Missouri Volleyball Courts, Clubs, & Leagues (2022) | Volleyball Advice (2024)

With dozens ofvolleyball courts to choose from, Missouri has some of the best access to volleyball in the country. We hope to make choosing the best volleyball courts, clubs, and leagues in Missouri an easy task by providing you with a complete list of information below, broken down by city. On this page, we’ve compiled a list of the top Missouri volleyball courts based on a number of independently assessed factors including location, amenities, scenery, and access.

Kansas City, Missouri

Missouri Volleyball Courts, Clubs, & Leagues (2022) | Volleyball Advice (1)

Best Indoor Volleyball Courts In Kansas City, Missouri

1. Centerline Volleyball

Missouri Volleyball Courts, Clubs, & Leagues (2022) | Volleyball Advice (2)

  • Address: 1910 SE 40 Hwy, Blue Springs, MO 64014, United States
  • Phone Number: 816-224-4455
  • Website:Visit

It is Kansas City’s ONLY area Volleyball facility with Outdoor Sand and Indoor Hard Courts! With 4 indoor courts as well as 11 outdoor sand volleyball courts. CENTERLINE Beach Volleyball is the best choice for Kansas City beach volleyball leagues.

Best Volleyball Courts In Parks In Kansas City, Missouri

1. Brookside Park

Missouri Volleyball Courts, Clubs, & Leagues (2022) | Volleyball Advice (3)

  • Address: 5600 Brookside Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64113, United State
  • Phone Number: 816-513-7503
  • Website:Visit

Brookside Park features a baseball diamond, playground, tennis courts, and a sand volleyball court that are well-taken care of.

2. Barry Platte Park

  • Address: 8526 NW Old Stagecoach Rd, Kansas City, MO 64154, United States
  • Phone Number: 816-858-3419
  • Website:Visit

Barry Platte Park has public green space with amenities including a softball field, sand volleyball courts & a playground.

3. Roanoke Park

  • Address: 3601 Roanoke Road, Kansas City, MO 64111
  • Phone Number: 816-513-7660
  • Website:Visit

Roanoke Park is a beautiful park with wooded hills and limestone outcroppings. A sand volleyball court is just east of the intersection of Karnes and Roanoke and was also completely renewed in 2014.

Best Sand Volleyball Courts & Beach Volleyball In Kansas City, Missouri

1. Volleyball Beach Kansas City

Missouri Volleyball Courts, Clubs, & Leagues (2022) | Volleyball Advice (6)

  • Address: 13105 Holmes Rd, Kansas City, MO 64145, United States
  • Phone Number: 816-942-2820
  • Website:Visit

With 14 outdoor sand volleyball courts, 8 seasonal indoor air-dome courts, leagues and tournaments for all levels of play and the fully stocked Beachside Bar and Grill (featuring KC’s best co*cktails and tastiest bites), Volleyball Beach offers the best and most unique sand volleyball experience in Kansas City.

2. Jacob L. Loose Park

Missouri Volleyball Courts, Clubs, & Leagues (2022) | Volleyball Advice (7)

  • Address: 5200 Wornall, Kansas City, MO 64112
  • Phone Number: 816-513-7500
  • Website:Visit

Loose Park is the third largest park in Kansas City, Missouri. It has a lake, a shelter house, Civil War markers, tennis courts, a sand volleyball court, a water park, picnic areas, and a Rose Garden.

Best Night Volleyball Courts & Courts With Lights In Kansas City, Missouri

1. Berkley Riverfront Park

  • Address: 1298 River Front Dr, Kansas City, MO 64120, United States
  • Phone Number: 816-559-3750
  • Website:Visit

Berkley Riverfront Park has six full-sized sand volleyball courts with high efficiency LED lights for night play, a kickball field, and a leisure sports area for activities such as badminton, croquet, bags and bocce ball.

Best Volleyball Clubs For Kids In Kansas City, Missouri

1. Club North Volleyball

Missouri Volleyball Courts, Clubs, & Leagues (2022) | Volleyball Advice (9)

  • Address: 5110 NW Waukomis Dr, Kansas City, MO 64151, United States
  • Phone Number: 816-529-0282
  • Website:Visit

Club North Volleyball, Kansas City, provides competitive team volleyball opportunities for girls, ages 18 and younger, throughout the metro and surrounding area.

