Guide to SpellCrafting (2024)


Guide to SpellCrafting (1)

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Guide to SpellCrafting

Table of Contents
  • Where to begin spell crafting
  • How to craft spells

    Spell Catagories

  • Ember
  • Radiant
  • Runic
  • Fading
  • Elemental
  • Hallow
  • Zealous
  • Entropic
  • Enchanted
  • ArchMage
  • Other Spells
  • Types of Spells
    SpellCrafting is one of the many trade skills AQWorlds has to offer. This trade skill will allow you to craft powerful spells to aid you in battle. Where to begin spell crafting?
    You can begin your journey to becoming a master spell crafter by going to the dragonrune map {/join dragonrune}. Before you can begin spell crafting, you will first need a spell book and some spell crafting supplies. Both can be obtain by completing the quests in the area.

    The first quest you may want to complete will be Sora to Hoshi's quest.

    Quest: Welcome to Dragonrune Hall (optional)


    Items Required:

    • Speak with Neveya x1
    • Speak with Warlic x1
    • Speak with Maedoc x1
    • Speak with Mueran x1

    This quest can be completed by speaking with the follow NPCs listed above, which are found in the Dragonrune map. This quest doesn't necessarily need to be completed to begin spellcrafting but it's a pretty quick quest that provides 1000 Rep for spellcrafting and Mystic Quills which are needed for spellcrafting.

    Next, before you can even think about spell crafting you will need a spellbook which can be obtained by speaking with Neveya, behind the door on the right with the blue symbol on it, and completing the quest "You'll need a Spellbook!".

    Quest: You'll need a Spellbook!


    Items Required:

    • Arcane Parchment x13
    • Silver Runethread x1

    Arcane Parchments can be collected by fighting any of the skeletons monsters in the Graveyard map {/join graveyard}. The Silver Runethread can be obtained in the room where Sora to Hoshi is located back in the Dragonrune map. Upon completion Neveya will reward you with spell crafting supplies and the ability to begin spellcrafting. Now your ready to start spell crafting.
    How to craft spell Step 1:
    First off, to craft spells you're going to need some Ink. Before you can get inks for your spells, you will need materials for the the ink merge shop.
    Here is a list of the possible spellcrafting materials that you will need:
      Mystic Quills - Used for creating Ember, Radiant, Runic, Fading or Elemental spell inks.

      Mystic Parchment - Used for creating Hallow or Zealous spell inks.

      Mystic Shards - Used for creating Archmage spell inks.

      Arcane Quills Guide to SpellCrafting (3) - Can be used as a merge item for all spell inks.

    A simple way to obtain Mystic Quills, Shards or Parchement, which are all free, is by completing any of the repeatable quests from an npc in the Dragonrune map or receiving it as a drop from one of the monsters listed on the wiki. If this your first time starting spell crafting then you will want to pick up a few Mystic Quills before moving on to the next step. Step 2:

    After collecting a few of the materials needed, return to the Dragonrune map and speak with Nevaya to merge them into ink.

    To convert the materials into ink click the "Get Spell Ink" tab.

    If you're a beginner then the first ink you will want to buy would be the Ember Ink.

    Step 3:

    Once you have the ink in your inventory, you can now start spell crafting by clicking any of the spell crafting sheets in room. This will take you to the spellcrafting mini game.

    Click the "Begin" tab then select an ink that you own. Inks that are in your inventory will be highlighted in red.

    Step 4:

    To make a spell you will need to drag a spell symbol from the left into the correct spell slot on the right. Once you have filled every slot with the a spell symbol in the correct location, then "Inscribe" button will light up for you to craft the spell.

    Step 5:

    For the spell to be permanently saved/memorized in your spell book, you must craft each spell in the chapter at least once. After you have made each spell in the chapter, you will be awards spell crafting reputation points the next time you open your spell book.

    You can only craft spells in another chapter after you have learned all of the spells in the previous chapter. Example: You can only craft Radiant spells after you have learned all Ember spells. This does not include Entropic Spells.

  • I have all of the spell combinations below.
  • After you have learned all of the spells in the book you can craft Hallow spells to farm reputation up to Rank 10.
  • For info on which classes I used to record the damage, I used the following:
      For Magical spells - Mage (All Wizard enhancements)
      For Melee spells - Beserker (All Lucky enhancements)
      For both Magical & Melee spells - Guardian (All Lucky enhancements)
    The damage will be placed in the same color coding for the class used.
  • For clarification on the abbreviation used:
      AP = Attack Power
      SP = Spell Power
      DoT = Damage Over Time (generally refers to burns or poisoning effects)
      AoE = Area of Effect (refers to attacks that deal damage to multiple enemies)
      HP = Health/Hit Points (Refers to your life bar)
      END = Endurance (a stat that increases HP, see A Guide on Stats for more details)
      N/A = Not Available

  • The cooldowns of spells can be reduced by high amounts of haste.

    Updated Log:

    8/27/2013 - Started SpellCrafting guide!
    8/29/2013 - Added Ember Spells.
    8/31/2013 - Added Radiant Spells.
    9/2/2013 - Added Runic Spells.
    9/3/2013 - Added Fading Spells.
    9/4/2013 - Added Elemental Spells.
    9/6/2013 - Added Hallow & Zealous Spells.
    9/12/2013 - Added Enchanted & Archmage spells.
    9/16/2013 - Added Entropic spells.
    9/17/2013 - Added Other spells.
    9/23/2013 - Began adding spell damages for level 55.
    10/30/2013 - Finish adding all spell damages for level 55. The guide is finally completed until more content is added!
    12/25/2013 - Added cooldowns for all spells and minor edits

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  • Guide to SpellCrafting (2024)
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