8 Bathtub and Shower Combo Ideas (2024)

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8 Bathtub and Shower Combo Ideas (1)

ByErica Young

Updated: May 06, 2024

    Update your bathroom with these clever bathtub shower combo ideas that offer convenience and style.

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    8 Bathtub and Shower Combo Ideas (2)

    Courtesy @washashorehome/Instagram, via vintagetub.com

    Benefits of a Bathtub Shower Combo

    Some people enjoy a nice long soak in a bubble bath. Others prefer to wash up in a steamy shower. But what if you didn’t have to choose, no matter how small your bathroom is? With a bathtub and shower combo, you get both!

    If you’re remodeling a bathroom, here’s why you should consider a bathtub shower combo.

    • Space saver: Big bathrooms can accommodate a separate shower and tub. If you don’t have the space, a bathtub shower combo is a great solution.
    • Budget friendly: A prefabricated bath and shower combination, like this enameled steel option, is super affordable with quick and easy installation. Even if you opt for a more high-end tiled look for your bathtub shower combo, it will still be cheaper than the material and labor needed to install a separate shower and bath.
    • Versatile: A bath and shower combo works for the different needs of each family member, like bathing young children or older kids who prefer showering. And when guests come to stay, they can choose either option.
    • Resale value: According to the National Association of Realtors, a bathtub helps increase your resale value. A home should have at least one bathtub to reach the widest possible net of potential buyers, including families with young children. With a bathtub and shower combo, you get the necessary bathtub without sacrificing the shower option.


    8 Bathtub and Shower Combo Ideas (3)

    Courtesy @Kadilakhomes/Instagram

    Clean and Modern

    Some bathtub and shower combos look dated. But this example by @kadilakhomes proves you can achieve a clean and modern look with the right design choices.

    The accent wall of beautiful gray herringbone tile turns the area into a focal point. The three glass shelves provide necessary storage without distracting from the impact of the tile.


    8 Bathtub and Shower Combo Ideas (4)

    Courtesy @steve_karnya/Instagram

    Playful Stripes

    Here’s another example of beautiful tile in a bathtub and shower combo, this time with a playful edge. The pennyround tile stripes by @steve_karnya give this bathroom a fun look that’s anything but standard. Matte black fixtures complement the black and white theme.


    8 Bathtub and Shower Combo Ideas (5)

    Courtesy @andrewsherman/Instagram, @bigskydesign/Instagram

    Sliding Glass Enclosure

    There’s nothing wrong with a stylish shower curtain. But if your bathtub shower combo is surrounded by beautiful tile, why cover it up with a curtain?

    This space by @bigskydesign features a glass sliding shower door that not only allows you to see the tile, but also makes the whole bathroom feel open and airy.

    Photographer: @andrewsherman


    8 Bathtub and Shower Combo Ideas (6)

    Courtesy @kalakleindesigns/Instagram

    Sophisticated Kids’ Bathroom

    A bathtub and shower combo is often used in kids’ bathrooms because it accommodates bathing toddlers and older children who prefer showers. But just because it’s in a kids’ bathroom doesn’t mean it can’t be chic, as shown here in this space by @kalakleindesigns. The vertical stripe of gray hexagon tile looks stunning, especially paired with the matching gray vanity.


    8 Bathtub and Shower Combo Ideas (7)

    Courtesy @washashorehome/Instagram

    Simply White

    Ornate tile work is beautiful, but so is simplicity. This all-white bath and shower combo by @washashorehome fades into the background and lets the gorgeous wallpaper take the starring role. All-white tile will never go out of style, so you can switch out the décor as much as you want without ripping out and replacing the bathtub and shower.


    8 Bathtub and Shower Combo Ideas (8)

    Courtesy @ibglassaz/Instagram

    Swinging Door Enclosure

    Here’s another glass enclosure that highlights the beautiful tile, but this one is frameless and features a door that swings out. With something like this option from @ibglassaz, you get a cleaner look because there’s no bulky track needed. Just remember, cleaning glass shower enclosures can be a challenge.


    8 Bathtub and Shower Combo Ideas (9)via homedepot.com

    Farmhouse-Style Bathtub Door

    If you prefer the farmhouse look, check out this Everly glass sliding door form Delta. The barn door-style top track with exposed rollers gives it that modern farmhouse vibe. It looks like a custom door even though it’s ready-made, and you can install yourself. A new door is also a great way to update your bath and shower combo without starting from scratch.


    8 Bathtub and Shower Combo Ideas (10)

    via vintagetub.com

    Clawfoot Bathtub and Shower Enclosure

    Dreaming of installing a vintage clawfoot bathtub? Enjoy the fabulous style of a clawfoot and the convenience of a shower with this Clawfoot Tub Wall-Mounted Enclosure.

    The kit includes everything you need to make your tub shower-ready, including a faucet, enclosure ring and supports, riser pipe, hand shower, riser-mounted hand shower cradle and shower head.

    Originally Published: November 11, 2021


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