragon rise its head up for one last time as it's body its turns black then fades away.

Oceanid reaches her right hand as if trying to stop as she falls down on her knees.

Her hands dropped on the ground tears went down her face.

In the Gillman's house

Then Ruby felt something and got up from the sofa.

"Ruby?" Agatha asked.

Ruby could not believe it "The Dragon is slain!".

Then Alleria burst in "We all felt it, Oceanid has won".

All the Gillmans went to her.

"The dragon is dead" the speaker is con outside "I repeat the dragon is dead!".

Ruby could not believe all of the town, her family, and her friends were going to live.

At the elf kingdom the elf queen who is Alleria's grandmother and mother of many, felt it as the other elves in the chamber felt it too, Oceanid's mother felt it.

But at this point, it was very late in the night, and people could now sleep with no fear knowing it was dead many went to sleep knowing they were going to live.

The next morning watch is half 12 as Ruby heads downstairs and sees there more people in the house.

” Hi Ruby" it's her mother she looks like she trying to get things ready "You ok honey".

Ruby heads to her "Getting ready for something?".

"The launch party is happening it going to help people that have no homes to the dragon" Agatha said "and it's part of the celebration that the Dragon's dogma is over".

Hi Ruby a white hair elf hugs her, Ruby's face is in the breasts of this elf, and she is a huger after she lets go "Oh is so good to see you" she said happily then some of her kids come here, five teenagers three children, two teenagers are holding their baby sisters, she turns to pick her little ones up then sat on the sofa ready to breastfeed them.

Then more hug Ruby after every elf hugs Ruby after, she sees one is missing.

"Hows Oceanid?"

"She's ok she ferrystone back here last night she just sleeping now is best to let her after battling the dragon, she was in a bad state.
Last night Oceanid appeared out of nowhere in the house pale and weak.

"Oceanid" Agatha gets to the Slayer.

Alleria helps Oceanid, as Arthur grabs a healing item to help.

Then the door opens another elf arrives its Neraid, Oceanid's mother.

"Oceanid!" she then holds her baby.

Oceanid eyes open and looks like she is trying to say something, but she then out cold.

"Oceanid and her mother will stay at here with most of the kids" Agatha said.

Arthur comes to them "I man the grill. From chill man to grill man" he poses "Brill wants to join is that ok?".

"OK course he can be part of the family after all" Agatha said warm voice she loves having her brother here "and some of the kittens will join us".

Three kittens all got boxes of a sweet treat called mow kittens, in the shape of a baby cat and pink in colour.

"I got to finish the preparations for my big launch party later today," Agatha said as she got ready to leave "and Alleria is getting the vanguard to keep us at the party" Then she went to Ruby and hugged her close.

"Mom is that ok if I asked you something?" Ruby asked as they held hands.

"Is it prom?" Agatha asked "Because it's a yes" She smiled.


"Yes I felt I have been so mean about it and I feel you need it," Agatha said "You can go to the dance and I hope you have a great time".

Ruby smiles.

Not long Ruby is in her room looking up at the demons wanted to see if the dragon's death had caused the demons' anger to less, but it did not and they are still angry there on the isles, is Chelsea with them, as she hopes to see a mermaid with them as she looks up a video whos pair of chimeras, a drake on a rock looking out, many phantoms, a medusa and a minotaur moving about, Ruby looks at drawings she made of demons as she looks at a drake, a chimera, a talos as she looks up a video of a massive talos during the dragon's dogma 15 years ago, her mother and father fought with the elves to stop it from coming to Oceanside the town as flocks of harpies in the air, Ruby chose not to go even more and just look up the video she made for Chelsea, she felt proud what she did, she smiles then goes to the bed and hugs the doll, she misses her and this somthing she wants to tell the mermaid before she tried a few times to tell her, but as soon as Chelsea shows up she will tell her.

As it's going on the number of demons is showing up more as a Gore chimera, a Gore cyclops, a Gore minotaur and many others are about, the demon's anger is getting worse not calming down, and the dragon's death has not ended the madness.

Later she got her dress on, and she looks herself in the mirror wearing a pearl crown, on her head, her arms lined with some type of bright fluorescent material, and a on her left wrist is a flower, she smiled at the mirror then looked sad, as her mind shows her wearing the dress for the frist time as Chelsea helps her.

Then cuts to when Ruby is trying on her dress as Chelsea helps.

"Look at you" Chelsea smiles.

Both look at the mirror.

"You are going to blow the party," Chelsea said proudly, as she held Ruby close -----

Then Chelsea hugs Ruby from behind, and Ruby smiles back.

Ruby looks sad then shakes her head.

"Ok Ruby you got this" Ruby said then used her clothes to change power back to her normal clothes "You just need to get to the prom boat, meet with Connor and have a completely fun night", as she headed downstairs.

Later at the school dock, the kids gather ready to party.

I'm so excited" One girl said.

"This is going to be a night to remember," One boy said.

"On the board everyone!' Tonight is the big night" Principal's voice "part of the celebration over the dragon".

Margot is in her fancy suit awaiting her girlfriend, as Trevin hears is a green suit and Bliss wears a gothic dress.

"Where's Ruby?" Margot said as they were on the boat, they looked for her, and they passed the number of people.

Then Connor in his suit with a white flower appears he too is looking for Ruby.

Margot's girlfriend Kayla who is her baby girl, wears a short dress with a dark red jacket.

As the music starts playing (Its party time from "Hotel Transylvania 3").

♪It's party time♪

Everyone one board only but Ruby, then out of nowhere Ruby appeared in her dress, this caught all of guard.

Everyone cheers, to Ruby.

The girl with the board said marry me in gold.

"I love you so much!".

Ruby is so surprised by this, she got all this attention, but she never got this nor did she see it coming.

As if Ruby Gillman is the new Chelsea.

"Ruby for Prom queen!" a boy calls out.

Her three friends are shocked and amazed as they make their way to Ruby.

"Wow," Margot said "this is amazing".

"AH thanks Margot" Ruby smiles as it was Chelsea who made the dress.

"You got your wish," Bliss said.

They hug her close and she hugs them back as they let go then she sees someone, Connor who is wearing a purple suit with a white flower on it.

Connor idling by some students looking at her shyly yet admirably, the two walk to each other.

"Hey, you!" Ruby said waving her right hand.

"Ruby… H-hey! So… that was YOU out there?" Connor said "You did come after all, Margot told me your mom lets you go".

"She did," Ruby said.

"Makes sense now the dragon is gone thanks to the Slayer she won" Connor looks shy "That was… wow".

"Hehe… thanks" Ruby is shy just like him as if both are alike.

Connor smiles back at her and shyly closes his eyes a bit before opening them to speak.

Ruby/Connor said "Connor…Ruby…" at once.

"Oh! You go!" Connor said.

Oh not agian "No, you go! Okay, wait, I’ll go! …Connor?" Ruby starts this is it "Will you go to Prom with me?"

Connor puts his finger for one second, then gets out a calculator and does something, he then hands it to her.

Ruby looks at it and sees a quadratic derivative graph that writes out yes in blue and purple, she then looks back at Connor who is smiling at her.

"Wait… Connor, are these quadratic derivative graphs?" Ruby said with surprise.

"Let’s just say… I had a really great tutor" He said he meant Ruby with a smile on his face.

Ruby takes Connor’s hand, and suddenly flings him across the dance floor, her arm stretching a bit. She holds him still to make sure he doesn’t lose his balance, spins towards him, and then holds him in her arms, just like in her daydreaming.

"Let’s dance!" Ruby said as they danced, the others started dancing and eating.

A while later as the music is on a a DJ wearing a mermaid costume, he wants to rock the party tonight.

Ruby got what she wanted, she got her crush Connor and she was at Prom, in a dress, and she felt she finally fit in after a long time, this was finally it.

Ruby dances up to Margot and Kayla, who are wildly dancing together as Margot with a goofy smile on her face then hugs Kayla close, and then to Trevin and Bliss who are dancing a bit more slowly, dare one say romantic way, as in they are in love, watch no one is surprised by this as Trevin acting like a gentleman a big gentleman as Bliss looks so happy.

Connor makes a motion that looks like him reeling a fishing pole, and Ruby funnily dances up to him like he caught her. Margot, Kayla, Trevin and Bliss are in a group dance, as Ruby's body bends in many shapes, having a great time.

Later as the party keeps going, Ruby starts to feel down there is still no sign from Chelsea, she overlooks the sea in hopes she is there, she hopes to see red hair and a teal tail, she looks down and feels sad, she plans to have Chelsea be at prom with her and have fun together with her crush and friends

"Ruby?" Its Connor.

Ruby turns her head to him with a smile on her face for the boy of her dreams and daydreams.

"Ruby I'm glad you broke away from her," Connor said "And this toxic so-called friendship, you are free".

Ruby felt her heart breaking as her body shook, and then she saw something a hole, what a second, it was the location of Chelsea's lair, it looked like it had been blown up by a bomb.

Ruby froze at this no.

"Mermaid" Gordon's voice "Little mermaid, Mermaid a holy, Little mermaid".

"I can't believe I met a mermaid," a girl said the one that had the hots for her.

"The sea monster," the boy said who had the hots for her.

"Sea devil," a girl said.

"Ruby?!" It's Margot "you might want to see this".

She shows a video.

"15 years ago a mermaid showed up and now I finally know who she is," Gordon in the video said.

Then shows Chelsea at the school 'You are gorgeous', then changes to a video that shows Chelsea as a mermaid in the air then slams into the water, and it shows Gordon despite the dragon around.

"That's right, that so-called new girl is the mermaid all this time and she works for the dragon, the beast is dead, but it's her fault she brings the demons here, and she brought the hydra here" as he shows a video of the hydra attack at the school, attack all but Chelsea "She brought the demons here and here is proof".

he shows a scroll, a red-haired mermaid with a trident with demons and behind her a Great dragon roaring, the mermaid looking like shaped teeth and an evil smile.

"You see she brought the dragon here, she brought all the demons to the isles the sea monster did all this!".

Ruby's mouth dropped in horror, where did he get that scroll?, None of that is her super sea girl bestie doing.

"I knew she was a monster," Margot said.

"She is the mermaid all this time," Connor said "She brought the hydra here that nearly got me killed," Connor said with anger.

Ruby's heart is breaking then.

"Mermaid" Gordon's voice keeps coming from the kids' phones.

All know now, Ruby looked at her friends with horror then at Connor, she felt betrayed by him.

"Booo!", "Hist!", "Lair!", "Fraud!", "Impostor!", "Traitor!", "She's a phoney!", "She's a fake!" many kids start staying.

"Lair, lair tail fish on fire!" .

Everyone has turned against the mermaid, Chelsea, Chelsea Van Der Zee.

Ruby felt everything was falling apart, if Chelsea had seen this, she would been hurt or worse the demon would have started killing the kids with pure rage.

"A darkness is growing in that town" the Dragon's voice "It's only a matter of time before they will rise, they want nothing than the town's deaths like the rest of us, blood to spill".

Ruby's mind raze.

"Children can be monsters so it's no different than the rest by the end, as this not occurred to you, in that town, the way they treated the mermaid" The Dragon's voice.

"She brought the demons," A boy said.