Best Volleyball Clubs For High Schoolers In Kansas City, Missouri

1. Eclipse Volleyball Club KC

Missouri Volleyball Courts, Clubs, & Leagues (2022) | Volleyball Advice (10)

  • Address: 6609 Royal St #107, Pleasant Valley, MO 64068, United States
  • Phone Number: 816-695-9355
  • Website:Visit

Kansas City North’s Eclipse Volleyball Club KC is dedicated to building each athlete’s character through the sport of volleyball. The program includes players that range from 10 to 18 years old.

2. Highlands Performance Volleyball Club

Missouri Volleyball Courts, Clubs, & Leagues (2022) | Volleyball Advice (11)

  • Address: 7615 N Platte Purchase Dr, Kansas City, MO 64118, United States
  • Phone Number: 816-468-7878
  • Website:Visit

Highlands Performance Volleyball is an elite club dedicated to providing the finest club volleyball experience in the Kansas City area. They offer teams and training for girls aged 7 – 18. Highlands Performance teams compete locally and across the United States showcasing their talents in both club and open level tournaments.

Best Adult Volleyball Leagues In Kansas City, Missouri

Missouri Volleyball Courts, Clubs, & Leagues (2022) | Volleyball Advice (12)

1. KC Crew

  • Address: 1800 Genessee St Ste 326, Kansas City, MO 64102, United States
  • Phone Number: 816-866-3563
  • Website:Visit

KC Crew is the Kansas City’s biggest and best adult volleyball leagues. They offer full team, company, and free agent registrations for all 5 seasons (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Holiday). They offer 6v6 CoEd, Women’s and Mens leagues for all skill levels(recreational, intermediate or competitive) on different nights so there is always something for everyone.

Open Gym Volleyball In Kansas City, Missouri

1. Kansas City Volleyball Club

Missouri Volleyball Courts, Clubs, & Leagues (2022) | Volleyball Advice (13)

  • Address: 6609 Royal St, Pleasant Valley, MO 64068, United States
  • Phone Number: 816-547-0861
  • Website:Visit

Kansas City Volleyball Club’s open gyms and skills clinics are sessions designed to improve the player’s individual skills, provide the opportunity get to know our coaches and coaches meet potential players. Each player will practice passing, setting, hitting, and serving drills. Players will be divided into groups based on their skills and age.

Youth Volleyball Camps (Summer & Fall) In Kansas City, Missouri

1. Nike Volleyball Camp at Hy-Vee Arena

Missouri Volleyball Courts, Clubs, & Leagues (2022) | Volleyball Advice (14)

  • Address: 1800 Genessee St., Kansas City, Missouri 64102
  • Phone Number: 800-645-3226
  • Website:Visit

Summer volleyball camp in Kansas City is designed to help campers master the fundamentals through unique drills and learning progressions. Campers have the opportunity to train with KC Fireball Volleyball Club Director, Melanie Linville, at the state-of-the-art Hy-Vee Arena.

Are There Any Restaurants With Volleyball Courts?

1. The Sandbox

Missouri Volleyball Courts, Clubs, & Leagues (2022) | Volleyball Advice (15)

  • Address: 509 NW Barry Rd, Kansas City, MO 64155, United States
  • Phone Number: 913-839-0111
  • Website:Visit

The Sandbox is Kansas City’s newest, and hottest sand volleyball and pickleball complex. It features six sand volleyball courts, five pickleball courts, and a 4,000 square foot two-story building with a full kitchen and bar with 35 beers on tap. With the ground-level patios located on both sides of the building, you will find additional seating and many outdoor games to keep busy all night long. The rooftop deck is complete with a full bar, multiple fire pits, and comfortable lounging areas to spend time with friends and family.

Missouri Volleyball Courts, Clubs, & Leagues (2022) | Volleyball Advice (2024)


How many sets can a high school volleyball player play in Missouri? ›

Season Limits: a) High School Level – A player is eligible to play in no more than 180 sets for the season. G. VOLLEYBALL VARSITY FORMAT: Missouri school will utilize the three-out-of-five-set format at the high school level. The three-out-of-five-set format will be used in the district and state series.

