13 Fresca co*cktail Recipes That Prove This Retro Trend Is Hipster Chic (2024)

Fresca is back, and it’s absolutely NOT just your grandma’s drink anymore. Fresca was *the* diet soda before there were diet sodas. In ads of the 1960s, the light, fizzy grapefruit soft drink was the zero-calorie drink for the sophisticated lady who was watching her figure. Think Mad Men’s Betty Draper. But like Don Draper, Fresca had a racier side. A popular mixer in a whiskey “highball,” it was light and effervescent with a citrusy zing, but packed a boozy punch. Well, low-cal mixers are trending again. First we had Kombucha co*cktails, then La Croix co*cktails, and now Fresca drinks are taking off. Here are 13 Fresca co*cktails that will go great with those chic granny heels.

1. Skinny DragonBerry Rum Twist: Fun co*cktails that clock in under 100 calories just make life better. In this case, citrusy Fresca pairs *so* well with berry-infused vodka, you could drink it all night long. (via The Novice Chef)

2. The Paloma: This two-ingredient co*cktail is the drink for a busy gal. You get all the intensely layered flavors of a much more complicated bitters co*cktail thanks to the grapefruit essence in Fresca. (via Vicky Wasik / My Domaine)

3. Watermelon Mojito: If you like mojitos but don’t want all that sugar, this is the drink for you! Fresca, watermelon, mint and rum make for an unforgettable co*cktail. Mix this one up for friends and you’ll be the life of the party. (via Call Me PMc)

4. Grapefruit Rosemary Fizz: Simple syrup infused with rosemary adds a tasty splash to the grapefruit fizz. This co*cktail is light and refreshing, and would be great at an outdoor wedding or garden party. (via Evermine Occasions)

5. Sparkling Brûléed Grapefruit Palomas: Brûléed grapefruit makes this paloma co*cktail something extra special, giving it a toasted sugary note that’s offset by the acidity of the grapefruit in Fresca. This drink is fancy enough for a special-occasion brunch, but simple enough to take center stage on the drinks table at any BBQ. (via Kailley’s Kitchen)

6. Three-Ingredient Skinny Margaritas: Did we have you at “skinny”? Just wait until you taste it! With just a few ingredients and half the calories of an ordinary margarita, this festive boozy beverage is perfect and light for summer sipping. (via Happy Food, Healthy Life)

7. Cable Guide: A variant of the popular Cable Car co*cktail, the Cable Guide has half the calories but all the delicious bittersweet flavor, thanks to mango juice and Fresca. Mix up a pitcher, because your friends will totally beg you to share. (via Drink Swap)

8. Spring Shocker Vodka-Grapefruit co*cktail: This drink calls for a fruit-infused vodka that tastes of white grape, papaya and dragon fruit. Those berry notes play well with fresh grapefruit, lemon juice and the citrusy tang of Fresca. (via Chili Pepper Madness)

9. Vodka Fresca: Kinda like a Titos and grapefruit juice, this drink gets its zing along from the citrusy goodness of Fresca with no added calories. Kick back with a chilled mug and feel the cares of the day just melt away. (via Fork ‘n’ Plate)

10. The Ruby Red: This drink tastes great with or without the alcohol, and the grapefruit juice provides a healthy dose of vitamin C. Sip one at the pool for a boozy afternoon cooler. (via Fountain Avenue Kitchen)

11. No-Fail Sangria: Sure, you could get all fancy making a simple syrup for sangria at your next shindig, or you could just skip all that and add a glug of Fresca to some wine and chopped fruit. This delicious but easy-peasy party drink can be made ahead in big batches, freeing you up to mingle with your guests while everyone helps themselves to a drink. (via Eddie Ross)

12. Zooquila Fresca Popsicles (a Paloma Poptail): These clever co*cktails in the form of ice pops make for an awesome citrus refresher in the summer heat. Let one melt in your mouth while sitting in a hammock, so you can kick back for a nap when the booze sets in. (via Boulder Locavore)

13. Vodka & Fresca: Nothing is easier than a two-ingredient co*cktail. The grapefruit notes in Fresca play *so well* with vodka. Bonus: Tuck a Fresca in your bag and you’ve got an instant low-cal co*cktail anyplace you go that serves your fave booze.

Are you loving this throwback Fresca co*cktails trend? There’s more where that came from. Follow us on Pinterest.

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13 Fresca co*cktail Recipes That Prove This Retro Trend Is Hipster Chic (2024)
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