Ruby's mind shows the time she ran into the dragon "In time you will see, the darkness within all and some will come to hit you very hard" the dragon's voice in Ruby's head then shows the dragon and other demons as the drake looks at Ruby with anger along with others as they leave with the dragon.

"She brought the dragon!'.

Then sees Chelsea poster as kids throw food at it.

Ruby holds her own hands, this can't not be happening.

As her mind shows Chelsea change to a very hurt teenage girl in sorrow and pain.

"I bet she is the villain and Ruby is the hero," a girl said "Ruby would take that monster out and rot in that cage.

"Yep Ruby takes down that monster," a boy said.

"Oh really you still think the world can be a better place it never has and never will" the dragon's voice.

Ruby is gett really on edge of this, words of her bestie.

"I hope she rots once Gordon gets her"

"We can throw cans at the monster".

Ruby felt her heart hurt by this how can everyone be so mean.

"She deserves it".

"Let her rot in the cage".

"The sooner the better".

"All your life, you were told we are monsters, but we are not even the real monster here!!"

Ruby's mind razes the mermaids of Nerissa's death to Chelsea's mad state, shows Chelsea's past on a boat with blood and rip part bodies as Chelsea roars of rage.

In voices of her grandmother ring in her head.

"This act hailed me a hero".

Ruby's mind is out and moving around.

"That beast dares usurp my throne, atrocities against the family and my rule! if I could cage her I would have that little wretch locked up for the rest of her miserable life, THAT WRETCHED PIECE OF SCUM!".

"More of them showed up, then that bitch found the trident and can turn into a monster kin to a dragon!".

"I see give her a con dog and lets the seabirds mess and poop on her hair," a boy said.

"Cage her up forever".

"Dumb mermaid".

"It's going to be so funny seeing her in that cage".


Then Ruby sees Gordon's boat not far away and sees a cage, Gordon looks excited and he is live-stream.

She sees through her phone his live stream.

"This is Gordon here" he said on his live-stream "As you all see I got the trap ready and the weapon" she showed a bottle of dark red mist "With this, the brine we will expose the sea monster and show what she truly is" he said with rudeness and greed.

Ruby felt her heart breaking even more as this wonderful time as prom was not what really was.

"On Trevin, I hope you make a video of the sea monster," Bliss said.

"Yep and show all she is a monster" Margot said.

"Come Ruby" Connor turns to Ruby "That monster, a real-life monster is going to get the test of her own medicine".

Ruby felt she was about to break from the words her crush was saying.

"Chelsea is nothing but a monster selfish, vain, narcissist with mediocre hair" Connor said.

"Ruby you're going to be ok now" Margot said, "forget about her, she was a monster all this time".

This hurts Ruby deeply.

"Let us forget about that monster and-" as he reaches his hand to dance with his crush.


All looked surprised at this.

Connor looked with disbelieve "Ruby?".

"Oh come on you can't believe him" Ruby stands up "It's all lie!".

"Ruby she is a monster and lier," Connor said to her "Chelsea is a monster".

"No she's not" Ruby snapped "She's my super sea girl bestie!".

"Are you kiddning me?" Connor said with disbelieve "THAT so-called new girl has been a bad influence, ever since that beast showed up you have been with her, she has been using you, Ruby, using her mermaid powers on you".

"You don't know her!"

Ruby's friends know this is not going to be good.

"Don't take the voice-over me girly" Connor was losing it "The fact is, she been nothing, she took your credit the fact you saved me from death, that no doubt her doing, she brought the demons here, this is her witchy the hydra the other demon attacks is her doing, makes sense, forget about her, let the Gordon get this monster, she not even a demon, but a sea MONSTER and nothing more, be a real hero, but some puppet of that monster, and I hope she's rots".

"How dare you!" Ruby was losing it "Chelsea is not a villain, She is not-".

"It's clear to me, the mermaid has twisted your mind and turned you against us!" Connor said, "Get out of my sight as you always do!, always hiding, you chose the mermaid, and for that, we are not age-bros!, AND FOR OUR RURORING SESSIONS WE DON'T DO ANYMORE WE ARE FINISHED!!".

Ruby is shocked.

"CONNOR!!" Margot yells, that was too much on Ruby, she might be upset with her, that does not mean, you have to do that.

Ruby then pushes Connor to the floor, runs fast pasting people, gets to the edge then jumps into the sea, she turns giant form and glows, and everyone looks over.

"What was that?" a boy asked.

"RUBY!!" Margot calls "Where did you go?".

"The sea monster will get you" Bliss calls out worried.

"What mermaid she did this," Connor said with disgust "She ruined eveything, Ruby will come around".

Last night Chelsea was waiting for Ruby getting worried for her.

"C'mon Ruby where are you" Chelsea said really worried and on edge, she is alone.

Chelsea goes though the sweet in hopes Ruby shows up to avoid been seen.

Then sees a shop with cartoony mermaids, chelsea looks at them show them as lazy, vain, shallow, selfish creatures very denzel in distress, Chelsea looks away as a real mermaid she not liking this.

Chelsea then see something a man talking to kids its gordon lighthouse.

Gordon has his live-stream on "15 years ago I saw that mermaid, she broke by boat in half like a thunderbolt and its the reason my kraken escaped" Lighthouse said to the kids "Mermaids are vain, selfish, lure and attract humans with their enchantingly beautiful and melodic voices to send the humans to their demise" then moves closer to the kids "and soon I-"

"OM!" Gordon turns his head and next to him is Chelsea looked shocked "Are you live-streaming!" Chelsea looked at him "Ugh, my hair is terrible" Gordon looked annoyed so too is davey then tried to get back on track

"Now t-"

But then Chelsea places her hand on him and stops him right there "How many likes are we getting, though?"

Gordon looked angry, Davey snapping his claws.

Then the parents arrive and take the kids away.

Chelsea turns to leave but then.

"You ruined my show" Gordon said with crossed arms "Wait a second, aren't you the new girl?".

Chelsea stops "Yes" then turns around "i am".

Gordon gets right at her face.

Chelsea stood her ground part she wanted to kill this human, but stay her hand.

Gordon ends the live-stream walks angrily to his bus boat then gets on then looks back "I got my eye on you new girl" The crab was giving her a threatening look "And my other eye too" then drives away.

Chelsea then leaves thinking it best to get back to the house then runs into a statue, the creature looks like a mermaid shape fines, shape teeth, lifeless eyes, and claw hands, and the skin and tail are silver and grey in color, the hair is mess, chelsea moves back not scared then she nearly loss it she not liking what she seeing then tries to leave

Chelsea stops then her eyes widen.

"Mermaids vain beast".

"Power hungry".


"Got ourselves a little mermaid" Gordon's voice.

Monster, monster, monster,

"I will end your pathetic life here now!!" the kraken queen.

"We giant krakens are nobble protecters of the sea".

"I'm the hero here villain".

"i'm not evil, and misunderstood".

Her mind shows of her nightmare in the cage as she tries to show she not a monster only to be attack by the cab.

Then voices in her head appear about mermaids "Veil beast, power-hungry, cage her, you all never belong here" The voices keep going and going.

Then see a mermaid with red hair holding a trident it looks like her mother, with splat paint on it and sew they are throwing at it.

Chelsea felt her anger boiling her demonic power.

"You know that girl looks like the little mermaid," a man said looking at Chelsea.

"The one that sold her voice," the other said.

"For a man over her own family how selfish".

"I get she is the real one".

Her mind raze of what the beings of the sea say about her kind are not true.

"Power hungry".




Then a can is thrown at her, she turns and sees three boys about age seven.

"Take that" as another throws a can at her, Chelsea is trying to keep herself calm.

"Children can be monsters" The Dragon's voice.

"Hay" Chelsea yells at them "Got better things to do!"

"Come on guys it's getting boring"

They were gone.

Chelsea runs for it as fast as she can, then sees Gordon's boat at the water, talking to Brill whom she has not seen or known by name.

"I know that mermaid is about and we will get her" Gordon said.

Chelsea then hides behind a billboard.

Then thinks of after seening Ruby with her mother's killer
Then shows as a car is diving fast getting away from demons.

Chelsea is behind an old billboard.

"Finally after all these years, I found someone that's like me who can be my friend" Then her red eyes looked closer and noticed an enemy and to her shock said the enemy is Ruby's mother "Agatha", she wanted to get revenge on this one.

Just then a drake and a lindwurm burst from the trees, then the drake breaths fire at the car.

But they escaped as the two Dragonkin watched them escape.

Chelsea's eyes look of shock, then she gets out and moves on her tail, she looks back and sees the drake and lindwurm are leaving.

Harpies in the air with sirins.

A co*ckatrice lands as two ghouls appear next to it.

Chelsea leaves to follow them, as she passes some Alkonosts and Gamayuns above her.

Then cuts to Chelsea arriving in town and trying to look for where the Gillmans live, after a while she sees a car it's the same one, as she leaves then sees Ruby leave the house, Chelsea follows her all the way, as her hands are on the metal bars, then sees Ruby jump into the sea.

Then Cuts to Chelsea in the water as a mermaid.

Around the kelp forest not far from town, thinking of what she has just seen Ruby is the daughter of Agatha, thinking where she can find Ruby, then has a feeling, just then she hears sounds then sees Ruby is in danger from a man Gordon Lighthouse, she rushes at full speed then grabs the harpoon and turns it to dust.

Chelsea looks at her hands purple demonic smoke, she is upset and angry, she was at the lower part where the house is where the workshop is, its the closes with out been seen, so Chelsea moves closer, but her spell is down as she back as a mermaid, luckily there sea mist and will be dark, then sees Ruby talking to Brill, Chelsea would have gone to Ruby, but she can't and gets in Arthur's workshop.

Chelsea was thinking of waiting but then see a bottle and she knows who made this she grabs it it shows a ship and there a cage with a mermaid in it, with red hair and same color tail and fins as Chelsea, her mind raze of her nightmare.

Got ourselves a little mermaid davey" Gordon's voice.

Chelsea was in the cage left alone and forgotten as the gillmans are heros and they had her as the villain to be hate.

Chelsea then hears voices, monster monster monster, nock of, nock of, left her suffer, then she runs.

So this is what i am!" she said angry "the nasty stereotype of mermaids humans and others made-up!" chelsea snapped "helpless, clueless, naive, physically weak, submissive, and attractive females, that sailers go after to keep for their lust!" as she grips the bottle then its destroyed turn to nothing.

As smoke rise, then hears a voice.

"Lets keep this to ourselve" Ruby's voice.

"You go girl" Brill's voice "and thank you, i never felt so happy to finaly be part of somthing great".

Hears the door shuts.

"Chelsea?" she calls, "Bestie?".

Chelsea was in a demon state and fears she would attack Ruby and Ruby's family will be back soon as she heard Brill speaking about it.

Chelsea gets out of the workshop and rush to the water.

Just then as it dark, Gordon is about then sees red hair, teal tail and light orange fins.

"Its her!" Gordon said "We got ourselves a mermaid to hunt" Gordon runs trying to get to the boat and hunt her down.

Chelsea moves as fast as she can then jumps high then slams into the sea, as Gordon is right at her.

Chelsea then hears the voice of the dragon.

"Come to me mermaid, come to me"

Chelsea swims then as she nears the end of the kelp forest.

"I wait, your arrival" The Dragon's voice.