How do I get better at sand volleyball? ›

Volleyball Tips for Improving in the Sand
  1. Tip #1 - Perfect your athletic stance: In beach volleyball, you will spend the majority of your time in the athletic stance. ...
  2. Tip #2 - Practice footwork patterns: Footwork patterns, like lunging for a bump or a serve return, are skills players should practice in the sand.

How to play beach volleyball? ›

Beach volleyball consists of the same basic rules of indoor volleyball, only three touches to return the ball, and any ball hitting the ground will constitute in a point. A match will consist of three sets; the first two sets are played to 21 points, and the last set is played to 15 points.

Can you have 7 people on a volleyball court? ›

Indoor Volleyball Rules

There are only six players on the court at any given time: three in the front row and three in the back row.

Can you double in club volleyball? ›

Playing the Ball

The ball cannot be double hit, except on the first contact of your three possible hits. Unintentional double hits are allowed. The ball must be hit over the net with a maximum of three contacts. The ball can hit any part of the player's body, including feet.

Is sand volleyball harder than regular volleyball? ›

Moving around and jumping on a sand court is much more difficult than playing on an indoor court because of the constant resistance caused by the sand giving way underfoot.

How do you hit more consistently in volleyball? ›

  1. You'll want to start doing some jumping exercises to increase your vertical. ...
  2. Make sure that when you make contact with the ball, your arm is fully extended, and you're at the peak of your jump. ...
  3. Stretch your arms and shoulders before and after you practice! ...
  4. Practice, practice, practice!
Mar 7, 2013

Why can't i hit well in beach volleyball? ›

Make your volleyball arm swing quicker.

We DO want a big hitting window but if your muscle activation is incorrect it will lead to a very slow arm swing. Try to keep your hitting elbow high and back rather than reaching and dipping it behind you. Stay tall and don't let your spine become a slinky.

Is beach volleyball easier than volleyball? ›

Gameplay Differences: Movement, Serving, and More

Indoor volleyball is known for its quick, precise movements and more controlled passing and hitting, while beach volleyball often requires more improvisation and athleticism due to the larger playing area and sand surface.

What is not allowed in beach volleyball? ›

Ball must be contacted with two hands at the same time (no double contact). Ball must not be caught or thrown. The ball can rebound in any direction. A set ball can only legally cross the net if the setter's shoulders are perpendicular to the net at the point of contact (forward or backward).

How many times can a player touch the ball in volleyball? ›

There are a maximum of three (3) hits per play, in addition to blocking. Four or more hits are a fault. A player may not touch the ball two (2) times consecutively with any part of the body. If two (2) players touch the ball simultaneously, it will be counted as two (2) touches.

How tall should you be to play beach volleyball? ›

The average characteristics of a top tier beach athlete are below: Height (5'8″-6'4″) Avg. Weight 140 lbs.

How do you get a beach volleyball body? ›

Try a CrossFit-like workout. Fast-paced, full-body exercises performed to exhaustion are a big favorite of volleyball pros. Both Christal Engle and Tealle Hunkus opt for circuit training exercises focused primarily around bodyweight training; sprints, push-ups, pull-ups and core moves are a few of their go-to favorites ...

How many sets can you play in high school volleyball? ›

All varsity dual matches shall be played in a best three of five format. Each set shall go to 25 points with no cap (must win by two points), and the deciding set shall go to 15 points with no cap.

How many sets can a high school volleyball player play? ›

In college volleyball, matches are typically best-of-five sets, while high school volleyball matches are usually best-of-three sets. Each set is played to a certain number of points, typically 25 points, but the winning team must have a two-point advantage.

How many sets are in high school volleyball rules? ›

A standard volleyball match typically consists of five sets in professional and international competitions. However, high school volleyball may have three sets, and volleyball played on the beach often follows a best-of-three-sets format.

How many sets are allowed in playing a volleyball game? ›

Matches are played best of five sets. The first four sets are played to 25 points, with the final set being played to 15 points. A team must win a set by two points. There is no ceiling, so a set continues until one of the teams gains a two-point advantage.

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