Ruby swims fast hoping to find Chelsea in time as she past though the kelp forest, she could not belive him, how dare he, her crush would do that!, she felt anger for him, are the demons getting aggrassive becuase what they doing about Chelsea is taht why, do they know whats happening and Gordon is after her, if he does anything this would anger the demons and might attack the town like her nightmare, she keeps going hoping to find her before he does before her grandmother, that scroll was from the kraken kingdom, how in blue sky, green earth and black sea did he get that?, this worries her deeply, did the dragon see this coming, she needs to find Chelsea and has a idea to how to protect her from anyone, even Connor as her rage at him grows, he does not even know her and yet its like he does.

Chelsea was heading back hopping to sees Ruby she knows its prom night so she plan to see her there, as the mermaid swims though the kelp forest at high speed.

She felt some anger in herself of this darkness and so too do the other demons on the isles, she wants to do now is get to Ruby, as the dragon's words ring in her head and makes her feel sad, anger and she hopes, the dragon did not mean-, when Ruby appaers.

"Chelsea" Ruby calls out, as she turns right.

The mermaid stops in her tracks and sees Ruby in giant kraken form,

"So" Chelsea starts "did you go there?", asking as she knows its prom night, she was planning to meet her at the prom boat.

Ruby looks at Chelsea, and thinks what to say "I was there and was good" Ruby said.

"Well, then how why you are not there now?" Chelsea asked, like why are you out here inside at prom with your dream guy?.

"I-"Ruby though she can't tell her, she's been hunted and eveyone hates her now "change of plan we get the trident", she knows its time to get it, once Chelsea is safe, they go and get the trident and Chelsea used it to find the soure of the demons anger and clear Chelsea's name.

"But Ruby I don't think your ready and beisdes we don't have a dragon artefact" Chelsea said "Thats how you mom got in" she looked at the well then back to Ruby "She used the trident as it is made from a pice of the power of a great dragon, she got in the first time".

"But I guess I'll have to do something I never thought I'd do" Ruby said looks the path that leands to the launch party, it might be the way.

"What's that?" Chelsea asked worried as she moves her head more right like what are you thinking? Ruby.

"Ask my mom for advice" Ruby said hoping she would help her protect Chelsea, its the only way, to protect her, from that madman and her grandmother, then get the trident, give it ot Chelsea and keep going on their quest before its too late.

At the bus boat, Gordon is so happy.

"Everyone is watching my video," Gordon said excitedly "Look at the views I'm getting already" as he moved around.

On the wall is the messy art of the giant Kraken and mermaid.

"You cause me everything," he said angrily.

A flashback 15 years ago during the dragon's dogma a glow in the water then a mermaid jumps out with red hair.

But then he sees.

then red hair, tail and fins.

He chucks with a grin then sees Chelsea going on the deck, standing on her tail, as Chelsea gets the disguise spell on making her look more human, cyan crop top, sparkling blue bell-bottom jeans, two circle-shaped earrings, a blue choker zigzagging around her neck, light blue nail polish and white shoes.

"Monster hunt is on" He said as he went inside to get ready for the weapon, "tonight we finally get the mermaid!".

Then glow mist goes on the harpoon and glows on the metal, turning the harpoon red glow as mist and tendrils move around it, Davey looks at it on Gordon's shoulder, and Gordon looks proud at his pet.

"It's over sea monster" then staps the dagger at a photo of Chelsea right at the chest, the photo of Chelsea doing a pose with a smile on her face at the school of the fountain.

As Gordon's laugh echos though the bus boat.

Then cuts to the girls making their way to the launch party as the music plays.

"Ooh," Chelsea is freaking out "I'm so nervous" She looks at Ruby and then looks forward "To meet your mom" her voice with fear.

Ad they go up the stairs.

"She's gonna know I'm a mermaid right away" freaking out, she stops and turns around.

"How's my hair?" she asked as both her hands hold pieces of her hair

"Feels like it's frizzing up" then she lets go and panics even more.

"And you can't tell me" her body shakes as she moves closer "a demon with fizzy means there's danger" has her hands out "Ruby" then her eyes are at Ruby, like this is a really bad idea.

"Chelsea" Ruby said holding the demon's hands.

Chelsea's mouth closed not taking her eyes off her.

"You're my" she said as she moved turns letting one hand go "Sea girl bestie" then let go as Chelsea's head moved to her, Ruby let her hand go as they walked "It's going to be fine," she said to calm her down "No fear" she said as they start walking up more steps.

Chelsea calms herself down and smiles "No hiding".

Then as they walk, Ruby's phone rings, ruby gets it out as they stop and look it is Connor, Ruby is hesitant, then she makes her choice.

Chelsea watches like something is off.

Ruby cuts him off and then places the phone back in her pocket, shrugs it off then keeps going.

Chelsea does not move.

Ruby notices this and turns her head to Chelsea.

Chelsea shrugs it off and then goes up with Ruby she wants to keep her promise to Ruby, but why did she cut him off?, as the two keep going, she shugs it off, its does not matter, all she cares about is Ruby as the two makes their way up.

"Stick snack?" Brill's voice.

At the party, Brill gives out con dogs, while elf children give out mow kittens, Brill is happy to be part of this, as he and the little ones keep giving out snacks to the guests.

Alleria is not far, talking to some of her fellow elves.

"Any sigh of demons?" Alleria asked.

"Non far so" an elf ranger with brown hair in a ponytail and brown eyes.

"Keep your eye out for demons," Alleria tells her "Just in case" She leaves to inform the outpost nearby, Alleria goes to meet with the others, the elves are here to make sure just in case the demons show up, the dragon is dead, these do not mean a demon could show up.

As Agatha is greeting some of the guests.

"Hey, Gary!" Agatha said kindly to a man "Make sure you check out the pool house!" as she turned away about to look up her phone then an old lady came to her.

"Oh, Agatha, you were right!" it's Carol had her hand on Agatha's back and Agatha smiled back "What was I ever worried about, you doing the right thing for the realm now the dragon is dead".

"I told you Carol" Agatha said "There is no better place to raise a family" She turned away "Now if you excuse me" she tips on her phone she needs to talk to Ruby about something she just found out and it deeply worried her and she just seen-.

"There she is!" it's Arthur cooking the guests food of Burgers, ox meat, chicken and boar sausages "Aggie! I'm so proud of you!" then hugs his wife "This is everything you've worked for all these years!".

"Well, I couldn't have done it without" Agatha whispered "My crew!".

Arthur chuckle as he smiles.

At that second Ruby and Chelsea enter the party.

"It's now or never," Ruby said, then moved ahead.

Chelsea is freaking out as she stands there, she wanted to get out but Ruby's voice rings in her head, so she does not leave.

"Ruby" It's Brill "Surprised to see you kiddo" Then see "Chelsea!" he moves closer to her "I'm glad to see you" he said so excited to finally meet Ruby's friend at last.

"Ah thanks," Chelsea asked she was on edge in the same place as her mother's killer.

"Would you like a stick snack?" he kindly gives Chelsea a con dog.

Chelsea holds it then she panics, and drops it when she sees a seagull, the bird takes it and flies off with it.

Brill looked hurt as if Chelsea did not like him and looked sad.

"Where's Mom?" Ruby asked, "We need to talk to her now".

"She is right there," Brill said pointing his finger where his sister is.

"Thank you" Ruby leads Chelsea away, then stops, and lets go as she moves to her mother.

"Ruby" Agatha said surprised she was here, she planned to wait until she came back from prom or ask her at night.

"Mom, we need to talk to you about something important!" Ruby starts "We are low on time, the demons, but we Have a plan, But we need your help".

"We?" Agatha asked.

"I want you to meet my Super Sea girl bestie" Ruby moved side to show her mother her friend "Chelsea" she said with a smile.

Chelsea froze she was really on edge she moved her right hand up "Hi" The mermaid said nervously as her back was more down.

Agatha looks at Chelsea and sees right away.

"What is going on, Ruby?" Agatha said to Ruby then looked at Chelsea "You!".

Chelsea is freaking out having her arms together.

"Before you freak out" Ruby looks at her demon friend who is looking at her "She is a mermaid" then looks back at her mother "But you're gonna love her".

Chelsea then looks at Agatha.

Agatha looks with horror at her daughter no her mind says, this can't be! "Inside" she points her arm to the door "Now", then she pushes Ruby away.

Cut to Agatha in panic getting Ruby inside.

"Ruby" Agatha said as she got her inside away from others "You have to listen to me" as she shuts the door and turned to her only child, Ruby turned to face her.

"You don’t understand the danger you’re in!" Agatha turns to face her "We left the ocean because of my Mother".

"Don't worry" Ruby turns away to grab a cookie "I not going to accept her offers" Ruby has a feeling it's about her grandmother.

"You refused?" Agatha asked hoping it was true.

"Grandmamah's offer to teach me, help her find the trident" Ruby said "and stay at the kingdom as her heir".

"Ruby, why.." Agatha looked hurt "Why didn’t you ask me?".

"You would not tell me anything" Ruby snapped.

"I was trying to protect you" Agatha said looking away with closed eyes "How could you do this to me?" then looked back with horror "A mermaid!".

"Yes, she's like her mom".

"Her mom?" Agatha asked.

"The mermaid queen," Ruby said.

Agatha's eyes widen in pure horror a nightmare "She's the mermaid queen's daughter?!".

"Yeah, but she’s my friend," Ruby said.

"She is not your friend!" Agatha said, "I should have seen this, oh the red flags were there" She tried not to panic "She's not just any mermaid right, she's Van Der Zee, unique mermaids, she's dangerous!".

Ruby's head looks up and Agatha looks away.

"You sound like grandmamah".

"I'm sorry I sound like her?" Agatha tried to keep calm as she told herself many times today "I take it, it was her training you right?".

"It's not Grandmamah" Ruby reasons "Chelsea Van Der Zee, she's been training me".

"Training you?! For what?!" Agatha asked in her mind this can't be happening.

"Our quest to stop the madness that's happening on the isles," Ruby said "Mon this is our chance to fix everything".

"Ruby, you are in over your head!" she rubs her head sides then moves past Ruby "You do not know the whole story!".

"And whose fault is that?!" Ruby asked getting angry.

"Hay" Agatha turns around back to Ruby "I tried to talk to you, I wanted to tell you everything sooner, but I also needed to keep you safe and give you a normal life!".

"Normal?" Ruby with her hands up "Normal is not hiding from the truth".

"I sacrificed everything" Agatha defend herself "to get that monster from you".

"I know another truth you hide?!" Ruby snapped

Agatha looked with horror and knew what she meant.

"Queen SLAYER!!!" Ruby said feeling rage building up.

Then cuts outside.

Chelsea is freaking out even more waiting for Ruby, her body shakes but then she hears something three men are looking up their phones and the voices.

"Little Mermaid" Gordon's voice "Mermaid ahoy" and keeps going "She works for the dragon".

"Look at that," the first man said.

"Little Mermaid," the second one said.

"Gordon was right the mermaid that broke his boat is working for the dragon" the third said.

"She Brought the demons here" First one.

Chelsea moves closer and sees to her horror.

Everyone is looking up their phones.

"little mermaid" Gordon's voice.

Arthur looks up too and his eyes widen then looks at Chelsea and the mermaid in the video then back at her again and realises.

"Oh No, no, no, no, no!" then turned "Brill!" then got to his brother in law "Look!" he said as he moved his head to Chelsea, Brill looked at the phone, back at Chelsea a few times then.

"She's a mermaid?!" Brill is shocked, a mermaid after all these years, while he knows there mermaids inland but one like-.

Chelsea keeps hearing and seeing the horrible things.

"Oh come on," Chelsea said.

All turn their heads to her.

"It's not real so turn it off" Chelsea reasoned.

"Get your own," the man said rudely pushing her back as she landed down, she looked up.

Arthur and Brill try to get close to Chelsea to get her out of there.

Chelsea sees them and looks scared as if they are going to attack her, but then.

"They ruined my life, mostly the mermaid, the sea monster, ruined everything, I found out that weeks ago she did it again and took my giant Kraken" Gordon's video shows him show of the cage and the the cut ropes.

Arthur and Brill looked at each other, what is that man talking about?.

" And she's back, She is here in our town, disguised as a teenager" then shows a photo of Chelsea to all.

Chelsea felt really uncomfortable, she thought of leaving but thinks of Ruby and the promise.

"OMG! She is Chelsea!" A woman said.

Chelsea then turns and sees Arthur and Brill looking at her, then.

"Chelsea is the mermaid, the sea monster," Coral said with disgust.

Chelsea realises as she looks at the house and then the Gillmans with horror they know!.

In the house, things get worse.

"We are going to do this" Ruby getting angry "with or without you!" she moves her left arm in anger.

"Ruby, I get it you want to fix things" Agatha starts to reason "So did I when I was your age, but there is nothing that can be done, the mermaids and their ilk will never forgive us, your grandmother went too far-".

"I thought you wanted to redeem yourself after you killed her mother and took her home, you have taken everything from Chelsea! EVERYTHING!" Ruby yells "I came here hoping you could help us".

"Help with what?".

"Gordon tried to capture her last night, but since then the demons got angry and its getting worse not better" Ruby then shows her mother the video shows Gordon on his bus boat and a cage being pulled out then turns off her phone "I need to protect her before it's too late".

"Does she know she's been hunted?".

Ruby is silent on that.

"How do you know she not using you to get revenge on me," Agatha said as she tried to get Ruby out of this madness "This is the wrong fight, you are on the wrong side".

"You can’t tell me how to live my life!" Ruby yells as if something is happening.

Now Agatha lost it "Oh, yes I can! I am still your mother! You are forbidden from going into the ocean, and seeing the mermaid ever again , if she ever comes back I will kill her!, NOW GO HOME AND CALM DOWN!!!".

Ruby yells then her eyes turn the red of a demon, as purple smoke appears.

Agatha looks with horror as Ruby is changing.

Ruby bursts from the back of the house in giant form, storming away, people see her.

Arthur immediately runs to the house.

Opens the door and sees his wife.

"Agatha! Are you okay?" as he gets in.

A glass panel falls and gets shattered falling on another structure.

As Arthur gets to his wife, "What happened?".

"My mother is behind this".

"Oh no," Arthur said with fear.

"Fifteen years! And she still has her tentacles around me!" she looks into the minor "And not only that, Ruby's friends with Nerissa's daughter" She turns to him "Chelsea is a mermaid a demon all this time".

"Aggie" Arthur said "I know, a video is out of last night, Gordon tried to have her caged up".

"Where is she now?" Agatha said.

Arthur felt dread in his heart.

At the same time Chelsea, sees Ruby leaving, then food is thrown at her by people, and she then runs in a panic running down the stairs.

Not far in the bus boat is Gordon sees her, he has a live stream on.

"Mermaid holy" he yells as he gets to the harpoon, gets the dark red mist on it and mowing tendrils, and is ready to fire "Got you" then fires at full speed.

Chelsea was running when she arrived at the duck, the harpoon hit the brine unleashing moving dark red mist and tendrils all around, and then her tail appeared as the brine couldn't harm her but it was destroying her spell

Gordon cheers "Woo-hoo!, yes".

As the brine fades away, Chelsea then sees Gordon smiling at her, as Davey looks at her you are so done now.

Chelsea looks at herself and realizes her spell has been destroyed, her real self is out, as her teal tail, her top is gone her breasts are out, her eyes are red, she can't look human anymore, she looks at him with horror, then looks up and sees Brill looking at her with shock, Chelsea sees Ruby.

Gordon smiles as he looks where the giant Kraken is crushing into the water and back at Chelsea.

Chelsea jumps into the water.

"There is a friendship, we will use that against them," Gordon said "They will come to us" as he ready the boat back to port.

At them same time.

Agatha looks at the damaged mirror her body shaking at what she has done.

"What about Ruby?" Arthur asked.

"Oh she hates me now" Agatha replies of sorrow.

Arthur's ears went down at this.

Agatha turns to her mate "Go and find her, make sure she is safe" as she turns to leave.

"What about Chelsea?" Arthur asked.

Agatha froze at this then a scream rang in her head.

"Find her," she said with sorrow as her voice rang in her head "Find them both before that madman does he will make it worse, make sure they are safe, keep that man away from them" as she turned to leave.

Arthur kept his gaze on his wife

"I'm going to deal with Mother," she said with anger for her.

As she leaves, Arthur looks back a the damaged part of the house, feels having fallen apart and they hope it does not get worst, as he leaves and sees Alleria already here and her elf force are getting people out of there.

At the same time, Ruby angrily swims through the water of the kelp forest passing through fish and Ichthyosaurus, then Chelsea drives in the water and speeds to Ruby.

"Ruby" Chelsea calls as she is on the left and Ruby is on the right "Wait" as she swims.

Ruby turns her head for a second and sees her demon friend then looks froward.

"Are you okay?" Chelsea asked, "What happened back there?" as they swam.

Chelsea stops and looks shocked by the anger and fury, she then goes after her with a worried look on her face and hurt deep down.

Just then Brill shows up and sees this and tries to go after them.

As Chelsea swims beside the giant kraken.

"She would not listen to me!" Ruby rants "She rejected what I am!" her voice so angry "I never going back to that I was! a coward! being small! hiding!".

Chelsea could not believe what she was hearing, before she could try and smooth things.

"NEVER AGAIN!!" then she snatched Chelsea with her right hand and pulled her close.

Ruby's mind races as she holds Chelsea tight with both hands, shows her friend has been attacked by her mother, then shows Chelsea falls down dead then fades away, her mind voices of her grandmother about mermaids keep going then her body mist appears then moves really fast, she will not lose her friend again, she will not let anyone hurt her, she holds Chelsea close, her only friend in the world, then her body glowed then moves really fast like a bolt.

Chelsea is shocked and hurt by this, then before she knows they are at the well of seas.

Ruby in panic, her left hand still holding Chelsea, as looks around then grabs a boat then slams it down on the seabed, then places Chelsea in it, Chelsea drops to the floor, she looks around there is a cage, broken chairs, a driving wheel, Chelsea eyes widen then turns to Ruby she looks cold.

"STAY HERE!" her voice sound of rage and cold.

Chelsea reached her hand out to Ruby.

But Ruby left.

Chelsea is all alone, in a boat similar to Gordon's she felt somthing growing then her head turns.

She looks at herself then her mind shows her somthing she not seen in so long.

Cuts to so many years ago.

Shows ruins, but a kingdom, in a den like are many mermaids most have their own colors and hair styles unlike their main and subspecies they are the Van Der Zees, Chelsea's family.

Then a another mermaid that looks like Chelsea has a green crown on her head, her red eyes are bright and a warm loving smile.

Cuts to another mermaid its Chelsea pale in color and just been born hours ago as she stays with her mother, they hug, in a loving embrace.

But changes to the fateful night then will hit Chelsea hard, shows her mother's death at the hands of Agatha, as tear go down Nerissa's face as she dies then fades away.

Then cuts to Chelsea in the boat snaps out of it, she looks around, as voices ring in her head of the humans saying nasty things to her, as a tears go down her face, cuts to her right hand a demonic smoke rise then grips.

At the Kraken kingdom, Agatha stormed through the palace fast, not caring what anyone said, and then about to enter the throne room.

"MOTHER!!" she calls then slams down with anger in her face her fists grip.

Emerald chucks then turns around "hm and here I thought I knew" as she moves to sit on her throne "to make an entrance" Then sits down "Your return Queen Slayer".

That title makes Agatha mad "Stay AWAY from my daughter!" she snapped with pure rage.

"You mean my granddaughter," Emerald said not bothered by Agatha's anger "The princess the heir to the throne" As she held her weapon her voice was of pride.

"Still trying to get your way!" Agatha then looks away "Tch" then back to her "Some things just never change, do they?".

"You’re trying to force your daughter into a life she doesn’t want" Emerald replies "Now WHERE have I heard that before?".

Unbelievably Agatha thought "The difference is I didn’t raise my daughter" as she has her hands to her chest "to be a reflection of my glory!" Agatha snapped with anger.

"That's certainly true!" Emerald snapped back "You raised her to run away and hide!" she scoffs "No wonder ways she's being too scared of demons like that hydra, like when you ran off when we had the chance to crush the mermaids, you ran and hide!".

"You still think I'm scared to fight?!" Agatha moves up.

"You seriously think it was easy to start over?, To risk everything?" she turns her head away

"I never stopped fighting. I FIGHT for my family, I fight for my friends, who helped me, the second I heard another great dragon came I wasted no time on having the wyrm hunt and aid the slayer the dragon chose who happens to be one of my family" trying to keep herself together thinking of her family and friends, friends that are family to her, "I FIGHT for who I love!", it's true "I fight for the home I built, for the community I created!" she stops as her anger boils "For the family I made, for friends who are like family I meet, I fight for everything I love!" then turns around "YOU" then moves "You just love to fight! She moves closer "FOR YOURSELF!!".

"Oh really?!" Emerald said as a way of a taunt "You hid the trident, left the kingdom!, left your kind!, took Arthur one of our greatest warriors, took my heir, you were meant to rule, you had one job and you nearly done it but you lost the nerve".

"She's just a kid, a sweet lovable kid," Agatha said she felt guilt about what she did "And now she's in trouble".

This got Emerald's attention.

"She's been hunted by a madman!" Agatha said.

"What?!" Emerald got off her throne.

"Yes Gordon Lighthouse" Agatha said "And he's after the mermaid!, the daughter of the mermaid queen".

"Daughter!" Emerald said "Nerissa has a daughter!".

Agatha froze she realised what she just said, this was not planned on telling about the mermaid and worst she said the mermaid is Nerissa's daughter.

"I knew it, that mermaid!" Emerald drops the mask "You did not know I figured out she's friends with a mermaid!" then looks at Smaug "It does not matter that mermaid will turn on her and that when she will embrace her destiny and kill the mermaid-like you did and now Ruby will make her queen making moment on Nerissa's own daughter".

Agatha froze in the horror of this "Girls".

Ruby swims fast through the currents of the well of sea, she will not lose her, then fires laser eyes at dark and holy rocks, as blight smoke and purple smoke come from her body then green mist keeps her healing, as she moves, with a look of pure determination and will to fight and protect.

Then one more push she in the core.

She is in the wall of pure white

Then there it is the trident, black and red, she felt the dragon's power she slowly swam to it, she smiled she could not believe it, finally the weapon of the dogma of dragons, black with red, it was the one, she is in awe, as she holds it, Now she can protect Chelsea, show she's not a monster, with this they can finally find out the truth of why it's happening so the demons don't have to attack the town and the kingdom, Chelsea can have the other mermaids once more, at the end she and Chelsea can be together, it's time to end the madness, she swims out.

The next she was out of the well of seas, she slammed down she still couldn't believe she had done it, she looked at it then saw Chelsea was here, now time to let Chelsea do the spell and end this madness, end the lies, she smiles then looks then reach her hand to show.

"We did it" She presents the Trident of Dragon's Dogma, the weapon formed from an ancient dragon to her super sea girl bestie.

Chelsea looked in shock, but not for joy, something was off as her red eyes rested on the trident on Ruby's hand as the pink glowed around.

"I've been in darkness for 15 years before this" Chelsea said creepily as she moved closer.

Ruby's smile drops.

"15 years" she smiles very darkly "I have been alone" As she reaches her hands "Because of your mother" She grabs the trident it glows bright red as she picks it up.

"What?" Ruby said what's going on?.

"Thanks to Your grandmother" Chelsea moves up "They lay waste" She lets go and then grabs it again as she turns around "To the mermaid kingdom!" the trident glows.

Her voice is something that puts Ruby on edge.

"Chelsea?" Ruby felt something wrong.

Chelsea chucks with anger.

"Oh" she stops "There is no more Chelsea" She turns her head side her eyes burning with rage with a smile but not of joy but of rage "I" she turns pure fury "Am now NERISSA!!" she said with anger.

"What's" Ruby feeling of dread "what's going on with you?".

"Surprised?" Chelsea/Nerissa asked "I'm flapping mermaid" she did in a sweet voice then back to rage "You never asked if I was ok" then moved her head side with narrow eyes.

Ruby realised she did not ask is she was ok after she left the party, then her mind showed her how she violently grabbed her friend, then got her in that boat and said in a cold voice at Chelsea.

"All that was so you can get all that" pointed her finger at Ruby "From me, me, me!" she ranted "My super sea girl bestie" she does another fake sweet voice.

"Chelsea" Ruby starts "I knew you were hunted by Gordon" she tries to tell hoping it's not to late.

The mermaid's red eyes narrow as she turns around.

Ruby tried to reach her right hand.

"I was trying to find a way to protect you, my super sea girl bestie" Ruby hoped that Chelsea would calm down when she would hug her and ask for forgiveness.

"You have sweet words" Chelsea/Nerissa starts "and a-" then turns "LIER!!" her face full of rage.

Ruby moves back in pure shock and terror, Chelsea/Nerissa points the trident at Ruby looking stem of rage.

"Did you not think I did not know what you were up to!" she yells with fury "Telling that tyrant! Keep me in the dark, you like her used someone like me to get what they want and then betrayed, have me as some villain so you can be a hero!!" she yells with fury "get fame, the dragon was right about you!!".

"No no no" Ruby was scared now and she wished told her this sooner "Chelsea I would never do that to you, I would never betray you!".

"You're just a selfish teenager"* She starts to move up, then a black tear goes down her right face and more tears go down leaving her face with black marks "I was wrong, you're just like THEM!".

Ruby tries to reach out to her and show her she is her friend.

Red smoke is forming around the enraged mermaid taking the form of a great dragon the same size as the alpha, forming front hands, tail neck and head with ears and horns, then glowing eyes.

Ruby looked with horror.

As the smoke forms the full shape of a great dragon.

Then a massive roar as a blast hit all around sent a shockwave of red blast.

Ruby moves her head from the blast as it goes though her.

"NERISSA!!" now is Nerissa yells a kin to a roar.

She looks back then to her horror.

The mermaid has now changed by the dragon power, larger than a giant Kraken, dark red tail, dark red lower arm, neck, all of the back, shoulders and near her chest, the scales is dragon-like instead of fish, and most of the upper body is white, a glowing chest, black nipples, lips black, eyebrows, white hair that is rough, black tear marks, the fins are larger and shape, grey-blue with teal looking tips, ears now dragon-like, the eyes more of the rage of a great dragon, a glow of red around the eyes.

"Chelsea!" Ruby tries to swim to her "Are..are you ok?" she asked worried the mermaid now looks something mix of mermaid and dragon, now a Dragon mermaid.

Nerissa moves her raging eyes to Ruby then stabs the trident at Ruby then send a blast at her, as she moves it back, Ruby looks with pure horror.

"Did you really think you can get away with it?" Nerissa snaps "the dragon was right about you!".

Ruby could not believe this is happing like what her grandma say, but real and it's not Chelsea that betrayed it was herself!, and now she shedes her name to her mother's Nerissa know as the siren, queen of the mermaids.

"15 years I'm going to get revenge on your mother" Nerissa starts "dethrone your grandmother, lay waste to the kraken kingdom like they done to mine" bearing her teeth that is more dragon like teeth now "all thanks to your mother!!".

"What about our promise?" Ruby said with fear in her voice of a sacred child.

Nerissa gets madder by this as the dragon mermaid narrow her bruning raging eyes.

"You broke IT!!" she snapped "The dragon is right about you before that it seen another one like you and mermaid like me her, she gave her eveything, just like I did with YOU!! and now your BETARYAL!!!!" she looks at the trident of the dragon "I try to get this" as she looks at the trident "After I lost eveything!, she took my mother, my Home, my kin and your cursed kind took eveything from me, EVEYTHING!!!!" Her eyes with anger looks at Ruby like a creature from nightmares, then roars loud.

Ruby is shaking to the core the roar is like that of the Dragon.

The Dragon mermaid then moves around red smoke of dragons, it was like she was the new dragon after the dragon "I'm going to finish what the dragon started, I will join the other demons, call to my kin and ilk, I will make them all PAY!!" ending sound of a great dragon.

Ruby trying to snap her friend out of this madness, she is going to kill her mother, maybe her family, friends and the town to her rage, as the dragonzied mermaid moving around still burning with rage like fire, as if now she is now the dragon.

" you..".

Nerissa chucks then narrow eyes of demonic rage then yells with hate "I HATE YOU!!!, DUM-DUM!!!" looks of fury then tail bash Ruby.

Ruby is send flying then slams into a few magic rocks of fire, ice, thunder, holy and dark, then falls down to the dark seabed blow slams hard, as rocks fall on her.

She trying to get back up then bolts of thunder hit her, she see Chelsea had casts thunder spells now she's a Dragon mermaid, then sees her chest glows orange then breath fire, not any fire but dragon fire, as breaks rocks like nothing.

Chelsea roars with fury then moves up, then she slams the trident on many magic rocks then send them down at her.

Ruby eyes widen.

Then rocks slams down, she has weaken from attack she can only watch as Chelsea looks down with rage then starts to leave as she gripes the trident, she's rage, she's death, as she swims fast then vanshied using rift power, not before unleshed one massive roar as red smoke moves around as she swims heading to the town with rage of dragons to kill.

At the rubble, Ruby weaken, as tears run down her face "What have i done?".

The town looks like its start to be normal, only that the night came sooner, as the town lights are on that means the blinds are not shut, everyone is in fantastic mood in the prom boat, eveyone in town is now the dragon is dead at, only for last night to come to an end by the hands of the slayer who is a teenager, to thoese of the town the end of the dogma of dragons.

As the music is on, a man in a mermaid sult plays DJ, people dancing all around.

Some eating as one boy takes more then he needs.

Everyone is having fun all expect Ruby's friends they are worried and Connor who is sad.

At town Arthur and Alleria ran fast hoping to find them before.

Then the buss boat appears it stops Arthur head was close to the mermaid shape on the front of the boat.

"Wait!" Arthur said.

"What for?" Gordon asked as Davey climbs on his shoulder "They will be here at any moment".

He jumps of as he ready his live-stream and runs to the pier "An exclusive for all my subscribers" as he runs to the end "tonight is the night I get them both, the giant kraken and the mermaid".

Arthur and Alleria then runs hoping to find Ruby and Chelsea before he does.

Connor is not having fun as he dropping flower petals into the sea.

But then a bight red glow, Then smoke of red rising, then something is rising look like white ruff hair and more smoke, then looks like white messy hair, there was a red glow and hands that look covered in scales.

Everyone in the boat notices.

Connor drops the flower as all looks with what is going on some full of fear as if they seen this before.

People driving on the road many stop in their tracks as one woman looks with fear.

Then all see the glowing weapon, the bring is no sea creature, then its turns around white skin, the upper body skinner like teenage girl, a glowing chest, the lower arms are lager with scales of a dragon, black tear marks on the face, lips, nipples and brows are black, red eyes a demon then a roar with rage, the demon is non other then Nerissa once know as Chelsea Van Der Zee the daughter of Nerissa the mermaid queen as she towers over the boat, and looked as if she is the next great dragon, hold the trident formed from a great dragon's power.

All looked with horror.

"A demon?/Whats it doing here?" two kids said at onces.

They scream of fear.

Ruby's friends looks with shock.

The demon stands 65 feet tall, taller then a giant as the Dragon Mermaid has its sights at the prom boat and sees her own poster and knows at once whats going on, they have turn their backs, Nerissa's rage builds up as if she is now the dragon.

At the pier people run, Gordon Lighthouses with Davey on his shoulder turns around then gasp of terror of what he is seening.

"Huhh…!" he looks out right scared "The face of death…!" it remind him of the dragon itself.

The demon looks mad as it looks around side to side holding the weapon as people run, as her teeth is bear that is more dragon like now, as eveyone is seening a great dragon.

On the rest of the isle the rest of the dmeons can feel it.

As a drake, a chimera, a medusa, the drake stands up as its next to a cyclops, ogre, minotaur and sphinx, it knows right way.

At the gillman house, Arthur and Alleria arrrive as Arthur grabs the handle about to go in to see if Ruby and Chelsea are there hiding, then see a glow then turns see, The Dragon mermaid.

"Oh no" Arthur said with horror, they too late he knows who that dragon mermaid at onces.

Alleria could not believe what she is seening, a Dragon mermaid right here.

Inside the house is the elf kittens in Ruby's room sees the dragon mermaid too, they hide under the blankets as their mother Alleria's sister comes in and get them close to her her arm around her babies to protect them.

At a window its Oceanid just got awoken and her mother, the teen holds her mother, to keep her calm.

The siren went one the one used for when a demon is around.

"Is that?" Alleria asked.

"Nerissa's daughter" Arthur replies they are too late.

Nerissa turns around and heads to the house where Agatha was last seen, then her tail base goes on land to get closer as she dwarfs the house., then she lowers her head down "Hello?" she asked as she place her left hand down "Is miss gillman home?" like where are you then her eyes narrows as she stands back up "Knock" moves her left arm and fist back "KNOCK!!" slams it though the house with rage.

"HEY!!' then rose from the water a pink glow, its Agatha now rise from the sea "THAT HOUSE WAS IN ESCROW!".

Nerissa eyes widen then narrow as she moves her fist from the house and turns around, as her massive tail fins hits the house breaking even more a she gets back in the water, she spins the trident then slams the top of it down as rest her left hand on it and looks at Agatha her mother kill with rage in her eyes.

In Town Gordon is rushing as he bumps into people.

"To the boat Davey" Gordon said as they try to get there as has a s his peg lego would go "There's giant kraken to kill!" as he moves as fast as he can, this was right payback time "And ourselves a mermaid to hunt!".

At the house Arthur and Alleria over look.

"Chelsea" Arthur said he has not seen anything like that in 15 years not since Nerissa and now it's Nerissa's daughter.

"She's really unstable," said and she could tell the mermaid is really unstable, she got out her phone, and she had a feeling that it's not good "Vanguard get ready to defend the town".

The two ran to the pier and stopped at the front.

"Oh, Agatha" Alleria said she could not believe this as she looked at a board with Agatha with a smile and then looked at the real Agatha as a giant cake stand 50 feet tall.

Agatha and Nerissa are just not far from each other, eye to eye, Agatha Gillman once klnow as the mermaid queen slayer, sees the dragon mermaid, sees a lot of Nerissa in this mermaid, its clear to her this is the mermaid queen's daughter.

Chelsea" Agatha said with remorse "You don't have to do this?" she pleaded, she does not want to fight Ruby's friend or kill this mermaid.

"Oh ya I do Queen Slayer" Neirssa said angrily.

Agatha freezes off this she hates that as a cry rings in her head.

"That's not what I am anymore" Agatha reasons.

Nerissa looked shocked and then angry "You should tell that to my mother" she had her hand to her chest "Oh wait " has her finger up "You can't you" then grabbed the handle as she narrowed her eyes, as she rose the trident up "BECUASE YOU KILLED HER!!".

Ruby's friends looks closer, where the head and front hair is, then to their shock.

"Pause! Rewind!" Margot said to Bliss then "Chelsea?" with shock.

"The greatess warrior of the kingdom" Nerissa piont the trident and turns her upper body "Hiding with humans" then looked back with anger "what a waste after eveything you done to me!".

Then Emerald rose from the sea.

"No one talks to my daughter like that except me!" as an insult".

Agatha rolls her eyes really!.

"And she about to make two for two" cross her arms and as a insult to the dragon mermaid.

Oh no Agatha though "Mom!!" she said to her then looked nervous at Chelsea "Not helping" then looks back at her "what are you doing here?" she whispered, Emerald did not replay as she does not care at all.

"Well if it not the tyrant witch of the seven seas herself " Nerissa said at Emerald "You've grown older, Queen.” the Dragon mermaid said with disguise.

“Older and meaner.” Emerald said as she summons her thunder glaive ready to attack.

"Luckly for me, Mermaids don't age" Nerissa said with her hand to her chest with narrow eyes "as we are demons, and I'm making sure your tyranny ends here, IT ENDS HERE!!".

Agatha gets her hand on Emerald's shoulder like stop then moves more right trying to think of ways to reason with the dragon mermaid who is her daughter's friend.

"What do you want?" sure these is something else Chelsea wants?.

"Well brutal revenge" Nerissa started then pointed the trident at the queen "And take down that throne like you did to my mother's".

"Over your accursed body," Emerald said pointing her finger at Nerissa "Monster just like your mother and you going to die in disgrace just like her!".

"I did not realise that you would come soon as I plan to come to you" Nerissa narrow her eyes with hate "after i'm done, dethrone you and take down that kingdom like you did to mine!" grip her fists.

Agatha notices somthing where Ruby? "Where is my daughter?" she asked hoping she's ok.

"Oh" Nerissa looked mad "You mean that backstabber, I though she was my friend but no, she used me, i gave that selfish dumb teenager everything!" she ranted as she ready to trident to kill "I hope you both put up more of a fight then RUBY!!" then charges.

The two giant krakens charge right in.

As Arthur and Alleria look with horror, as Oceanaid gets out of the house and rush to them, as she sees The Dragon mermaid, the dragon's voice rings in her head.

"Oh" Alleria said.

"My" Arthur said.

Gordon gets the boat ready and then drives of.

"The hunt!" Gordon said

"AUGGHH!!!" from the mad demon with the trident then they slam as bright lights appear of their clash.

At the same time Brill still looking for Ruby and Chelsea as he arrive to the well fo seas, in hopes to find them before his mother does she will kill the mermaid and hurt Ruby.

"Ruby! he calls as he swims "Ruby!" he keeps looking "Chelsea!", he has a good feeling Ruby is with Chelsea as he seen ruby with the mermaid and even then she grabs Chelsea a bit brutally if he may say, most likely because of what his sister said might cause Ruby to panic "Ruby!, Chelsea!".

Then sound of crying.

"Oh no" Brill sees massive amout of rubble of magic rocks of fire, ice, thunder, holy and dark, "Ruby!, Chelsea!".

He swims down then grabs a dark rock "Don’t worry! I’ll get you both out of here" then throws it then grabs a fire rock half as big has him and throws it making a hole, he swims.

"She's hates me" a broken voice.

"Oh, no!" Brill sees her "What happened?" he looks and sees no sigh of the mermaid "Were's Chelsea?" he has a nasty feeling "Was it Emerald?".

"I fought I was protecting her" She said.

Brill gets closer.

"Getting the Trident was supposed to make things better" Ruby tears "I had a friend that understand me, together we would end this madness, end the lies, but all I did was ruin everything, she hates me, i should have told her the truth, not keep her in the dark, She was right, the world is a a broken place, my mom threat to kill her like she did to Nerissa, i said i would never betray her, but the dragon was right i did betray her".

Brill sat down on a broken holy rock looked sad "What? No… Ruby" Brill tries to help "I sure you mom did not mean to do that".

"You weren’t there…" Ruby looks away.

"Well, I may not know a lot about a lot" Brill said " but I know my sister! Growing up" he moved up "I couldn’t have been more proud to be her brother" he smiles "She was powerful, confident. Everyone loved her, But then she left, Your Grandma went to far, she started the war, sis lost a dear friend that night after she try to make her queen, but she ran away, left the ocean, she hates herself for the death of her dear friend I not sure who she is, your mom loved her so much she keeps a golden shell, she got from her".

"You mean the shell mom always has?".

"I'm sure you can still get her back" Brill said "Sis told me watch I agree with that you and her have something deep down, theres a love thats really specal and right now chelsea needs you, like you need her, you wanted to do whats right, I think there's a chance to get her back, make things right and get your friend, get her out of the darkness" he place his hands on Ruby's right hand mostly under rubble "fix the mistakes something your mom never got the chance, but you still got the chance to save her" he smiles.

Ruby's mind is razed of Chelsea, the day they first meet at the fountain, of show the mermaid looked out for her, then them out in the sea having a great time, Chelsea training ruby, as ruby slams back on the same looking with shame, only for chelsea to reach her hand to her with a smile, then shows the two together looked so happy, then the last shows Ruby crying and Chelsea as a mermaid hugs her closer.

Ruby's eyes widen.

"My super sea girl bestie" Chelsea's voice rings in her head.

Then shows in her mind.

Chelsea getting Ruby out of the frontier to protect her.

Then shows.

Chelsea training Ruby with her powers to change the magic element in her laser eyes first was fire then ice as it hits send ice blast, Chelsea cheers for Ruby, Ruby smiles as her friend she grow to really love.

But then her mind shows chelsea fighting her mother and the queen, the queen is taunting making Chelsea.

"You better win this or you will end up like your pathic mother!" The queen taunts "i gald Ruby turned on you MONSTER!!".

Chelsea roars as she slams the trident then casts ice storm then Chelsea breaths fire in a sweep three times all around.

Then shows Gordon on his boat look like a madman.

"Oh no" Ruby though then her body start to glow "She's trying to kill Chelsea and putting mom endanger".

Brill froze too his mother will kill chelsea and putting agatha in danger.

Brill swims out of it to see Ruby start glowing, its gets bright then smoke of arcane and something demon then burst from the rubble.

Ruby gracefully out like a boss shining as bright then ever.

Brill is astonished.

"It time to end this madness"! Ruby calls.

"You go kiddo" Brill cheers.

"I'm coming, Mom!" Ruby said now its clear she wants to save those she loves "Chelsea hang in there, i'm, coming!" then swims as fast as she can still not full recovered yet then her right hand glows light green then slams it to her chest healing her, going right to oceanside, hoping to get there in time to save them, then she start feeling the battle and Chelsea's rage burns like fire of a great dragon.

The two giant krakens are getting their butts kicks and look messed up they are not match for Nerissa both new power small pice of the great dragon and her untempered fury, to average her mother, her kin, her home and make the two pay.

Nerissa towers over them as if she is the dragon now.

"Well Mermaid queen Slayer you not living up to your reputation now are you?" then slash then trident send massive ice wave at them, then casting as five ice balls appear behind her then they fire as ice bolts at the two.

Agatha dodges one of the ice bolts then fire balls the appear out of nowhere.

Nerissa's chest glows then breaths fire at them, the fire of a great dragon and its unstable as purple smoke from the back sides of her mouth, and this fire is dragon fire as she breaths it in a sweep then does another one forward.

Emerald still wants this mermaid dead, sweeps her Glaive, Nerissa slams the trident at it then charge a lot of demonic power watch in fact dragon power as green smoke then the weapon breaks to to nothing, emerald try to grab the trident, but her finger went though like air she like what?, the fact is in demon hands is impossible to remove it, even trying to grab it, its like going though air, then she stabs the trident then throws emerald cliff wall near the damage house, Emerald slams really hard her glow immediately disappearing.

Agatha was the only one standing, she tries to sneak, but Nerissa turns around, eyes full of fury then roars, as she moves forward as red smoke moved around her.

Ruby meanwhile is trying to get there she feels more of the fight and Chelsea's rage.

Agatha tries to get near Nerissa to calm her down, but Nerissa slams the blunt end of the Trident, then the Dragon mermaid throws Agatha right near Emerald and slams hard then her glow is gone, as Nerissa roars.

"It feels so good to be back" Nerissa still looked mad "i remember the night you took everything from me, EVERYTHING!!".

"Chelsea" Agatha said weakly "Do you not care about her?" Agatha looks like Ruby as she looks with sadness, like she is about to tear.

Nerissa freezes of this then turns to pure anger then the Dragon mermaid roars angrily, this made Agatha really scared and Ruby can hear this too as she swims as fast as she can.

"You sound like Ruby!" She snapped with anger "it's insulting" then ready to trident to finish them off "And this time" as dragon power builds up, the dragon mermaid narrows her raging eyes "I will be the one to rid of you for good!".

"CHELSEA!, STOP!!!!" Ruby screams.

Nerissa stops right in her tracks then turns her head side with anger, "Ruby Gillman!".

"Ruby?" Agatha said with surprise and then see Ruby's eyes not hate but remorse its clear to her now something happen and ruby is trying to fix it.

Alleria and Arthur see Ruby.

Oceanid who sees "Ruby!".

"Honey where are you going?" Nerid asked.

"Going to do what needs to be done" Oceanid rush down starts grabs her magic bag that has her weapons "sorry mom i still a slayer, i need to save theose we love and wi will not let it happen, the dragon told me of a darkness".

At the prom boat Margot, Bliss and Trevin know that is Ruby.

"Ruby!" Margot said.

Nerissa turns to Ruby with fury.

"YOU SHOULD BE DEAD!" Nerissa yells at her as the demon strikes.

Ruby is not giving up and will not stop.

"Listen to me!" Ruby said at The Dragon mermaid, trying to get her Chelsea back.

As the kids get out their phones.

"You're making a big mistake if you do this you will lose MORE!" Ruby yells trying to snap the Dragon mermaid out of this madness.

Nerissa turns and nearly hits the boat as the kids get out their phones, she turns her head at them her bringing red eyes of rage, bearing her teeth, pieces of flames coming out, this scared all.

Nerissa slams Ruby near the boat and she come face to face with Connor.

"Ruby?!" Connor said it's clear they told him.

Ruby moves out as Nerissa slams the trident at her, Ruby moves a bit back far from the prom boat, then orange cycles appear then bursts of fire, she rolls out then five thunderbolts rain down, Ruby sees Chelsea is casting spells then 15 fireballs rain down at Ruby was he trying to get closer to Chelsea to calm her down.

"You have to listen to me! Ruby yells.

Then Nerissa stands still casting then roars as a cloud of holy appear, then beams of holy move around hitting Ruby.

She moves back to heal herself, but then a red cycle appears at her it getting darker she rolls out as she knows what it is only great Draagons can do the death spell it kill mortals in one hit and takes part of a Giant kraken's HP then it turns black and fades, Ruby tries to get right at Chelsea.

Agatha tries to get up and help, but her mother stops her.

"She’s answering the call!" Emerald said pound.

Agatha does not see that way, she can tell Ruby is trying to get her friend back.

Nerissa then spins the Trident a bit in the air with one hand and then prepares to take another stab at Ruby with it, but Ruby dodges out, she knows body armour will not work on demons, Nerissa spins around again to hit Ruby with it but she ducks under the attack, then The dragon mermaid breaths fire in a sweep.

Ruby trying to find ways to get to her friend before its too late.

Nerissa then cast then five light blue cycles appear then ice spikes appeared Ruby moved out, then orange cycles then burst of fire, one hit Ruby she then healed herself.

"Using the skills I taught you on me!?" Nerissa yells then her chest glows then breaths fire at Ruby.

"No I came to help you please," Ruby said as she tries to avoid the dragon fire.

Then Nerissa tries to stab Ruby and this time hits her, Ruby gets out then heals herself restore her HP, Neirssa then cast ice bolts at Ruby, the giant kraken does her best to avoid them but not easy to hit her, then The Dragon mermaid breaths fire at her in a sweep, Ruby gets it then gets out.

"I don't want to hurt you" Ruby said "just let me speak to you, killing my mother will not bring her back i sorry what happen to her, i can help you!" she said with sorrow in her voice, as the fire stops.

Nerissa ready rise her tail and fins then looks at Ruby angry.

"ENOUGH!!" she roars.

She tail sweep then hits Ruby send her flying, as she slams into the water.

Nerissa's eyes narrow then roars, as her chest starts glowing ready to breathe fire, "Severs you right!" just as she is about to breathe fire.

A harpoon fires, but it goes though Nerissa's cheek like air, Baffled, she looks right.

Its Gordon on his boat with more harpoons ready to fire, Davey is like your dead lady.

"We got you now mermaid!" Gordon yells.

This got Nerissa angry and reach her hand for the boat to kill him, but then thunder bolt hits her, its Emerald who does it, much to Agatha is like how could you, while Emerald is like take that monster.

"Oh dear" Doug said looking though binoculars on higher ground with others, "She looks like a dragon!!".

"Doug! That’s our house!" Janice she screams, she then looks though binoculars.

Sees the Dragon mermaid then moves then and sees Ruby rise her head out of the water.

Ruby gets up and tries to get to Chelsea.


Ruby tries to hug her to calm her down.

Nerissa with the trident under lifts Ruby up like nothing.

"I HATE HIGH SCHOOL!" Nerissa screams then throw Ruby back, she crashes near the prom boat, as she crashes the side of it

At the pier Oceanid is with them then as the Dragon mermaid roars, both of their chest glows, this happens when a dragonkin roars with rage both of their chest would glows as their is a link, as Oceanid's mind raze of her fight with a drake both their chest glows, as the drake said "Slayer!" The drake roars "My familiar kin" as the drake breaths fire, Oceanid fear this would happen the dragon told her of a darkness, but Oceanid was out cold so she could not warn Ruby about it until its too late.

Nerissa was about to attack Ruby, but then.

"Monster" Connor yells.

Bliss, Margot and Trevin are like oh no look at him then back at Chelsea.

Nerissa turns and looked mad as she sees her poster cover is food and insulted.

"Thats right it is me NERISSA!!" Nerissa yells "soon as i'm done i getting rid of this town for good!!" then sees the prom boat.

Nerissa raors loud, as her chest glows, Oceanid's chest glows as its reacts to the dagon mermaid's power.

"Oh NO!!" Alleria said as she runs with Arthur and Oceanid.

"This is what the dragon warned me about!" Oceanid said.

"The dragon seen thsi coming!" Arthur looks at Oceanid.

"Yes and if we don't stop the people making it worse and Gordon from attacking!" oceanid leaps from wall to wall as they Run fast.

Nerissa starts breathing fire all around her as mass of flames, moving her head from side to side breathing fire, making it into a wave of fire.

Gordon sees this and in panics drives the boat out as pices of flames hits the side of the boat.

"If this is our end" Bliss gets on the railing, "then we'll face it unafraid!".

The others don't share that.

As lower parts of the fire hits the egde of the prom boat.

Bliss falls of, Trevin gets her.

Ruby sees this Ruby then goes under the water.

More dragon flames all around, Ruby moves the prom away from the dragon fire, Ruby turns to see is anyone is ok?.

All four are shocked of this, not far is Connor looks up at her with an appreciative smile as in a way he accepts her.

But Ruby is still upset with him and splash water at him and the people nasty to Chelsea as payback.

Conoor surprised at this.

But then "Ruby behind you!" Margot yells.

Then out of nowhere Nerissa attacks slash the trident at Ruby send her flying away crashing to some rocks in water, she looks up with horror.

"You will never win Ruby gillman!" then slams the trident at Ruby stabs her, then moves it back then slams again, Ruby moves as it slams down hard "YOU JUST A SELFISH TEENAGER!".

Ruby is trying to reach her hand to Chelsea, as the demon slams the trident down hard.

"YOU KNOW WHATS REALLY PATHETIC?!" Nerissa rants with rage and sorrow, sound deeply hurt "IS THAT MERMAID LIKE ME COULD EVER BE FRIENDS WITH A MONSTER LIKE YOU!!!!!" The dragon mermaid yells right at Ruby.

I AM..NOT" Ruby tries to rise up "A MONSTER, I AM A GIANT KRAKEN!!!" then unleashed a thunder laser eye it hits the trident, Ruby is blasted away.

Nerissa froze when looks at the trident with shock.

Ruby takes this as a chance to cheek on her mother.

"Mom?" Ruby gets her hand on her mother shoulder "Is there a way, to destroy the trident!".

"No, it- it can’t be destroyed" Agatha replies "That’s… that’s why I hid it, its a dragon artfact, only demonic power can".

"Demonic power?" Ruby though then her right fist demonic smoke appaers.

Agatha then looked worried "What about your friend?".

Ruby looked sad then looks where Chelsea is then back to her mother "its the only way to stop this".

The two giant krakens looked at each other then back to Ruby.

"I read in the book it said about dragon mermaids, there is a way" Ruby tells her mother "She could at any time in that stae call the other demons and make it worst, I need to used my power more and longer, turst me!, I'm a Mathlete!".

Agatha realies, her plan to do rid the trident to save Chelsea, to save all, she smiles at her daughter.

But then Agatha see somthing coming then Ruby.

Ruby grabs her mother anr rolls as the trident slams down, its the mad demon.

Ruby looks back the trident very neary her face.

She then push her mother and grandmother as Nerissa rise the tirdent up with pure rage then roars as she strikes at them.

But Ruby fires a thunder laser eye at the trident taken five of its HP, easy she took 5 HP from it and now the HP is 105, Nerissa moves back to avoid the thunder.

Ruby gets up with sorrow on her face she going to try and reason with the mad demon.

Nerissa felt the trident had lost HP then looked back angrily.

"It doesn't have to end like this" Ruby said knowing its her own fault Chelsea is in this mess "Just give up the Trident please".

"You will" Nerissa looks back up "Never!" at Ruby with sorrow "Get this away" then anger as she points the trident at Ruby "FROM ME!!" as the dragon mermaid's chest glows ready to breathe fire.

"Maybe I can't" Ruby said knowing she had to do this to save all including "But I will" Then used her laser eyes hits the Trident taken HP five at a time.

Nerissa ready herself to breathe fire, as her mouth glows just as she is about to fire then it's gone.

All watch as Ruby keeps going with sorrow on her face.

The longer the demonic laser eyes hit, The demon lost the ability to breath fire and then loss the dragon spell casting, as Nerissa can't heal the dragon's dogma weapon then starts glow bright red to the demon's horror.


Then a massive blast goes all around, as people duck, Arthur and Alleria at the pier, the family at Gillman's house.

Oceanid could not believe what she is seen then the voice of the dragon rang in her head.

"When they found out the real self they flock to the next".

"This is it Davey" Gordon drives the boat and then gets out from the window of the bus boat.

Ruby appears though the mist as it fades.

The kids on the prom boat see this and Cheer, all but Ruby's friends and Kayla.

In the air is Nerissa/Chelsea falling down and then crashing into the water as the bus boat stops with the cage ready and drops into the water.

Gordon watch and sees he got her, then cheers "Woo-hoo!" it spins around and then looks back "Now, that’s a successful monster hunt" The crab agrees too.

The cage is pulled up, Chelsea is in the cage, she looks around in horror.

"We got ourselves a little mermaid Davey" Gordon said as he gripped his fist as the cage was pulled up and then stopped.

Chelsea is shock "No"

The crab jumps on the cage, snaps Chelsea out of this she in a state of shock, then sees somthing else.

"What should we do with the mermaid" the kraken queen taunts the mermaid "Everyone likes fried fish" Her eyes glow smiling with pleaure about to finish Nerissa's daughter off.

Ruby stops her from killing of her friend "Away rage" she reminds her of the words the night they meet for the first time in 15 years.

The queen stops and turns annoyed "Teenagers away rage!" She snapped.

Gordon smiles he finally got her and got plans that's not good.

"Wait!!" It's Arthur, he got on the boat, he is above the deck.

"Gillman!" Gordon said looking up "Are you here to help me kill the monsters?" he pionts at the giant krakens.

"NO Thats my family!" He snapped pionts his finger at his wife and daughter.

"What?!" Gordon froze "if they are and your their..That means.." He froze and the crab is like what! Gordon shakes it off "But i finaly got the monster" as Gordon looks proud of himself.

Chelsea sees the kids on the boat all saying, all but Ruby's friends and Kayla.

"Booo!", "Hist!", "Lair!", "Fraud!", "Impostor!", "Traitor!", "She's a phoney!", "She's a fake!" many kids start staring at her.

Chelsea's rage starts to build up.

Then a flash hits the cage and turns to dust as a large hand appears and the mermaid lands.

"What is she doing?" Connor said surprised.

It's Ruby Gillmans.

"What are you doing!" Emerald yells angry.

"Picture this" Ruby yells at her "Quirky girl defile destiny by have mermaid friend!" she yells back.

She looks back at Chelsea then starts to turn then stops.

"By the way" Ruby said angry to all "He" points her large finger at Gordon "Tried to kill me, when Chelsea saved me then he THROW A BOOM ON US!!" then moves back.

Gordon is like Uh oh, then looks up and see Arthur, Alleria and Oceanid all three grip their fists, narrow eyes at him with fury, the Slayer eyes where now red of rage, how dare he try to harm her two friends.

Gordon then shakes so to does Davey then dops his keens "PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!" he has his hands in a beg, so to does Davey "SEA MONSTER!" he begs for mercy.

Arthur slaps them both hard.

"AW-HA!" Gordon yells in pain as Davey looks scared.

"How dare you! man!" Arthur lifts him up "You done to a mermaid, to my daughter!".

Ruby place Chelsea down on a rock at the school, then leaves to help mom.

Emerlad shakes this of "Now" she grabs Agatha close to her "Let’s talk about her coronation!-".

"Mom… don’t start…" Agatha pulls away looked mad as in your not taking my daughter!.

As mother and daughter stand up to her.

Emerald sees they stand up to her.

"See? I told you, people! The ocean will always need a giant kraken" Emerald said with pride "A giant kraken will always answer the call!" then drives into the sea.

As Arthur and Alleria high five as they turn back to Ruby and Agatha.

Ruby felt proud of herself.

Agatha knows it's time "Ruby".

Ruby turns around to face her mother.

"I'm sorry I was wrong" Agatha looks away with guilt.

"I should have trusted you with the truth" She turns her head back to her only child, "I think its time I tell you, I have kept it in me for 15 years, I was scared you would see me as a monster" as a tear goes down her face "I lost my friend to my fear, and that friend is.. is" she trying to tell her she closes her eyes as tears go down.

Ruby waits.


Ruby's eyes widen of pure shock "Nerissa?", Chelsea's mother all this time!.

The mermaid queen" she looked away as more tears go down her face "She was my best friend, i loved her so much, the night I killed her, was the worst night of my life, I did horrible things to the mermaids and their ilk and they did nothing wrong, they kill because its their nature as demons, they embody teenage girls" she moves her head back "i', the reason your friend is lone in the darkness because of me, my own mother called me the queen slayer, I really hated that title" as more tears go down her face "i was so scared, in truth i not really ready to talk about it but I want you to know this".

Ruby listens and nodes she understands.

"You and Chelsea I see greatness and love" Agatha said then looked at Chelsea "its not hard to see that the world has be so cruel to her, I should not threat to kill her as I did to her mother" then look at her daughter " I'm so sorry Ruby, no more fear?".

"No more hiding" Ruby said then mother and daughter hug.

Agatha lets go "I think you can still make it to your friend" Agatha gestures her hand to where the mermaid is.

Ruby is surprised and then looks at her mother, who moves her eyes as in go, help your friend with a warm smile, Ruby jumps into the sea then swims away to get to her bestie, Chelsea Van Der Zee and fix this for the mermaid she loves./p>

Agatha smiles she knows its the right thing to do.

Suddenly, Brill jumps out of the water and holds onto the railing of Gordon’s boat.

"Whew… Brill’s here!" Then sees his sister "Are you okay? Where’s Ruby? Is Ruby okay?, Is everyone okay?! " Brill panics "Is Chelsea ok?!, the mermaid ok?!".

"Sh sh," Agatha starts to calm her little brother "It's Brill'a time" Agatha grabs him to her cheek.

Brill hugs it.

Brill starts sobbing with joy "I waited for 15 years for this".

Ruby swims at full speed then goes under the prom boat.

Margot, Bliss and Trevin look over and see Ruby.

All the kids watch.

Ruby makes her way to the school grounds she jumps then turns to normal form, as she is in the same place where she was after she saved Connor, her mind shows her leave that day then after the hydra appears.

"Chelsea" Ruby looks around then leaves to find the mermaid.

She runs at full speed as the stars in the glow are bright, and she arrives at the school grounds.

"Chelsea!" Ruby calls then stops and sees Chelsea at the fountain, near the edge hugging her teal tail with her face on her scale.

Chelsea is in deep thought.

"Chelsea!" Ruby's voice snaps the mermaid out of this.

Chelsea turns her head and sees Ruby running to her.

Ruby stops "Chelsea are you ok?" asked worried after what Gordon did to her.

"What are you doing here?" Chelsea snapped "Why are you here?".

"I-I came to find you"

"You can leave now!" Chelsea looks away.

"What no" Rubt looked hurt, its clear Chelsea even with out the trident looks mad, as puprle smoke starts to appaer.

"Let me tell you, that man is a maniac!, plans to keep me as some sort of animal, all staring at me like I'm some monster!" Chelsea snaps "and you?, you are now a hero!, because you destroyed my life!".

"You were trying to hurt innocent people!".

"Innocent!, they monster all of them!!" Chelsea stood up "The Dragon was right!, You Ruby Gillman don't know anything about my past" she pointed at her "so stop acting like a hero and leave me alone!".

"We need a chart" Ruby tries to reason with her beloved friend "I do what to thank you, you showed me, I'm not a warrior or a queen, I'm a protector and right now I need to protect you from this madness".

Chelsea froze and then looked more angry.

"Here to gloat!" Chelsea snapped.

"Chelsea" Ruby tries to reach out to the mermaid.

The mermaid looked shocked then "No my name is NERISSA!!" The mermaid yells with anger.

"No!" Ruby snapped "Your name is Chelsea, Chelsea Van Der Zee".

Chelsea looked away.

"Why cast away your beautiful name?" Ruby sounds hurt by Chelsea's choice.

Chelsea does not look at Ruby but instead at the fountain as her mind shows the day she first met Ruby.

"Chelsea look I had to back there because I got you in this mess" Ruby starts "I'm sorry" Ruby gets closer "I understand you're angry, you hurt, I know my mom killed yours and yes my mom just told me, she and your mom where best friends and loved each other, I'm aware what my mother did driving by fear, you lost your home, the mermaids, sirens and ilk".

"You destroyed my mom's trident!" Chelsea bears her teeth and her eyes burning with rage, her fists grip as demonic smoke slowly appears.

"I had to Chelsea to save you, if I had to choose I chose you over the trident anytime," Ruby said in truth she chose a living being over an item anytime as an item can be replaced but family and friends she cares about no, they can't be replaced.

"What about that cage? Were you planning to leave me? be a hero by destroying my life!" Chelsea yells as smoke rises.

"No I have not forgotten you recused me, I would done the same for you since I'm the one that got you in this mess" Ruby felt guilty for it "I'm so sorry".

Chelsea turns away from her as demonic smoke appears more.

Ruby knows the danger she is in and would be worse than the bathroom, where Chelsea rants at her.

Chelsea's head turns to Ruby her red eyes full of rage and, black tears makes on her face, her face is paler now and so it's most of her upper body, her hair is messy from, dragon power.

"What else are you going to say!" Chelsea yells at Ruby "That you love me?!".

"Yes I do" Ruby replies "I love you Chelsea I really do".

Chelsea froze as her mind shows a scared Ruby said I love you, before the mad demon yelled i hate you.

"I still going to help you because your my friend" Ruby said "i still love you".

Chelsea felt tears going down her face even more.

Ruby moves closer, but Chelsea sweeps her tail at Ruby.

"Go away, you will die".

"I'm not leaving you agian" Ruby said refuse to leave, as her mind show her place Cheslea in a boat and left her alone.

"Why do you care?" Chelsea has her tail ready as tears go down her face.

"Beuase I'm the teenage kraken and your my friend".

"How do i know you not going to do that agian so you be hero" Chelsea snaps" i can see that" she pionts at the school where the mermaid shape its not destoryed "replace with your on it!, as a way of saying i'm a hero your a monster! these kids are monsters!!, ALL OF THEM!!!".

"Oh Chelsea you not a monster not even close" Ruby said as she hears her mother's voice the day she came to her at the lighthouse "your a mermaid, a demon thats being though a lot, its not your fault, you kill becuase its your nature as a mermaid" Ruby gets closer "i dont want to hurt you, can we talk, please talk to me".

Chelsea sits on her tail as her fins are on the right.

Ruby sat next to Chelsea.

Chelsea does not say anything.

"Hey there's my super sea girl bestie" Ruby smiles at her mermaid friend "I'm sorry for your sorrow, your nightmares, 15 years alone with no one, and sorry for not bring there for you like you were for me".

Chelsea moves her head to Ruby.

"I-i miss her" Chelsea cries "my home is gone, they are gone, I Chelsea Van Der Zee, duaghter of Nerissa, i wanted to hug her again, but can't".

Ruby looks down of sorrow, her friend out of all the beings she knows Chelsea suffered the most.

"I hate them!" Chelsea felt her rage is building up her red eyes felt of rage "Selfish the lot of them".

Ruby felt hurt by this.

"They only cared about my looks and the words my mother throw at my face!" She bears her teeth.

Ruby mind hears Chelsea's voice from that day they are words of wisdom.

"Chelsea think what your mother's words" Ruby said in a warm voice.

Chelsea looks at Ruby.

"They are words of wisdom and your mother is right" Ruby said still sat near her demon friend.

helsea froze of this then her mind shows Chelsea 15 years ago as a demon with her is another mermaid, her mother.

Even at darkness times never let anyone bring you down" Chelsea saying as she hears her own mother's voice "even at the face of death, it's best to go big and what can be is face your darkness!!".

Chelsea mind raze of her mother's death.

"I wanted her dead, when i found you, becomes friends the daughter of my mom's best friend"

Ruby reach her hand.

"i'm alone agian".

Then Ruby hugs her tight.

Chelsea froze then cries hard.

At Gordon's boat, Alleria and Oceanid hold each other as they watch.

Oceanid hears the dragon's words and she then said "There always be monsters".

Alleria knows this too well, all her kind knows there always be monsters, tonight shows both elves that truth, as they see the party is back on at the prom boat.

Agatha gets out, the shell, her thumb placed on the left then moves it down right then black words appear.


Then place the shell to her chest as a few tears ago down her face of the lost of her beloved mermaid friend.

Back at the school grounds, Ruby still hugs her super sea girl bestie, as Chelsea keeps crying, on Ruby, Ruby then lets go of the mermaid.

As both can hear music and see lights, it's clear to both that the party is back on.

Chelsea" Ruby said, "I want you to know".

Chelsea looks at Ruby.

"Even if they place that" she points her finger at the top of the school "with me on it, will not change us, I stood up to that witch, I refused the destiny she wants me to have and to protect you, I made it clear to her".

Chelsea looks at the party, on the prom boat, they are parting again.

"Even if everyone turns on you I will still be up your side" Ruby said, "Like you did for me".

On top of the bus boat is Arthur and Agatha.

Ruby sees them and waves, Agatha waves back, she is so proud of her with a warm smile

Ruby and Chelsea sat near the fountain overlooking the sea as stars shone as if meant to be a heroic moment but tonight was in truth not.

Ruby will not stop and will keep protecting Chelsea Van Der Zee even if all the world turns on both.

Both daughters of two beings where before then were Ruby & Chelsea before them were Agatha and Nerissa.

now it starts again with their daughters Ruby Gillman and Chelsea Van Der Zee.

Slayer Ruby & Chelsea full version - Slayerseriesdragons (2024)
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